The Council: Blessings Be

masters of light collective eraoflightdotcomFor several years we have been giving you messages that have been meant to prepare you for great change. Our last message was no exception.

Now the time has arrived to tell you that the “things behind the scenes” and “soon” stages, the necessary preparation, are behind you. What has been done will now begin to be revealed. It will be absolutely necessary that you be prepared to remain calm. This alone will serve to help many who are unprepared to weather the storm that will be unavoidable.

Everything must and will change. The promised world, the world you have prayed for will appear. But such massive change will shake many to their cores. Do not be of that number. You have been prepared. The light will be. The dark will not. But much will be hard to acknowledge. Truth must be known.

Great joy will follow. This was and is our promise. We do not promise what cannot be delivered. Your everyday will come to resemble what you call science fiction. You will receive all that has been kept from you and all that has been taken from you.

The “strongest of the strong” came to weather the worst of the worst. And your reward will be the best of the best.

**Source **Channel: Ronald Head