The End of an Epoch

bright new world eraoflightdotcomAnd in the midst the New sprouting forth…

We are at the end of an Epoch – the Epoch of the Old Earth and all which was created and written and recording, programmed into that Epoch. It is disintegrating. It is indeed already gone, and all exists in holographic form now.

We are already in the midst of the New Epoch and thus total new beginnings. So often when we are experiencing the end, we mourn the loss of something we cannot quite define nor put into words. Yes, it brings a sense of loss, of sadness, and that tinge of nostalgia at times. Yet, it is past. It has gone forever. No matter how much we try, we cannot bring the Old Epoch back again, the Old Earth and the Old Humanity.

Yet, now we are in the midst of a total new Creation, and often can get a bit overwhelmed, for now we enter new and as yet, unchartered territory. We are all in the process of being revamped, reinvented and indeed, often confusion will reign, and with it, moments when we lose faith, when we truly stand with shaking knees and when we need close our eyes, and take those leaps of faith, even when we have no idea what will truly unfold.

Yet in the unknown, the seeming unchartered, there are pathways, and indeed footsteps and footholds which will emerge as be enter, portals opening up which we never could access before, and with it, New Creations, New Beginnings. It is up to us to profoundly move into the highest levels, with a sense of curiosity, exploring beyond what we have ever known, and allow the sense of adventure to enter, and with it, inspiration will come.

Yes, we will be challenged. Yes, as much as there is that lifting, there will moments too when we will find that something happens, and we are indeed being pulled back in some way, and then need to regain our footholds, and in the regaining of the footholds, we suddenly find a higher and better way, and are lifted by unseen hands, ever higher and higher.

One day we pause for a moment to gather our breath – and then look back and see just how far we have come! We stand there in awe and wonder.

We do not recognize ourselves anymore, for now we are luminous and filled with so much light and love, and indeed, wisdom – indeed there is joy! Unspeakable joy, for indeed now that we look back, we never want to be there again! We turn our heads and we now see the endless new Creation before us, and we take hands with like-minded souls, true soul companion and now we walk hand-in-hand, shoulder-to-shoulder, with joy and AS ONE, filled with the Divine Within.

Judith Kusel