May 2021 Ascension Energies; Heart Expression

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What a year of building a powerful energetic structure to support your Love, passion and joy flowing into the world. It certainly doesn’t always feel like that, as we balance the experience of the past and present to align with a new future.

April energies of Courageous Heart were refining the inner structure that moves us right into the next flow of Freeing Your Heart. We continue to balance the duality of control and lack of control.

April was calling us to find a Focus that tuned us into our empowerment to create within a world that is poking at us to give our powerful focus away.

May Energies

May energies are Heart Expression. To Free Your Heart, you are shifting your energetic structure, your vast subtle information into greater clarity and strength.

It takes Courage to trust your silence to be creative. It takes Courage to trust your patience to be powerful. It takes Courage to trust your Heart Expression to be received and then manifest.

Since the February energies of Embracing Your Uniqueness, we’ve been strengthening the support of our sacred divinity, which helps us to honor our powerful inner realm. This serves your creative flow as life calls YOU to be the Love that you are.

Expression is constant, whether you are awake or asleep, silent or loud. It is the information written into your Akash, your vast subtle realm. It is your thoughts, emotions, actions and words. Your words are your least powerful of that list, for that Expression can be easily manipulated.

With your Heart Expression, you are tuning into your infinite divine self, the energy of connection.

It is for the courageous to connect.

This is why the grand deception of the physical realm (perfect as it is, for it compels empowerment) that the sensitive are weak must be sustained with suppression and control.

Expression Begins Within

But that control is loosening as more are discovering their inner strength and clarity. We arrive at a choice point in time as we deepen our unique Heart Expression. We are supported to deepen our own sacred inner realm, holding space as a magnetic flow does. Containment is just a moment of inner expression.

What are you bringing into your awareness? How you are spinning that into your space of Love? What information are you Expressing out, even in your silence?

Is it a knowing that Love is more powerful than hate? That nature resolves imbalance through time? That you are sacred, unique and powerful? That connection is how you are and creation is what you are?

As you Express your Heart, you are bringing the vast infinite power of Life into life, aligning more with your sacred as you move through human time. You are the blessing of Life, the sacred vehicle of creation.

In Summary

May will call you to refine your resistance to your Courageous Love, that in each moment it is a different facet, a different experience; but positive or negative is still an opportunity for transformation.

The atom builds within the inner, unseen as expression until enough connection is amassed. Do you have the courage to keep connecting even though the proof is not yet concrete, it’s discreet?

This is the energy of May, receiving Life more courageously as you strengthen your ability to navigate the unknown, the unformed into the world of forming. It is you that is forming, easing the flow of your opposing spin, so that the path of least resistance is your powerful Heart Expressing.

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