Ivo of Vega: Chemtrails and Weather Modification

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomSharon:  It stands to reason that the DS is the origin of chemtrails and other weather modification problems they foists upon us. I’m sure the U.S. wouldn’t have that many tornados and hurricanes if the weather were natural but it’s not natural, none of it is, and it’s been faked for a long time.  As for who’s doing this, the governments are complicit, but it’s the entire Matrix system and those who are involved in controlling us who chemtrail us.

Our ET friends and the universals are NOT in control of this world nor its liberation.  We are. And when we begin to recognize that fact and begin to take our power back from the DS, half the battle is won. Positive ETs can only change as much as our collective mindset will allow for.  As for who’s doing this, the governments are complicit, but it’s the entire Matrix system and those who are involved in controlling us who chemtrail us.

This question, again, goes back to what we keep saying about the Victim Triangle. The governments are the bad guys, you’re the victim and you’re waiting for a rescuer, which you think are the benevolent ETs. When you stop thinking in these terms, you start taking your power back. You’re NOT a victim unless you want to be, but don’t kid yourself – they’re not here to save you, they’re here to work with you and they expect humanity on earth to do its part.   It’s universal law. And that’s why you’re here on earth now, to do your part.

Ivo: All issues are being dealt with as humanity on earth is ready to do so. We of the Light spend our time rallying you in order that we can achieve a workable quorum. We recently surpassed the QFS quorum and now it has been announced that it is functioning and responsible for your payouts. Enough people believe in it that its validity can be created. Yes, I said that correctly. Your minds are what embrace the innovations that we have for you to improve your world. When enough people believe in these innovations, they can be instituted and announced to the public.

This war against the darkness is a question of having this quorum on every point going forward. Because earth is your world and your minds are what create it, uphold it, and make changes upon it. In the same way that you would institute a change in your life by thinking about it first and holding on to the idea as a good one, we are announcing these innovations to you so that you can accept them and change your world with them. Unless we have your approval and your cooperation, we cannot go forward.

The Matrix system used your thinking to create its artificial timelines, so we of the Light are using your thinking and your energy, in the same way, to put you back on the Lemurian timelines. We are simply reversing their process.

When you believe what we have to tell you, you rise in frequency to meet the Lemurian timeline. If you do not believe in aliens or if you believe that our messages are nonsense then you remain upon the artificial Matrix timelines and continue to suffer. That is your choice.

Many people who are working with the Light are working to inform and to wake up as many people as possible. Still, many go and have the vee because they are in fear. Fear is the first thing you must stop doing.

We have told you this before, but it bears repeating because clearly more people are waking up who have not heard this message.

As for chemtrails, they are definitely part of the Agenda 2030 program. They are a problem for many of you. It is possible, however, to defeat them.

How you do this is not to curse their existence, because that simply continues to fuel this program with more low vibrational energy.

You imagine earth without them. When enough people hold this vision, in other words, when a quorum is reached, it will be understood that these programs are to be made to stop.

Your will is important. You design this planet. You have been misled into designing what you have before you. Now we are leading you to design what you wish to have in your future. When we reach the quorum, changes will be implemented, not beforehand. With chemtrails specifically, your belief in illness and the tolerance of sickly states, has something to do with its continuation.

Me: I AM perfect health incarnated. I AM an aspect of God.

Ivo: Yes. Very good, my love.

Your will is intrinsic to the entirety of this liberation. Stepping up and taking personal responsibility rather than waiting for we extraterrestrials to do things for you, is tantamount to your liberation. Going forward, the earth is to be inhabited by people who are informed, responsible and who take action where action is necessary. Do you wish your future to be filled with the apathetic, irresponsible, nonplussed types you currently see walking around you, the ones the Matrix programming has created? These are not the earthlings of the future, they are the unfortunate victims of the past and their end is nigh.

Those of the Light who are incarnated upon planet earth now complain about the people around them they cannot wake up. Well, your problems will be solved because they will not be with you in your future. An aspect of the true human is empowerment, and your successors will be empowered in future.

It is up to you to do something. Change your mind. Change your actions. Begin to inform.

Doing nothing will net you exactly that: nothing. We cannot act when we do not have your cooperation to do so. You are the earthling – it is your planet, not ours. The Light has made changes only insofar as the universe has been affected, in order to make the universe safe to all of its denizens again. The earth, however, is not only part of that, but has its own separate issues that need to be dealt with as well. That is why so many lightworkers incarnated upon earth now – in order that they may change the fortunes of this planet. Otherwise it would have been possible to do our universal and galactic changes without having to have any galactic citizens incarnate upon earth.

This is your ascension. This is your world changing. And in order to be a part of that change, you must take action. It is universal law. Expecting somebody else to do it is as futile as expecting an earthling to do something it cannot. Many of you expect your children to do things that you have not guided them to do – you expect them to clean up the house when you set a poor example for them yourself. You have these expectations of others without realizing your part in it, and it is the same with us of the Galactic Federation. The universe works through cooperation, not through dictatorial command. You are the caretakers of your planet so now you must step up and show us you take it seriously.

Expecting everything to be done for you is as fruitless in the galaxy as it has been on earth. To date, not enough are aware to reach a quorum regarding chemtrails, so this must be worked on first.

If you wish something done about it, then begin to do your part first. Our hands are tied until a quorum is reached. There are enough people on earth who are aware of and affected by chemtrails. Perhaps connecting to them to see what is being done at the physical level is a start.

Me: You rock, Ivo.

Ivo: We are teaching you all how the universe works. We are teaching you to become good citizens of the galaxy. We are teaching you the laws of love, because love is the energy of the universe and of God. We understand that you have not been taught this by the Matrix system, and that your functionality is low because of it. You are disempowered and you think like disempowered people. Now ask what you can do and begin to do it. Working to grow a larger, more aware group is the first part in remedying the problem of chemtrails.

This is a war of good against evil. Evil is losing but it is still active. Evidence of that is in chemtrailing programs. Awareness is key to changing the mindset of the collective, so begin here.

Me: Thanks, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, I am patient with you all as I see you are going through what we Vegans once had to.

It is do-able.

Change is very possible.

**Source **Channel: Sharon Stewart

3 Replies to “Ivo of Vega: Chemtrails and Weather Modification”

  1. Jonathan Ford

    Sharon Stewart is not from the light. The energy is always negative in these messages, for example,

    “These are not the earthlings of the future, they are the unfortunate victims of the past and their end is nigh.”

    Does not sound very loving, does not embody the philosophy of WWG1WGA, does not offer light from the collective to help these people. The message condemns these people, not wrongdoers or the dark but just people who are unfortunate victims.

    Message is not from the light and the channel is corrupt.