Gamma Gamma Gamma: Full on Cosmic Rays & Ultra High Frequencies

eraoflight blastWe’ve been in full-on Gamma Frequencies oscillating with a barrage of many others daily… since the last few days of March. Today, another day of powerful Gamma Rays which super-charge and accelerate DNA rewrites/recodings, as well as many other things too. We have different variations of Gamma Ray Frequencies….

These are a massive power up, activating inner-power for many moving into a new phase. These, on one level are the 6th Dimensional frequency of the Merkaba/LightBody energy relative to physical body ascension processes. These bring through the Divine Masculine Energy, the “DOing” in service as Light, as Pure Love and each’s inner power more. These represent Sirian aspects and other levels of Higher Self Consciousness too. Power is an understatement with these. These electrify the LightBody for clearing immense distortions from within. These make distortions louder….

These are misunderstood by those unable to tune completely in or still having immense deep inner programming to clear. These assist with acceleration, catalyzing and eradicating/irradiating the old…. These work with collapsing old timelines/energetics, the constructs that held the old in place. These work with convergences of multiple dimensions within the same space. These go straight for linear programming, breaking this down. Working in conjunction with other cosmic frequencies and Light Tones…. to unlock new codes within each and assist with expediting transitions processes through Consciousness…..

These are power frequencies…. ☼ Hold your highest state of Consciousness through your own Universal/Pure Heart, Open Completely UP, embrace and shift your own entire reality yourself.

Today we already have a powerful influx of gamma rays, rainbow frequencies, ultra-high frequency photonics and more. We are continually oscillating fast between all and cycling through at an increased rate, moving into the next and the next. Upgrades are powerful and when I awoke this morning, I was observing humanity and the words were “template wipe” then I saw a massive global template wipe begin. This is an important part of the process if humanity is going to accomplish this important shift (which it is).

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