Is The Genetic COVID Vaccine Creating a Hurricane Inside Cells of the Body?

time for truth eraoflightdotcomPicture this: Contrary to medical claims, the genetic injection called “COVID vaccination” forces cells of the body to produce not one, but hundreds of DIFFERENT proteins. Some of these proteins launch severe and fatal allergic reactions. Other foreign proteins stimulate the body to produce a powerful and continuing immune response that goes on too long; the person becomes severely ill or dies. Still other proteins, which are inherently needed by the body, are now viewed as evil intruders which must be neutralized…

I’ve written articles criticizing the COVID vaccine, from a number of perspectives. “Criticizing” is too mild a word. [1]

In this article, I want to examine a narrow claim about the COVID RNA vaccine: It instructs cells of the body to manufacture ONE AND ONLY ONE specific protein. [2] [3]

In fact, this is touted as THE major action of the genetic vaccine. Supposedly, that protein is similar to a protein in the purported SARS-CoV-2, and it “prepares and rehearses the body for the real thing.”

However, what guarantee do we have that the cells of the body are manufacturing only the one desired protein during the rehearsal?

How do we know the cells are always making the same protein?

Where is the proof? Where is the large confirmatory study that has examined thousands and thousands of human cells, from thousands of people who have been vaccinated?

I haven’t been able to find such a study.

If it exists, where are the large follow-up studies, carried out by different teams of researchers—verifying or rejecting the original research?

Well, in the analogous area of GMO plants, which are injected with genetic material, long-time researcher and author, Jeffrey Smith, writes about—guess what?—the runaway production of unintended proteins: [4]

“For example, long after Monsanto’s Roundup Ready corn had been consumed by hundreds of millions of people, a team led by Dr. Antoniou found more than 200 significant changes in its proteins and metabolites, compared to non-GMO corn of the same variety. Two of the compounds that increased are aptly named putrescine and cadaverine, because they produce the horrific smell of rotting dead bodies. More worrisome; they are also linked to higher risks of allergies and cancer. Another Monsanto GM corn has a new allergen and their cooked soy has up to seven times the level of a known soy allergen, compared to cooked non-GMO soy.”

There is more. Injected genetic material—as in the COVID vaccine—can cause ripple effects. Jeffrey Smith writes: “…back in 1999, a study showed widespread changes in the DNA due to gene insertion; but many GMO companies conveniently ignored the findings and continue to do so.”

“In that study, scientists studying cystic fibrosis inserted a gene into human cells. Using a microarray, they discovered that the insertion ‘significantly affect[ed] up to 5% of the total genes in the array.’ This means that the presence of a single foreign gene might change the expression of hundreds, possibly thousands of genes. In the case of the human cell being studied, the scientists were at a loss to determine the impact. ‘In the absence of more biological information,’ they wrote, ‘we cannot discern which directions [genetic changes] are better or worse, since any of these may have positive or negative effects’.”

Getting the picture?

The simplistic portrait of the genetic insertion called “COVID vaccine” is ready-made propaganda for a gullible audience.

And as HUGE numbers of serious adverse effects and deaths pile up from the vaccine, the medical establishment has twisted explanations on board:

“If a person experiences ‘severe discomfort’ after vaccination, this is a good sign; the vaccine is working.”

“If a person becomes seriously ill, he was attacked by SARS-CoV-2, or a ‘co-morbidity,’ not the vaccine.”

“If a person dies, that, too, was the virus, or an underlying genetic disorder.”

I refuse to accept—among other lies—that the COVID vaccine forces cells of the body to produce exactly and only the same single protein every time, in every case—unless I see convincing proof.

And I’m NOT talking about a study that takes test samples from a small number of patients. I’m talking about thousands of samples from thousands of patients—which is called SCIENCE, in case anyone has forgotten.

“So, Dr. Mengele, are you sure the COVID vaccine inserts RNA into the correct place in the human cell every time? Are you sure the cells produce only the intended protein?”

“Of course. We’ve shown that in the lab.”

“I’m not talking about the lab, Dr. Mengele. I’m talking about thousands of samples taken from humans after they’ve been vaccinated.”

“Oh no, that would be a very laborious process. We don’t have time for that.”

“In other words, the people of Earth are all vulnerable guinea pigs in your vast vaccine campaign.”

“Of course. I thought this was well understood. We have a captive audience, we have new technology, so we run an experiment. This is what life IS.”


3 Replies to “Is The Genetic COVID Vaccine Creating a Hurricane Inside Cells of the Body?”

  1. Aimee

    Anyone who gets the covid injection is a fool and playing russian roulette with their life.We dont need a “vaccine”. There is an effective treatment for the virus.Of course Big Pharma doesnt want you to know that. And Big Pharma who pushes the “vaccine” is not doing it for the good of humanity.This is about money and control.And every person who gets that jab thinking it will protect them (it wont) is supporting an evil agenda.Yes, evil. If you dont recognize what is being done to people through this so called pandemic/”vaccine” is evil, you are ignorant.You can also call yourself sheep.Act like sheep and you will be treated as such.Good luck with that! This injection which so many are willing to take because they have been brainwashed, has injured and killed thousands! What is it going to take to realize the “vaccine” is dangerous?! We have immune systems.Keep it strong and it will do its job.I advise everyone to eat well, take extra vitimin C and keep on hand Goldenseal which is a potent anti-viral/anti-biotic herb. But please dont go rushing for that jab because you might not survive.

    1. Skorpio1111

      Hi Aimee, Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone, that I totally feel the same amount of extremely intense frustration that you’re feeling!!! I’m just dumbfounded and sad that not as many in this world as I thought maybe were awake or at least starting to awaken, that the majority of Humanity can’t, or maybe just won’t, see this whole scenario for what it Truly is!!! I seriously think they are all suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and actually like being completely controlled! I share Truth such as this article to my FB constantly, and have been since the very beginning starting in March 2020. I just KNEW deep within my Soul that it was all complete and total BS already back then, and that there was an agenda like no other before it quietly crouching behind it all. I’ve lost many FB “friends” and followers since but I can’t and won’t stop trying to the best of my ability and through the few connections I have to work with, to attempt to wake these blind, brainwashed and way too trusting people TF UP, but I fear some may not even be fully human anymore after being inoculated! Some reiki masters are even coming out saying that during sessions on clients they sensed an energetic emptiness like they’ve never experienced before, like the Soul was no longer connected to the physical vessels of clients they found out later had gotten vaxxed!
      Its ALL just so extremely sad!!! 😣

  2. Lorraine

    It’s very important that you consistently stop using the word “vaccination” or ” vaccinated” in relation to those insane CV19 shots & people who have taken them.. Too many times in your article you slip back into using “vaccination” or “vaccinated” when you should be using “injections” and referring to those asleep individuals taking those shots as “injected” . Please try to not do this anymore in your otherwise well written information. Thanks