City of Light’s Holders

city of light eraoflightdotcomAs we move into this second phase of the year, we enter a manifestational period, one that is being introduced by the energies of Taurus since April 20. A creational phase that is no longer about the manifestation of our egoic desires, but about the manifestation of what will bring more peace, compassion and light to All, for as ascending souls our main aim is not to satisfy our own desires and personal goals, but to work for unity consciously, building a new harmonic space for All to cohabit within Divine love and respect. It is now more than ever that our Planet, as well as the collective, needs our unconditional love and above all, compassionate witness, for we all evolve and learn in our unique way, and time.

Dismantling an old reality, which begins by the conscious release of old layers of our egoic self, is not a one-day process, or something easy to accomplish, and this is precisely why having compassion and a higher understanding of what this process truly involves is so important, for we have passed through the same or similar transformation, to retrieve our authentic essence, and how others choose to do so, shall be honored and respected, equally.

As I continue working with the Arcturians, benevolent beings who are helping many to heal and to master as planetary healers, I realize in this new phase for me, as well of my personal task of assistance, the increasing of people who are here to begin the process of creating light cities. Something that has been incredibly noticeable recently. Last night, I received a message from the Arcturians that there will be more stepping into their mission of co-creating together for the purpose of bringing more illumination, and hence healing, into their sacred spaces, neighbourhoods and cities, for as they unite, so does their light.

This is a process of creation that involves manifestation, but in a new and totally different way than the mechanisms used to personally create our own realities. This process involves a conscious state of being always, healing, clearing, and above all, the complete mastery of the body, for we cannot seed and spread light, for the amount of energy and intention goes further that what we can imagine. If we first do not know, and learn, how to manage our own personal energy, protection of our auric field and many other important steps before beginning the process of creating what Arcturians called light cities, we could not fully act as the holders of these light harmonic spaces.

It is essential that the ones who feel guided to begin this process no longer think of acting as single individuals, but as living holograms who work and co-create together with the Arcturians as well as with their light families, others who have the same mission too, as it is only by being united that they can anchor these specific light codes. This is why creating communities who are in perfect resonance with our own purpose and Essence, is so important at that time, for those who feel guided to do this process, for it is the beginning of the New Earth’s seeding.

A process that begins by increasing the light quotient of our own area and that continues by spreading this light to the places where it is accepted, for not all places and people will choose to live within the Light, and continue holding it, so it will pass to be a part of the new harmonic space that we occupy now.

The Arcturians invite us to focus on being love with everything and everyone before we can begin this process, and leave aside all egoic feelings and intentions, for the light will not support those who are still governed by their egoic wishes, simply because it cannot coexist at a frequential level.

To be able to act as a conduit of love, whether we are going to be working with the creation of light cities or not, we need to release first all the human illusions that impede us to clearly see who we are and be able to manifest it in the physical.

The new manifestation is not about bringing forth material gains or egoic desires, but about the conscious choice of seeding the unique codes that we brought with us, and that we agreed to anchor, when Planet Earth, as well as a significant number of the collective, were ready to take this step.

April is precisely a month to transcend limitations and begin to open ourselves to experience a new reality. One where love has triumphed and we are now living the life that is aligned with who we are. Therefore, this mission of creating a new harmonic space begins by transcending who we are not. For we cannot be who we truly are if we continue living under false premises and illusions.

Let go of the illusion of who you are and embrace your True Self, free of limitations, lies, fears…The choice to embrace this conscious process of inner metamorphosis and conscious expansion of light, in which we embrace the shadows, traverse the corridor that leads us into this new life and finally rest into the peaceful remembrance of who we truly are, is always ours. It is all it takes for us to step into a more conscious and illumined harmonic reality.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba