Archangel Hope: Soul Communion

lightworker eraoflightdotcomAre you at Peace, my friends? Anchoring Peace within you and on the Earth is of paramount importance now. Humanity is in need. Peace and all the qualities you desire are in Divine Light.

As you gather the field of Light around you, it’s possible to invite the deeper qualities of consciousness to be with you, clarifying those that you require such as Wellbeing, Abundance, Courage as well as that elusive quality of Peace. You then gain a powerful focus of intention that will serve you as you interact with the world in a new way.

It’s all in the Light, we say again. It takes a certain refinement of your inner receptivity to bring the Divine Light through you. Know that you feel a deep desire for the experience when it is being called by the voice of your Soul acting within you. All the Forces of the Universe that support your life are activated through this deep desire. Your Soul guides the experience.

This is a time for deep feminine teachings. You are gaining an awareness of the receptive nature of all life surfacing now. There is freedom in the receiving because it is a natural flow through all of Nature and you are aligning yourself with that teaching at this time.

Bask in the golden waterfall of Divine Light. Feel this flow as if you are filling up your inner reservoir. You can only share from fullness. Fill the empty spaces within you with the energy of Love and Peace. As you do this activity, you are connecting with the deep Feminine Presence available now relating to you as the voice of your Soul.

There is a next step after your desire for communion, after allowing the Light to flow through you:

Fill yourself with the sweetness of God’s love.
It’s easy to lift out of your body and float around in this Light field because it feels so delicious. Allow yourself time for that experience. It is a rare feeling in your daily world. This is the refinement process at work. You need to know how it feels when you are connected in true Soul Communion within Divine Light.

From this space you have access to any question in the world and out of it. It is often necessary to write down your question before you allow yourself the spaciousness of this expansive state of Divine Light within your meditation. While in this state, all information is obvious. Clarity is there, Peace is there within your field.

The next step is to embody this energy. Freely allow the energy to gather within you and bring that intention to experience this spacious connection to your Soul into your personal life.

Consciously you then will be able to send the Light flowing through you into your root system to create a Grounded Presence. This empowering intention brings the deep communion with your Soul into the Earth’s nurturing field and into your daily life. Now you are Home.

And so it is.

Love and Gratitude,

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Hope.