Galactic Fleet Command: Inner Plane Work

fleet command eraoflightdotcomA blessed greeting to you Dear Ones who are serving on Planet Earth at this most important time! We wish today to address something that may be of concern to you, as has it been to this channeler.

You of course receive varying messages from each channel – (of whom there are now many) – with some of the messages actually contradicting one another. This can lead to considerable confusion and sometimes guilt when the advice is the opposite of what you have been following.

Please remember that channelers are expressing through their own communication system that which in essence comes from a stream of thought from a Higher Authority… usually basically telepathically; (there are also other ways of receiving channeled messages, of course.) The channeler’s innate means of expression and thoughts are a natural part of what comes through in a channeled message, and so there is naturally great variation in the messages brought forth on an almost daily basis.

That which creates the greatest concern for you dear readers is when you are told that you need to be DOING something to alert the ‘sleepers’ about the realities of the evils besetting the planet, along with other negative 3D realties.

We shall here show by example what we mean by that statement: Recently our channel was with a small group of church friends celebrating at a restaurant after having attended a special meditative-type service. After more than a year of not being together or even seeing one another, the natural question to ask was how they were doing. The woman sitting very close and maskless next to our channel replied that all her family members and friends have received their vaccine, and so their lives can now return to normal. This, of course, was not the time to try to correct her thinking with the truth of the vaccines and the fact of never ‘returning to normal’.

If you find that you only meet with extreme resistance if you send or say anything about the realities connected with these channeled messages and the Awakening/Ascension process, we would suggest a different approach that works just as well… if perhaps not better!

This approach is called inner plane work. It is a way of communicating from soul to soul rather than outer personality connection. The personality self – when confronted with something of a negative nature – often sets up barriers of resistance to that type of communication. However, when all the emotions from a bad situation are felt and expressed on the inner planes with personality/soul communication, something miraculous seems to take place! Often as early as the next day, all is forgotten and as though the bad situation had never happened!

It is entirely up to what feels right to you as to which approach to use… and when. Sometimes the approaches can be alternated successfully by a single person — and other times only one or the other approach works for that person. It is only by looking within and viewing from the heart that the discernment is made.

We know that all you Lightworkers and Wayshowers are doing the very best that you can in holding the Light against the darkness of the times. Please do not overly-concern yourselves with the methods that you use in doing so. Let your heart lead the way, along with your own inner guidance. That is always true.

We highly honor and respect you — and we do love you dearly, Dear Ones!

We hold you in the Love and Light of the Cosmic Christ — and we send all the blessings of the Universe to you!


Channel: Beth Stormont for Era of Light

2 Replies to “Galactic Fleet Command: Inner Plane Work”

  1. Mike Flynn

    So you say that there is this other approach called inner plane work and that it works as well, if not better, than if you send or say something.

    But you don’t actually tell how to do it.

    Let me give a suggestion for next time,

    Step 1 – do a

    Step 2 – do b

    Step 3 – do c

    Etc until the thing that you are telling us about is completed.

  2. phil

    So true. My wife sometimes violently reacts to what I say. Then I have a meditation session, and the next day, she doesn’t even remember she threatened me with divorce over being a « conspiracy theorist. » Nothing happened. You should try this at home.


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