Light Pockets

light waves eraoflightdotcomLight Pockets from the Divine Treasury of Light are being released now into those souls who are ready and able to receive them in the higher dimensional states.

The Light pockets embrace Divine Light Frequency information, as stored in Sun Discs and they indeed embrace the Omnipresent Pockets of Light information, which will indeed trigger mechanisms within the Pineal and Pituitary glands and new spinal columns, the Higher Heart-Mind of those souls who are ready to receive this, with pure intent.

Indeed, this information, the inherent knowledge and technology contained therein, enlightenment can now descend into these souls who have managed to ascend into the New Earth frequency and vibration.

These Light Pockets come the Universal Core Treasuries of Light and when the sun discs download such information directly into the soul, the innate and encoded Light information within the Soul itself, are ignited and activated.

Indeed, the Light Quotients within the souls who are ready, will increase considerably and this will have a ripple effect on the dense physical forms or embodiments, as the New Light bodies are being fully activated within these souls and the full new spinal columns ignited.

Thus, these souls now need more rest, stillness and quietude, solitude, and deep contemplation, totally Unity and Oneness with the Divine and All-that-is. The immense transfiguration is escalating, and the New Embodiment is taking on form and shape in the highest degrees, as the New Earth is making her presence felt, thus a totally new Reality, existence and form of existence in a much higher dimensional frequency band and vibration, and indeed form of life.

Let those who understand – understand.

Let those who can interpret this – interpret.

Let the Power of Divine Light and Divine Love speak directly into the Soul.

By Judith Kusel