Archangel Michael: Angel Warrior Group

archangel michael 2 eraoflightdotcomThis is Archangel Michael with a message for all of the Light who wish to help define the future of humanity on earth.

Recently I was asked to undertake this mission by none other than our divine Creator, and it was a question of finding a suitable contact on earth in order to help me fulfill this role. Sharon Stewart was that contact. Her dedication and devotion to the Light community is noted by all of us, and her constant striving toward the end result of peace on earth is noteworthy as well.

Her personal battle with the dark has influenced so many of you, and now we would like to take it up to the next level. As many of you realize your innate powers and godly potentials, we would ask you to put them to use in order to influence the outcomes of the current battles on the planet.

Our first task is to settle the middle east region. Again, threats of war are being made, and this is not just posturing as some believe it to be. There are so many of you who are stepping into your power who understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor is earth to be changed overnight.

We ask that you focus on peace for the Middle East this week in your meditations.

The results of our journey this week will be decreed in a memo to you next weekend.

I thank you with the greatest warmth of heart for all that you do for this world now.

Archangel Michael

**Source **Channel: Sharon Stewart