Ashian: One Small Thing

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomHow many of you are feeling lost? As if you have lost hope and don’t know where to turn? This is the challenge on your planet at this time, because of the great transition you are going through. Yes, the ascension process is well in hand and unstoppable, but this global shift plays out in the lives of each one of you, in many different ways.

Gaia is evolving and so are you. You are restless because your old skin no longer suits you, your old way of living is no longer in alignment with you; you are restless because you are looking outside your self for permission to change, for the signs of change, so that you may ride that wave all the way to your new energetic ‘home.’

May we gently invite you to come within? All change begins within. Our invitation is to live the change you wish to see in the world, as Ghandi so famously reminded you: be that change. You are not powerless in your current situation. Oh, you may think you are, but that would be to completely surrender your sovereignty, and those of you reading these words are not about to do that, are you?

You are itching for the new, for a sense of greater alignment in your life and in the world around you. That is not someone else’s job: that is why you came to this now place in this now moment. You came for this moment, for this challenge, for this change, for the experience of being in transition.

You have outgrown your old life, yet you may feel that you cannot leave it behind just yet. We invite you to look for ways – and they may be tiny ways – in which you can begin to live in alignment with this evolving ‘new’ you, today.

It can be as small as ~

  • Going outside for a walk,
  • Doing some stretches,
  • Eating better food,
  • Making peace with a family member,
  • Releasing possessions that no longer resonate with you,
  • Giving yourself 10 entire minutes of silence every day,
  • Smiling at one person a day,
  • Creating a gratitude list,
  • Learning a new language,
  • Reaching out to someone you feel is in need of some support,
  • Making a political or personal statement that resonates as your truth.

The ways to align yourself are as many and as varied as you are, dearest sisters and brothers. Begin with just one small thing. As your practice grows, you will notice an increase in your resonance.  You will feel called to experiment and express in more new ways.

You are in a changing world. You are in changing bodies. Be that change.

As you be-come more and more of who you are, your electromagnetic resonance amplifies and changes the resonance of those around you as well as the planet on which you live. Every one of you have come here to tread a different path.  Allow yourself to tread that path, don’t hold yourself back.

Trust your intuition over your brain; one is responding to resonance, the other is responding to the patterns of the past. Which one of these can lead you into an unimaginable future? You were born ready for this.

There is nothing to fear, we are with you in all moments.  Just call on us.

**Source **Channel: Jennifer Crokaert