Carla Bruni: Cancel Culture is “Seeking to Invade Humanity”

time for truth eraoflightdotcomFamous fashion model Carla Bruni has slammed cancel culture as a “puerile” attack on authentic culture that seeks to “invade humanity.”

Bruni shot to global prominence after she married French President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008, but she had a successful career in modeling and the music industry beforehand.

Bruni made the comments in the context of an Instagram post dedicated to two deceased French comedians, Michel Colucci and Pierre Desproges. The pair were popular in the 1980’s but wouldn’t be allowed to perform their act now due to political correctness.

“Obsessed by their image [as] upholders of morality, a whole load of people without culture, without experience and without courage are trying to impose their narrow-minded ideas on us,” wrote Bruni.

“Their sterile, uniform and puerile ideas are seeking to invade humanity,” she added.

Bruni didn’t mince words when she asserted that cancel culture was killing satire, freedom and democracy itself.

“If we have the misfortune not to think like [the cancellers], they rush at us with all their dictatorial energy to try to make us be quiet. Humour is quietly disappearing as a result of their moralising speeches, freedom is in its death throes, creation is lifeless and democracy in great danger. In short, it is not good to joke in 2021 and it is certain they would have had your skin.”

The comments echo similar sentiments expressed by Rowan Atkinson earlier this year, when the actor and comedian described online trolls trying to ban everything as “the digital equivalent of the medieval mob.”