Judas Iskariot: Examine Yourself

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and today used to be a day of sorrow, everything was quiet and still and the shortcomings of humanity were mourned. We can also see it as we bury our imperfection and begin to move to the light of perfection. We rise to a new dimension in our minds and hearts. Jesus was a guide and tried to explain to the people of that day which way we were meant to go. He tried to do this through his own life and with different stories taken from their own everyday lives. It was still difficult for many people to understand. They could absorb some of the morals and ethics, but the message of love that permeated everything he touched was harder to understand. They understood that forgiveness was important but everything can be forgiven .. it was harder to accept. It was easier to see the beam in the eyes of others than the beam in one’s own.

“How come you see the grand in your brother’s eye but not the beam in your own”? This is an issue that is just as relevant today. It is easier for us to see that others are doing wrong than for us to examine ourselves. We do not want to put more burdens on ourselves than we already have. We shift focus from ourselves to others, to get some distance to our own problems, which we really need to deal with. It is when we deal with our own problems that the burdens can ease and give a calmer and more stable mind. You also have no need to look negatively at your brother, because you know that you all go through difficulties in life and when your brother is ready, he deals with his own problems that do not necessarily have to be bigger than yours.

Our understanding and insight becomes greater when we dare to open the door to ourselves for better or worse. Be thankful that you have the courage and that you can now choose the best and brightest path for yourself and that you thus also become a guide for your fellow travelers here on Earth. That time has come now, it is the calling that you all carry within you. It’s time to turn darkness into light, reward evil with good, light torches of light to assist a troubled world with light of the power of love that grows in everyone’s hearts today. It is now high time, dear Jordbor, that you examine yourself, it is important that you dare to look deep within yourself. Accept and forgive everything that can come to light, that you can have a lighter body and a calmer mind. It is through your courage that the world gains courage. It faces great changes but every change begins within yourself. This is what is important to remember. Change yourself and you change the world. Accept and forgive the old and you start building new today. The clear source of love awaits within yourself. It is from its well that you should drink, it is the wisdom that you should take with you into the world in which you live. You can only do that when you have cleared away all old beliefs, judgments and other negativities that permeate you. world today. Your new world must be built from the clear source of love and wisdom that rests within you.

Take these words with you and start your journey today.

Great love


**Translation to English by EraofLight.com

**Source **Channel: Ann Dahlberg