According To Science And Recent Data, NOBODY In The USA Needs To Wear A Mask, Social Distance, Stay At Home Or Keep Their Business Closed

share what you know image eraoflightdotcomAccording to the CDC, vaccinated people do not carry the virus. According to science, masks don’t work because the holes are too big and the virus particles still get through. According to herd theory, quarantining the healthy is the worst thing you can do.

With all of this in mind, every Republican-Governor-led (red) state has opened up for business, lifted mask mandates, and removed draconian social distancing rules, and the so-called pandemic is still receding. So, you were saying?

Nary a child in the world is catching or carrying Covid-19. That’s a cold hard fact.

As 14 U.S. states led by Republican Governors open up for business and lift the Marxist “impending doom” scare tactic rules and regulations, the psycho Leftists are scrambling for answers to their own maddening questions, like why is anyone still wearing their stupid mask and worried about catching the C-flu?

Wuhan Flu Pandemic Quiets In All Red States Open For Normal Functioning

Walk outside your home without a mask and go near anyone and you will surely die of Covid-19. That’s the message of impending doom coming from the CDC, as delivered on every fake news network, from national news to local news, from newspaper to newspaper, and on every Leftist online platform, including all of social media. Go to school and you die of Covid. Hug your relatives and you die of Covid. Get vaccinated with experimental mRNA or you will die of Covid.

That’s the message, yet somehow, 150 million Americans are completely brainwashed and already injected with at least the first of the series of depopulation inoculations.

Meanwhile, the normal states (red ones) are open for normal functioning again, thank God and the people who still have a brain and know that Biden is … led by globalists and Marxists who are trying to wreck America, cripple the economy, and kill off at least a third of US citizens.

No, the cases per day of Covid-19 have not risen in red states that lifted the Marxist rules.

No, people aren’t dying from Covid because they took off their mask, or hugged their loved ones, or went to school to learn.

People with cancer and diabetes, who eat fast food every meal and take a dozen prescription medications each day – yes, they are dying from the Wuhan flu. Those are the people who always did die from the seasonal flu, and Covid is no different, as the science and statistics reveal.

According [to the Left], Blue states will NEVER return to normalcy, as we’re seeing in the UK also, where the government is predicting a 10-year lockdown for all citizens to remain on house arrest, masked, broke, hungry, and subservient forever unless these people are voted OUT.

Propaganda is the name of the game, and the Blue states are under siege in America. The CDC is spreading lie after lie, while fake-positive Covid testing shows the virus cases rising, conveniently, to perpetuate the Marxist lockdown.

Now, the Biden Regime is shipping Covid-infected illegal immigrants to all the Red states to try to ruin their economy and swing their numbers back the other way, as they all open up for business and lift the ridiculous, brain-dead Marxist-Covid laws.