Deep Release Into Soul Embodiment

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomThe limbic state of the last few months – feeling low energy, floating through a waking dream with time stretching and compressing – lingered into April and now it’s beginning to shift. I have struggled with the being/doing dichotomy with so many ideas and projects I want to move forward on, but very little energy or ability to create anything. My mind has felt like a clown car with too many clowns trying to get out, arms and legs flailing out the windows! Frustration and anxiety for not “DO”ing what I feel I came here to do has given way to acceptance of inertia.

The drawing I share in this message, from my morning visual journal, shows me that something is growing and is in a delicate stage right now, protected by violet light and given spaciousness to grow with joyful innocence. Now I understand why there is a continued need for stillness and self-care.

High energetic frequencies are flowing through the Galaxy as an evolutionary pulsation from Source. These frequencies vibrate with the divine feminine and are flowing to where this energy is most needed to correct energetic imbalances. We are in a transitional period, growing into a new way of being on this planet. Right now there is a lot of chaotic discord.

For many years now, the guidance coming through many people who communicate with guides, angels and star beings have said that Humanity will be going through a transformation with the Earth as she – and us – evolve from 3D to 5D. Everything we are witnessing and experiencing is part of this transformation and is providing us with an opportunity to expand and embody our divine soul essence more and more fully. So it makes sense that, as we integrate these high frequencies, we experience it as a wobbly, dreamy ungroundedness. This Evolutionary pulse is affecting us at the cellular level, right down to our DNA, causing “symptoms” in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies. Aches and pains, difficulty sleeping, very active dream states, digestive issues, sinus pressure, headaches, skin rashes and anxiety are some of the physical symptoms we are experiencing. Emotional ups and downs, sudden sadness or grief, feeling we’re in the dark night of the soul, as well as moments of lightness and inspiration are also part of this experience.

Time itself seems to stand still and then accelerate, causing a wobbly feeling of disorientation. The concept of time as a belief system and a marker for our position in the 3D reality is dissolving as we approach zero point. This zero point is a coming together, a joining of energies, a unified moment, a pause and then a burst of emergence in light and sound. I don’t fully know what this means, but for many years I’ve had visions of a radiance, a bright light on the horizon like the sun rising at the edge of the world. It feels like a portalway. A pause as unity gathers and then the opening of the light portal. Anyway, for now, grounding into the earth helps us to maintain stability. Hugging a tree, putting your feet into moving water, walking barefoot, any way you can connect to nature – even if it is gazing at a photograph of a beautiful place and imagining yourself there as fully as you can.

Rising to the Surface

As the frequencies continue to accelerate, memories and feelings from our past are rising within us. Whatever comes up is showing us what we are still attached to. We have the opportunity to release energies from our programming of this current life and also other lifetimes, as well as our ancestral lineage. It’s a lot of stuff to process! Ask for help from your guides, angels, master teachers – whatever resources and tools you have in order to process your feelings and memories. If you are having persistent memories coming up over and over again – or memories from a particular time period of your life, go into the feeling, see if you can trace the feeling tone associated with the memory. Often, we push painful memories deep inside but if we allow the feelings and stories to be held in our awareness with love, forgiveness and compassion, we may feel our attachment to the story/memory/feeling begin to dissolve. This creates a space for our Soul essence to come back “home” into our being. As we embody our Soul essence more and more fully, these stories, memories and feelings have no place to attach in our field.

Ancestral Clearing

How much of what we believe as our reality has actually come from ancestral fear frequencies held in our DNA and transmitted to us through our parents? It’s baggage that isn’t even ours! Our ancestors lived through many traumas and we have inherited that energy – feelings and stories of deprivation, poverty and powerlessness, war wounds and fear. All the fears and limitations from our ancestors’ experiences live in our DNA, as do the joys and uplifting achievements. But what limits us are the unhealed traumas. Centuries of oppression, poverty, unworthiness, guilt, shame, fear and immense anger are rising into our awareness. Many people have their ancestral beliefs and patterns so deeply embedded in their sense of identity, they act out their lives from their “family tradition”, thereby recreating the ancestral trauma over and over again.

We clear this by acknowledging and feeling the feelings, then sending love, compassion and forgiveness to all our ancestors who are vibrating with and holding the energy from their traumas. By doing so, we assist them in releasing the pain so they can return to the source of their being – to their divine soul essences. We also release any attachments we have to identifying with their trauma. This is so beautiful and healing for Humanity. Think of it, we hold the frequencies of thousands of souls within our DNA and when we heal the trauma, we are liberating so many beings, as well as ourselves. This has an impact on the current trajectory of Humanity.

So you see, there is so much going on, even though we feel we are floating in a dream. We need to continue with self-care, love and forgiveness while we practice mindfulness and presence as best we can. This also helps to turn off the chatter of the mind.

I’ve had a recurring vision that I’m on a boat speeding on water, the wind in my hair and the wake behind me. After processing the thoughts, stories and feelings through my heart, the wind of my trajectory blows any residual energy out of my field, into the wake as the boat of my life speeds forward.

The Vastness of Our Being

When anxiety surfaces, it is so helpful to feel into the vastness of your being – to remember who you are in the bigger picture of the nature of reality – remembering your soul essence. There is an etheric “place” called the Halls of Amenti which contains our individual Soul records of experience. This is far beyond our Akashic record of lives experienced on the Earth plane. The Halls of Amenti are a portal that is opening to those of us who want to explore their Soul story and remember who we truly are. Our Soul gifts become clear to us and this assists us in our embodiment. Having this awareness of our vastness helps to lift us out of the current chaos of fear that we are dealing with. Knowing that we are so much more than ourselves in this life with all our stories, provides us with a spaciousness and a feeling of empowerment.

Humanity is at an evolutionary fork in the road. Feel into your beautiful Soul essence and see if you can sense the path ahead. What new world do you want to be part of?

Here is an image from my morning journal – some Light Language for you to contemplate on. Receive the blessings of lightness of being.


Many blessings to you as we journey together in these uncharted waters.

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