Ashtar: The Veils Must Be Removed Slowly

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomHonored light workers, light warriors, truth seekers, healers of Mother Earth and more. It can now be so frustrating for you, not to mention anything else.

The needle eye you go through of lies, injustices and untruths that you also want to implement in humanity. You see it, you are awake and you know what truths must come to light before we can bring about change.

So frustrating dear ones. A symbolic image we can send you is as if you were teenage parents of children who choose drugs and you can just watch, and try to awaken and give them rehabilitation but your teenagers choose again and again to take the drugs that do not show the truth as it is but rock their minds in illusory veils, where they think they feel good even though they do not really do it at all.

Unfortunately, we have to tell you that it will take time. The veils must be pulled away step by step and since the dark forces know that this is their only chance to maintain control over you, it is just before the veils are pulled away. It is impossible for them to have control over you. You are already too high-vibrating and see through, feel when there is false information and you are terribly dangerous .. Many are now expected on this page who must go over because the refraction becomes too great and too powerful for their soul to handle.

It may feel like a small consolation, but you will receive confirmation from them in various ways from this side that they now understand that you were right. They will see life on earth with a completely different perspective from this side. When they were incarnated on the ground, they were so identified with matter that it became impossible to see reality in any other way than what was offered in false arias.

The drama is right now both terrible and fantastic to watch and as above so also below. Now that your DNA strands have opened up to your true self and the crystalline forms have been activated, it can be even more strenuous and tiring for you to see the inertia and fatigue that those still lingering in the third dimension are rubbed in. We also see that you feel more alone than ever, and that you are seen as fools and chairs does not make it easier.

Your work is so magnificent and difficult to extinguish so we ask you from here to see your beauty and sacred pursuit. We humbly bow to your work effort and know that we actually cooperate. At night we take care of you and at certain particularly difficult times you may lie in our healing chambers for the restoration of energy and potent light.

If you feel tired and worn out, ask our ships to receive you before you go to sleep so that you can even, with a conscious will, let us receive your spiritual body.

We bless your steps and look forward to hearing from you again soon,

Ashtar with entourage.

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**Source **Channel: Beatrice Madsen