The Saturn Return of the World Wide Web

universe reflection eraoflightdotcomDear Cosmic Community,
As someone who woke up to my spiritual reality when the Internet was in its public infancy, I was enthralled by the promise that it held. During my awakening, everyday I would search online for information about what I was experiencing and going through in ‘waking-up’. And there it was. It may have been displayed in a simple form, but it was instant and it gave me the answers and direct feedback that soothed, inspired and uplifted me, all at once. As my knowledge grew over the years and I stepped into my purpose, I began to use the Internet to connect with others globally and to offer my work to the world. In short, I loved it (and I still do) for the freedom that it gives to be ‘myself’ and to find and inspire, other like-minded souls.

Which is why, I feel you may enjoy this blog post. Particularly if you’ve woken up to who you are over the past 30 years. For as you’re about to discover, the World Wide Web went public when Saturn was in Aquarius. And Saturn is in Aquarius again now. The World Wide Web is having its Saturn Return, which means that all of us who use it, are also experiencing a maturing of our online path and imprint. And so, I offer this ‘slightly different’ blog post to my normal, spiritual journeys. I trust that you find it gives you food for cosmic thought.

Back in 1980, a young, independent computer scientist Tim Burners-Lee was working as a contractor at CERN (The European Council for Nuclear Research) in Switzerland. With over 10,000 people working at CERN, a system was needed that would connect people and projects. Tim created an innovative solution to connect and share. It was a database using hypertext where documents were interconnected via hyperlinks, activated by a mouse click, key presses or by touching a screen. And thus, ENQUIRE was born. It was the predecessor to the World Wide Web which is a collection of information that can be accessed via the Internet a global computer network (invented in the 1960’s).

Tim left CERN in late 1981, but returned in 1984 in a permanent role. In March 1989, Tim wrote a proposal to create ‘a large hypertext database with typed links’. He called it World Wide Web and it was first implemented at CERN.


In January 1991, the first servers outside of CERN were turned on. On August 6, 1991, Tim posted a brief summary of the Word Wide Web project on the alt.hypertext newsgroup, inviting collaborators to respond and join. It became publicly available for the first time and the ‘Web’ as we know it, was born.


On February 6, 1991 (just after the Web went live outside of CERN in January) Saturn moved into Aquarius. It was in Aquarius when the Web became publicly available on August 6, 1991.


Saturn is a slow moving planet in its orbit around The Sun. It takes approximately 2.5 years to move through ‘each’ one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. When you’re born (or when anything is born – including the WWW) Saturn will be transiting through ‘1’ of the 12 signs of the zodiac. And thus, it takes approximately 30 years for Saturn to return to the same zodiac sign. This is known as your Saturn Return.


On December 17, 2020 Saturn moved into Aquarius and it will remain there until March 2023. The WWW is now experiencing it’s Saturn Return and stepping into its adulthood, which is what happens during a Saturn Return. Indeed, the next 2.5 years are a period of great change for the Web – and for all us, intimately connected with it.

To further add to the significance of the Web’s Saturn Return, on Solstice December 21, 2020, Saturn and Jupiter both met in Aquarius at 0.1 degree of separation. Known as The Great Conjunction of Light, the two meet only once every 20 years, signalling a 20 year period of accelerated consciousness. Indeed, this cosmic event kicked off The Saturn Return of the WWW and will influence its unfolding until 2023.


Indeed, understanding the oscillating Jupiter/Saturn cycle, which flows on from the great conjunction of two of the biggest planetary players in our solar system (every 20 years) assists in the understanding of evolutionary jumps and the growth of human consciousness. It also helps you in understanding the impact of the WWW’s Saturn Return.

The first ten years after the Great Conjunction of Light (from 2020-2030) are when Jupiter’s influence expands our awareness – The Jupiter Cycle. The Saturn Return of the WWW occurs under The Jupiter Cycle. This is the cycle where newness and innovation take precedence. There’s still plenty of resistance (pushing back against the growing momentum), but generally optimism is a key theme. It’s a period of great invention, where soul integrity is essential in order that we grow with a look to the betterment of the greater whole.

The next ten years (2030-2040 after the Jupiter Cycle) is when we ground the expansion in and do the work, walk the talk – The Saturn Cycle. This is the cycle where truth comes to light and anything that was hidden during The Jupiter cycle can be revealed and healed. And this is the power of The Saturn Cycle (and Saturn Return), its ability to draw out the truth within. It encourages personal responsibility and authenticity. It’s a slow and steady energy, the balance to Jupiter’s fast-paced progression. One keeps the other in check.

Having this background on the cosmic influences and the importance of the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, helps one to understand that there are bigger forces at play with our ever-ascending consciousness.


Now, before, we go further into the implications of The WWW’s Saturn Return, I’d like to touch upon The CERN Connection. I find it extremely interesting that the WWW was born at CERN. Indeed, CERN has been on my radar for many years, particularly since 2008 when its large hadron collider went online. Below, I include a quote from my blog published on February 21, 2019 ‘GLOBAL ENERGY ACCELERATION: 2020 AND THE HADRON COLLIDER’…

“I remember on a Wednesday night (September 10) back in 2008 leading my weekly Energy Booster Group and having us all focus deeply, as this was the day that the large hadron collider LHC (particle accelerator) was to be turned on in Switzerland. I was saying how this was a significant day for the world, as no one quite knew what this experiment would do to us and the acceleration of consciousness. The large hadron collider was built to find the ‘god particle – the higgs boson’ – meaning an elusive particle that gives mass to matter. The LHC smashes particles together at lightning speeds in the hopes of re-creating black holes and even finding parallel universes.”

The LHC is due to be re-started in May 2021, after having been down for nearly 2.5 years of ‘upgrades’ – a period in which the world has significantly shifted in consciousness due to The Pandemic – see my blog post Coronavirus, Earth’s Ascension, Global Wake-Up Call And it’s coming back online, ‘significantly’ under the influence of Saturn in Aquarius.

I see a direct correlation between the acceleration of consciousness on our planet and The LHC being turned on in 2008 (8-years into The Jupiter Cycle after The Great Conjunction of Light in 2000). Indeed, in my blog published on May 17, 2018 (Our New Spiritual Age: The Rise of Cosmic Consciousness) I mention the great leap underway.

Ascension jumps every 10 years – The Rise of Social Media

I also see a direct correlation (with our accelerated ascension in consciousness) from the year 2000 onward, when the previous great conjunction of light occurred between Saturn and Jupiter. The 10 years until 2010, saw an explosion of interest and uptake in The Internet. This is when social media rose to prominence and connected us globally, like never before – all very much expansion energies – Jupiter inspired. Then from 2010 – 2020, Saturnian energies came to prominence, as the darker side of the WWW was revealed.

What to Expect from The World Wide Web’s Saturn Return

And thus, given that the WWW is now experiencing its Saturn Return (until March 2023) this period will be a major turning point in its maturity, which is intrinsically linked to our maturity and growth as a global society. Indeed, back in November 2019 (12 months before The Web’s Saturn Return was due to begin) the founder of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee, released his new project a Contract For The Web aimed at bringing back integrity and neutrality, in creating an online world that is empowering and supportive for all. The timing of Tim creating this, I feel is cosmically inspired – as it was done in the lead-up to the WWW’s Saturn Return. There are 9 Guiding Principles in the Contract For The Web, which are in alignment with The Saturn Return energy, which is now fully in play.

Principle 1 – Ensure everyone can connect to the internet
Principle 2 – Keep all of the internet available, all of the time
Principle 3 – Respect and protect people’s fundamental online privacy and data rights
Principle 4 – Make the internet affordable and accessible to everyone
Principle 5 – Respect and protect people’s privacy and personal data to build online trust
Principle 6 – Develop technologies that support the best in humanity and challenge the worst
Principle 7 – Be creators and collaborators on the Web
Principle 8 – Build strong communities that respect civil discourse and human dignity
Principle 9 – Fight for the Web

December 2020 – March 2023 – The Web’s Saturn Return Effects – Energy Principles You Can Apply

Ensuring that how you portray yourself ‘online’ is the same as you do (and are) ‘in person’ – This is so important. Integrity and authenticity is key under a Saturn Return. And under the Saturn Return of the WWW, the next 18 months will see the spotlight being shone upon those who use the thin veil of anonymity that the Internet gives, to act out their darker (personality based fears and pains) online. Keep in mind that ‘everything is energy’. So you can never really hide behind a fake profile or keep your true identity shielded when you’re not acting in your highest regard and in the highest regard of others. The truth always comes to surface in your life – in some way. So, use this 18-month period to detox any negative habits online. If you wouldn’t say or do it ‘in person’, then don’t say or do it ‘online’. The two are inextricably linked. Self-responsibility will free you and uplift us all.

Expect to see privacy and online rights, a key global issue – Again personal responsibility in the usage of information that’s shared online is of prime importance. The Saturn Return of the WWW will be driving home this message. We can expect to see large corporations being held to account with data privacy and more power being given back to the individual to choose. It will be a challenge though between those who run the WWW and those of us who use it. Voices must speak up to be heard. Walking the talk – is a true Saturnian energy principle. It’s up to each of us to be in our integrity when we share online. We monitor – ourselves.

Lead yourself online with integrity and respect (truly appreciate how energy works) – This first Saturn Return of the WWW forces us to see how much we’ve advanced in our spiritual knowledge (experiences and application) since 1991. Have you had your wake-up call since 1991? Did the Internet play a leading role within this? Consider what you know about how energy works. Every impression that you make online is practice for how you manifest in the physical world. Indeed, the Internet, was established (on a higher cosmic level) in order to help us practice near-instant manifestation. And with this, comes great responsibility. For once you’ve made a choice online, it can come to fruition quickly. The lag between ‘thought and thing’ is almost non-existent online.

Using the Internet to bring us closer together – This has been greatly accelerated by the global pandemic throughout 2020, the lead-in to the WWW’s Saturn Return. With the mass uptake of online connections via Video/Zoom, we’ve been learning how similar we all truly are and our heart’s have opened to one another – thanks to online collaborations. The Saturn Return teaches us to have a focus ‘bigger than just ourselves’. It grows you. It forces you to step into your soul maturity, as your inner voice becomes louder.

The true purpose of the birth of the WWW and the Internet will be re-visited – During the WWW’s Saturn Return, the world is being reminded of the original intent behind the creation of the WWW and the Internet. It was to enable us all to be connected and to share, to bring us closer together in a more efficient way. It was to create ease and to open the deeper perception of our reality.

The next Saturn Return of the WWW will commence in February 2052 – What we experience as a globe (online) during the years from 2023-2052 is being formed ‘now’ during the WWW’s current Saturn Return, which lasts until March 2023. Let’s get it right now, so that we don’t have to wait another 30 years, to act and decide that online integrity and responsibility is a direct reflection of who we are ‘in person’. There’s great opportunity at hand to steer our planet onto an honourable, fair and equitable path.

I trust that this blog post has inspired you, brought new information to light and mostly has peaked your interest about how everything is cosmically inspired and linked. And how The Saturn Return of the World Wide Web can prove to be a turning point in our evolution through to 2052. I invite you to share your comments below ♡

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**Source **By Elizabeth Peru