If The Earth Could Speak; Our Role in What Happens Next

I Am Divine eraoflightdotcomConsider what you might hear in these troubled times if the Earth could speak your language. No doubt, she would have a lot to say – and to ask of us. Indeed the Earth continuously communicates to us – through the weather, other species, the food supply, and climate change. Continue reading to know why it’s vital that we listen to her and heed her sage wisdom.


As I wrote about in my 2020 Predictions, climate change is the existential crisis of our time. Our first Earth Day was in April 1970. Humanity has made some progress on climate, but now in 2021 this pivotal issue needs to become a top-priority on the radar of all of us – sirens going off loudly.

The Earth herself indeed is speaking to us. We need to learn her language so we can do our part as caretakers of the planet. When I became still and meditated on what she wants us to know, I heard what I’m sharing with you here today.

If The Earth Could Speak – She Would Say

We are an intrinsic part of the Earth.

The Earth cannot change into a more sustainable and habitable home without us.

There is nothing that separates us from other beings.

There is nothing that separates us from the Earth.

We and all other species on the planet are involved in a purposeful integrated dance of evolutionary change.

Actions, feelings, and even thoughts we have MATTER to the Earth.

There is a consequence of every action and inaction we humans facilitate, consciously or unconsciously.

Most people personally love and care about the Earth in whatever ways they are learning to do.

The key issue for the Earth is the need for us to greatly expand our ability to love and care for each other as human beings – also applying expanded ability to love and care for other forms of life and the ecosystems of the Earth.

Our Role In What Happens Next

Contemplate what the Earth is communicating to us.
Invite a knowing of how it applies to us in very practical ways.

Actively engage with our higher wisdom, striving to be more conscious to this larger picture of our role on the planet and with each other.

Take small steps daily to apply love – to ourselves, to others, and to the planet with its ecosystems and other forms of life.

Remember that as souls we are here purposefully in these moments, and we can make a big difference in what happens next.

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