Message from Babaji: When Will You Awaken?


Strengthen your spiritual immune system through prayer, meditation and communion with nature. Leave every discouraging situation stronger than you were before by giving sad thoughts over to God in your prayers, by transforming negative emotions in the light during meditation, and by healing physical ailments with nature’s help.

Whenever possible, find stillness and your inner core in nature. Move internally and externally!

Inner and outer inertia is a great sin for anyone who isn’t enlightened yet. Because it is this passivity that cuts you off from all experiences and keeps you in your phantasy world.

Today it is required of you to let your actions speak. Walk without haste, act without haste, don’t look back – that’s the way!

Still the influx of light from the central sun to this earth is enormous.

Still you are being aligned daily with the vibration of a new frequency! This means big shifts for your mind and body. Engaging in it means going along with the new energies each and every day, and that means: reinventing yourself daily!

Old thinking patterns, old beliefs, old opinions need to be examined and let go of. Old tools are of no use in the new era.

Becoming light, being free and achieving inner freedom – that is the goal of all endeavors.

While the light is shining and incessantly flowing to earth, you are offered the greatest opportunities for healing and transformation.

Use this time as a chance to overcome time and to leave the world of birth and death.


Strengthen your spiritual immune system by opening yourself internally for the divine light, so that it doesn’t go unnoticed by the people around you.

Your transformation, once it happens, cannot go unnoticed by anyone. If everything stays the same around you, you can be certain: you are still the same.

The divine light operates and that has an effect – first invisibly, then visibly.

Arm yourself with the truth and lead your sword of light courageously – then you will find salvation.

God hears you in your prayer, meets you in meditation and faces you in nature.

The light flooding of the earth continues – and it continuously gets easier and more natural to drop the old burdens.

Anyone who is familiar with this knows.

For only those who are engaging in this wholeheartedly know the fields of grace in this blessed time.

I am with you,


**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl