555 Activation Portal

eraoflight blastBeloved Ones,

We are approaching the 555 portal, as we continue to enter deeper into this new month. A month that is about anchoring the change that we have been descending, step by step, during all this too five universal year. As I shared in May energies, we have a wonderful opportunity with the massive energies that surround us, as the eclipse, the violet, emerald and white rays, to help us anchoring more love, for this is what we most need at this time in which many are suffering, as they are finally awakening into the Truth of who they are and what is truly taking planet, at a planetary level.

During this important portal, we have the Emerald Ray, to help us bring into fruition that which our soul desires to create and expand in the physical. This Ray will also be for those who are in direct co-creation with Earth, for this is for those whose main mission involves to work with Earth’s roots and everything connected to the Earth’s first chakra – restoring and healing the manipulated structures, as well as damage that for eons have been taking place on our Planet.

The violet flame will also be of great assistance to bring purification, personal clearing and for those who are under a very powerful personal transformation. For those who have already passed through the previous transformation and clearing, the White Flame will too help them in not just purifying themselves, in a deeper level, but to initiate them into new levels of consciousness. Remember Serapis Bey’s etheric Temple in Luxor is meant to assist those whose, whether incarnate or not, are choosing this ascension timeline and desire to go further, initiating themselves into a new stage of their evolutionary journey.

The picture describes very well the vision I received for this 555 portal, as it represents love, our hearts fully opened, spiraling the love that we are and that we are here to anchor for All. The colors are too the sum of the most important frequencies and rays helping the Planet at the moment, although as always, there are more to the eye that we cannot fully envision, from our human perspective.

As always it is all about aligning with the authentic benevolent Forces and Beings that we desire to co-create with, for us to receive the assistance that we wish, as every time we ask, it is Law that we shall always receive.

This 555 passage is one of the most important ones of this year in terms of personal activation and assistance. This is a portal whose main frequencies will help many who decide to align with it to open themselves more into their wisdom, mission and the revelations they need to receive for the next steps of their journey, as there is a massive planetary relocation for many whose mission has shifted or expanded.

This portal is a very important one in terms of manifestaiton too. However, we are at a time when manifestation goes further than just the materialization of our soul desires or any other material gains that we may need or wish. Materialization for the ascending souls goes deeper than that, as it is about the conscious co-creation of the cosmic energies and beings that help is bring into the physical the purity, the love and the compassion, that earth as well as the collective, need at this time for holding more peace and restoration, for the Earth’s fabrics are just beginning to be restored.

This is indeed a year of great change, a five transformational frequency that will be emphasized on the fifth of this month, and that will help us to bring more illumination and wisdom into ourselves and lives. A time for us to dissolve lower energies and aspects of the self that no longer serves our unique purpose and that of the collective, for we are on a global mission of working, co-creating, with All, not just for the self, so we can evolve as one species that are beginning to step out of a manipulative matrix.

This takes time and devotion. It takes inner work and dedication to be constantly releasing, healing, clearing and adapting to change, Something that at first can be overwhelming and chaotic, for the humans self likes to remain in familiarity, but that with time and self-mastery we make our new way of living.

This is a very important month, whose frequency of change is also, in a planetary level, marked by the eclipse in Sagittarius, that will help us step into another cycle in which many will have to choose whether to stay in the chaos that is actually reigning in the Planet, or to align with the new harmonic frequency that is also part of the new dimensional space that many of us are choosing to occupy now.

This is why becoming our own caretakers is pivotal if we are consciously expanding, evolving and helping others in their personal paths to do the same too, for the body is the first one being affected by all we experience and choose to integrate, as this is the first time within our human history that we are able to ascend, while we are still in the physical.

On this 555 portal, lets bring more peace, illumination and love to ourselves, and hence All, remembering, that every time that we continue choosing the light of who we are, we contribute into the massive awakening that is actually taking place, for what we do for us we do for All.

Have a blessed passage Beloveds.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba


2 Replies to “555 Activation Portal”

  1. Sydney Catherine Adams

    Please let me help. I am awake but not fully and I am ready to step more into my Divine Purpose and Power. I need direct answers and interaction because I feel I’ve been waiting a very, very long time. Thank you for your sense of urgency and understanding.