It’s Hard to See How Far Humanity Fell From Consciousness

Everyday I get up to “see” what the rest of the world is “up to”. Everyday I see more and more and more of how divided, how unkind, how deep asleep, how separated, how judgmental and how the old constricting, fixed, linear ways and perceptions are utilized/used to manipulate, dis-grace and control. Everyday I see all of the stories, conditioning and programming…. and all of the old beliefs and systems in place that continue to pit each other against each other…. both individually and through various collectives/groups. Every day I see horrific acts against …. Every day I see those who hold various positions NOT taking every chance to do the humane and just thing for all of humanity and instead do the opposite…. Every day I see mis-perceptions and mentalities/belief systems used against each…. Every day I see closed hearts where so many still live from their heads. Every day I see fear rampant and peeps emotions used to control them, creating scenarios to pit more against each other…. spreading narratives to incite more division, more fear, more separation… as a means to control and keep fear scenarios going. Every day I see every excuse known to man as the way to “excuse” unconscious behavior and “justify” that which is not aligned on a Pure Heart/Pure Soul Level….

It can be SO dis-heartening, so harsh. Because it is meant to be. On one level it keeps peeps in a mindset, a breeding ground for more hurt, hate, finger pointing and fear-based scenarios where there are perpetrators/victims… yet with Old Earth and NEW Earth Consciousness, these are “switched” and are the opposite/backwards of how all actually is…. It is also a wake-up call to open our hearts, expand and start to SEE differently. We do need to feel the grief and pain of separation so that we clear this energy within ourselves for unification on all levels to occur. This is also where our compassion comes from. Feeling it all. Seeing it all. Re-experiencing “the fall”. It’s devastating, yet it’s also where “rebirth” occurs….

To view all through new eyes (our heart/Soul). It’s an opportUNITY to see what IS NOT HIGHEST ALIGNED ON A SOUL/LIGHT Level, as the absolute Purest Form of Love that there is… It’s an opportUNITY to see what each has the ability to shift/do from within themselves in order to start to shift these “realities” (beliefs) to ones that Unite/Support HUMANITY, instead of incite hate/hurt/division/fear and separate/divide.

HUMANITY is at a TURNING POINT. ONE where going much deeper and doing the deep deep deep SOUL SEARCHING is necessary/important/required for/by each. This means SEEING the distorted perceptions, seeing the distorted programming, seeing the broken and lop-sided systems that were engineered to create imbalances and more, seeing the narratives that were created/believed and not HIGHEST ALIGNED and how it’s up to EACH to SEE this for themselves and start to shift all to a whole new level of understanding, a whole new way of doing things and start to/continue to UNITE to BE the DIFFERENCE and the CHANGE.

Every day I also see so many working in full dedication and service to HUMANITY, working/sharing/uplifting and assisting with the massive Shift in Consciousness occurring all over our planet now. It’s not an easy task at all…. It takes immense LOVE FOR HUMANITY and LIVING FROM OUR OWN HUMANITY to get up every day and see what our own roles are and to step up and fulfill these in every way. Within our own lives, with those around us, in our various communities and globally, however all of these present. It takes immense COURAGE and HEART, immense focus amongst all, immense care and deep Sacred Respect for all on our planet and to BE the one that supports, uplifts, unites and assists with HEART-CONSCIOUSNESS-EXPANSION beyond the limited, fixed constructs of the old….

Every day I see/experience pure beauty, kindness, peace and the magnificence available through pure Heart-Soul Connected Consciousness and what’s possible when hearts/Soul’s unite to create and accomplish that which supports all of humanity through Living Pure Light Consciousness, which is the epitome of Pure Divine Love.

We are blessed to be able to experience the beauty and joy of connecting and working with so very many living from their own Pure Heart Consciousness too. To witness the opening of hearts and more living from this space and dedicating themselves and their entire lives to support and assist humanity through LOVE and through these immense transition processes too.

We can all look “out there” and see every extreme ….. See the immense polarizing energies. These are meant to be utilized as a CATALYST BY EACH FOR TRANSFORMATION AND CHANGE.

Feel-See the distortions. They are loud for a reason. These are the things that are not in vibrational/energetic alignment with Divine Harmonics/Harmony on our planet. These are the things we are to feel/see and each step up to create/accomplish/build a different reality instead….

From within our own lives, we are to share the Codes of NEW Earth Consciousness. We have those discussions. We look at the deep programming and we consciously choose to break it down and replace it with a “new way” that aligns on a Soul Level and supports everyone in shifting/living in accordance with NEW Earth Consciousness.

Old Earth = The Fall From Consciousness. Realities were created from distortions, systems were created from distorted ways and each living within these live these distortions without any/much awareness of this. We were ALL here and lived this way, to some degree and at some point. To understand this, allows for compassion, understanding and kindness, so that we can assist with transitions evolving through different states of Consciousness.

NEW Earth = Return to Full Consciousness (again). As each’s heart truly opens all of the way, a new level of awareness (Consciousness) presents/emerges/comes through. The fighting stops, the judgment stops, the attacks stop, the division stops and a “new way” is born from within the Universal Heart of each.

Old Earth Consciousness creates scenarios that pit each against each other/collectives/groups. This keeps each engaged in a mental state where extremes and emotions rule, which is how each is “controlled”. High Cortisol levels continually stimulated keep heightened states going. Tell a story that triggers each’s “stuff” and that’s all it takes to keep it all going…. As triggered deep seated emotions deplete each’s immune system and create a heightened sense of panic/fear/fright/fight. Trigger judgment and you’ve got it made. The ego will take over and go all into the fear/fight to convince and hold onto the beliefs/mentalities that created the whole thing to start with.

It takes more Conscious Energy, effort, presence and awareness to observe this “emotional/mental” reactionary process as a result of “fixed beliefs” and start to shift to a whole new place/space inside where this does not rule/control/live/exist….

As our hearts and minds open, as our bodies relax, as the cortisol responses dissipate, the body is able to find peace in order to raise it’s vibrational frequency high enough for the LightBody to activate where softness can emerge/be felt/brought forth instead. As the rigidity, as the defensiveness/defense mechanisms dissolve, as the beliefs of fear dissipate, as each’s heart opens completely, their Consciousness/Energy is able to expand.

I will be writing/sharing more on this as we go… yet for now, ask yourself these questions:

Do my emotions control me/my actions? In what way? Is my own HUMANITY present in every decision that I make? Does my Energy/Actions reflect peace, kindness, respect or something totally opposite of this? What “causes me” to revert to old programming/separation and become divided inside again? Do I let a fixed belief control or do I listen to my heart-Soul and act from here….? Do I truly care ENOUGH to do the act that makes a difference, to BE the Energy that makes a difference and brings more love through my own ENERGY and ACTions for all? There are infinite questions we can ask ourselves in order to see from a whole new place….

If we all truly open our hearts and minds all of the way and really really look to see, we all will see the imbalances and injustices of a dualistic system. We see the distortions (getting louder/more visible) collectively every day, because this is how all works. We have to SEE everything in order to make new choices and act from a different place inside. We UTILIZE THIS INFORMATION in order to vibrationally and energetically re-aligning within ourselves. This allows us to choose to move beyond the dis-empowering and dividing judgments about all….

To observe the ENERGY is a whole different ballgame. To observe the ACTion as an ENERGY, to observe the ACTion as a belief, to observe every system in place to SEE what we could not (did not want to) see before…. is KEY.

Does “that” unite through kindness, generosity, deep sacred respect, care, love and openness and encourage all new ways that are much higher aligned than before?

Does “that” support humanity as the greater whole?

What does “that reality” support?

Old Earth Consciousness uses differences and different beliefs to antagonize and incite, separate and divide. NEW Earth Consciousness (Unity/Oneness Consciousness) looks at all of these differences and works to unite all, bring all together and find a way that works for everyone…and yes, it is possible when everyone’s pure hearts show up/are involved.

We have to be willing to see it, to face it and to go deeper within ourselves to find our own programming, choose to dissolve it, resolve it and come from a very different place than before. To do so means that we are each open, ready and willing to do our part AS FULL CONSCIOUSNESS… in shifting all of those “out-dated” realities/systems/beliefs over to all new ones…. which is a very important part of the process for us all.

Yes, it’s a massive undertaking. Yes it’s a huge task. Which is why it takes us all…

Every time I see the old distorted ways (of the mind) ACT in a way that’s not from LOVE, it’s hard to see/experience/feel. Every time I see humanity shamed, crucified and judged for that which is SOUL aligned, it’s hard to see/experience/feel. Every time I see cruel behavior/acts against humans, animals, our planet, children, each other… it’s heart-breaking… especially when it’s done by each. Yes, I understand the deep programming that still exists within and what it takes to accomplish an entire Dimensional/Consciousness shift, as I have live it this entire time. I also see the closed hearts. I see the fears, I see the inner-pain, inner-struggle and I see those unaware. This is because of how all works… yet there are all new realities that work differently… and it’s up to each to choose these instead.

The Conundrum: Positions of Change
On every level and in every way, every ONE on our planet is presented with the opportunity now to CREATE NEW WAYS that support all of humanity instead. Those holding positions to make the greatest difference are now presented with opportunities to facilitate immense change that shifts the narrative TO a much higher State of Consciousness than ever before. Our hearts and minds have to truly be wide open for this and we all must move beyond the old for this to occur…. To dig deep and reconnect with our own HUMANITY and to bring this forth… to LIVE THIS… every time and in every way…..

Every person is in a position/place to see the old ways and evolve them …. completely; to CHOOSE to be the difference instead…. now.

A New Earth Humanity:
The establishment of all new ways that support humanity OUT OF THE OLD….
The implementation of that which transitions the whole planet through all NEW
The application of ALL NEW WAYS
Dis-integrate the old consciously and re-integrate THROUGH all new…
Identify that which represents Old Earth Consciousness, deep heavy-duty programming and ways…. Consciously break this down, dismantle it and re-create/re-build according to Highest States of Consciousness instead.
To UNITE as a Higher Consciousness Society living from our HUmanity every time…
There ARE WAYS that obliterate the old with ease. There are ways to offer simplicity and transition out of “how complicated” everything was. There are ways to awaken without all of the struggle, hurt, pain, resistance, loss, devastation, abuse and lop-sided and twisted realities that were created from distorted ways…. WE each just have to be ready, wide open and willing to do our part in living these ways in our own lives… from deep within every now.

Seeing it all is what wakes us up from the old illusions/realities/timelines/dreams. It’s what drives us to BE THE DIFFERENCE and anchor the codes for a NEW EARTH SOCIETY within ourselves and emanate out through our entire reality/experience here. Seeing it all is what gives us our power once we move through all the ranges of emotions that surface/emerge/present… as we choose to consciously resolve/dissolve the deep immense programing/programs and shift to living from a whole new place/space inside. New realizations, new awarenesses, new understandings, new ways of seeing, new everything… as we truly “get it”…. and then look at every way that we each can bring more Consciousness Love and Purity into/through every word/act/experience… in ways that support all of humanity in accomplishing this GREAT CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFT.

3D/Old Earth Consciousness is harsh, rigid and lives from fixed, constricting, linear boxes/ways. It uses key words and phrases to incite certain feelings that lend to a belief/mentality/act that bind each to the old as long as certain tactics continue to work. Full Heart Consciousness shifts/changes all of this.

We have Star BEings, Light BEings and Souls and kind humans all over the planet working to assist humanity in awakening out of all of that. We have Photonic/Cosmic Frequencies in bombardment 24/7 working to awaken/activate each’s SOUL/LIGHT within the body (LightBody) to purify/cleanse/clear the immense density and distortions/disharmony held. We have powerful energetics at play…..

The importance of each’s LightBody will become more prevalent as we continue. Each’s Lightbody is what detoxes, purifies, recodes and re-aligns all. Each’s LightBody emanates from each’s Pure Heart space and RAYdiates out through each’s Energetic field. Each’s LightBody holds the Codes for NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS, so integrating fully, supporting fully, honoring fully takes everything that we are…

So, when you “look” at the outside world, SEE. See it all. Feel it all…. then see where you are here to be the difference now. See how your Love, how your Light can illuminate all. See how your kindness can move mountains. See where your COURAGE is needed. See where softness is needed. See how your pure presence can affect. See how your heart-acts touch. See where your ENERGY activates… See where change starts within, occurs within and how you bring THIS outward….

See how the world cannot continue the old ways. See the new systems, see the new everything, see where your every act creates….

See EVERYTHING through your Pure Heart and realize (REMEMBER)……..

It is “time” for all to CREATE a whole new reality that is SOUL/LIGHT ALIGNED and live this fully instead. ♥

With the utmost love, respect and care,

Lisa Transcendence Brown

p.s. We have our own actual experience, we have holographic realities, virtual realities, individual realities and collective realities too. To observe all of these simultaneously, how all is inner-linked, how all can be disconnected and reconnected in a completely different way…. how realities are formed/built/believed/perceived and shifted via Energetics/Consciousness and relative to Morphogenic Fields are a part of our Quantum Existences here. ♥ Keep aligning your body’s bio-rhythms with Gaia’s Consciousness/LightBody/Field and Universal/Galactic/Cosmic Energetics too. Full Unification and Integration of all Higher Heart-Mind Consciousness Inner-Vision Light Codes are Key. ♥

p.p.s. We are in the deepest root(ed), most stubborn programming planetary wise… These are the heavy-duty ones for shifting all of humanity to a whole new level of consciousness now.

p.p.p.s. Multi-Dimensional Consciousness allows each one of us to Energetically look at each “dimension”/Level of Consciousness in order to understand how all makes up the whole. As we observe, we can see and Consciously Choose that which is vibrationally/energetically HIGHEST ALIGNED and utilize this information in order to support everyone in shifting to a reality that’s highest aligned for all. ♥

**By Lisa Transcendence Brown

Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.