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new sun higher lightGreetings! It is I Kejraj here.

I know we receive many readers who may not be aware of the Earthly changes to the full extent(Earth entering another reality, 5th dimension). They may not be aware of “channeling”, or may not know what channeling is(communication with higher dimensional beings and ET’s). You can do a bit of research on that if you wish and be open minded, open hearted, to get a better understanding of the changes unfolding.

Era of Light is more spiritually(not religiously) oriented. But we also share alternative news articles, disclosure, natural health and science, meditation and spirituality related material.

The spiritual stuff is lined up first at the top of the blog. The political, health and others are right below it. Or you can use the menu bar and click on whichever category interests you most.

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You Share: We have mentioned it in the past, if there is something that you wish to share with everyone, please email us at – Your articles, something that you think is worth sharing; if you channel, please email your channeling piece to us and we will be certain to share it with all.

I do my best to keep the blog fresh with content every day, though on occasion I may take a day off to get other things done.

Posting Schedule: We make a set of new posts every day, between 12:00am and 1:00am Eastern Time Zone USA. This way I believe the majority of our readers, wherever they may be, will have something fresh to read for that day. We don’t like making a post or two here and there throughout the day. If it was to be done in that manner, there’s a great chance that readers may miss on a whole lot. However, if something of significant nature unfolds, we most certainly will share it on the page at other times as well, the moment we find out about it.

If you have any suggestions, questions regarding this entire process or just need someone to talk to, feel free to send me an email;

All the light to You,


19 Replies to “Website Update”

  1. Thomas R. Ambeau

    I have been reading your messages each and every day, and find them very informing and rewarding. Thank You for all you do! I begin each day on your site. I will donate to the cause but don’t use Pay pal, is there another way for me to send a donation. Tom

  2. John

    Dearest Kejraj Thank you for your very worthwhile work i check your posts every morning and my wife and i take turns in reading them and there is much joy that your postings often bring along with much enlightenment and even learning to simply obseve the various trolls that lurk here all is indeed a lesson, i will end with that you are like a beacon on a dark shore much love to you Kejraj.

  3. vincent jake

    Dear Kejraj , it is with great honor and appreciation that every day i read your
    post … So far , it has been a rough road to follow and there is still a long way to go..,
    But, by the wonderful help that you are given to people , that road has been soften
    in every way and this is allowing us all to see now the big picture of what is
    coming our way… and prepare our soul for the great jump…
    Thank you so much a thousand times …

  4. Douglas A James

    Much love and gratitude Kej Raj! Visit your site daily for my vibrational boost! We are close LFs clearing chimera bases now rescuing galactic hostages. What has been happening is beyond what any source being I thought possible. Healing lots of healing .. Victory of the Light!

  5. warrioroflight1177

    Thank you for creating this page! Since I have found it only a few months ago, I visit it everyday. When I read I it brings me so much hope and joy. It realigns me and often times moves me to tears! So grateful for our journey, many blessings of love and light to Kejraj and all. <3

  6. Derek

    Thank you so much for your information. I have no idea what you are talking about most of the time. I just keep an open mind and heart, and keep absorbing. Eventually, pieces start to make sense and fit together.

  7. Brittani

    Thank you so much for all that you do! You spread hope and inspiration to many and are appreciated beyond words!❤️

  8. Hannah j schneider

    Deepest Respect, always watching KejRaj.
    Know that, there are many people that look forward to it too. ❤❤😉

    ~Hannah Jayye

  9. Hannah j schneider

    Much love to you, can’t wait until we all could unite. Things will began to be clear!!!..

    ~Han ❤😉👍

  10. pan211

    Dear Kejraj,

    (Please forgive me for posting again, I have revised the following content, sorry, thank you.)

    Hello, thank you. Hello, Kejraj, I have not thanked you all the time, thank you. I apologize for this, please forgive me, thank you. I forgive myself, sorry, forgive, thank you.


    Pan Yi Jun