A Key to the Universe

unraveling the truth eraoflightdotcomI just had to do it.

This time I was inspired. See, I’ve had this technique I’m about to show you for quite some time. I’ve told many friends and relatives about it and they fell in love with it…

I’m going to tell it to you, but only under the condition that you TRY it. It can’t hurt. In fact, most find it an enjoyable experience. The fact is, it works for everyone who tries it.

There’s actually a scientific reason behind it, and I’ll explain that as well.

I’ll bet you’re curious by now so here it is…

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See yourself, peacefully watching clouds in the sky, as they pass by you. The sky is blue and the clouds are just passing by.

Realize the clouds are are merely an endless stream of thoughts, trying to forever penetrate your mind and control the way you think, thereby controlling every aspect of your entire life!

Imagine every cloud has it’s own unique attribute, shape, size, shade of color — if you focus on one particular cloud, you’ll begin to notice a visual scene playing out whatever that particular invading thought has to show you.

Next comes the feeling. The emotion attached to the thought. Emotion triggers a response, and you begin to REACT to the thought (aka. “the invader”) which causes you to lose control and become a prisoner of your own mind.

It takes about a week (just 7 days) to Master the technique. It’s not just the technique, either.

Once you try this a few times, you’ll be able to keep it in the back of your mind. It’s so simple, but it holds a key to a wonderful gift.

Freedom of outside, intruding thought.

Just watch the clouds go by peacefully, with the full knowledge of the clouds passing by are thought, thought forms, emotions, — these are not a part of you and you can control the very process of “thought” itself entering your mind.

Think about this. How does your mind visualize “thought?”

I’ve asked many people this question, and they almost always respond with, “clouds.”

Now I’m not telling you to sit in a dark corner and practice 3 times a day. The cool thing about this visual exercise is that you can make it an active meditation.

This means you can do it at anytime, with your eyes fully open, fully aware and doing other things. It’s a powerful way to quiet the mind and calm the soul when you’re stressed out, feel anger, depression or any other negative reaction to a THOUGHT.

You may not realize it, but thought controls your life.

Every second of every minute of your life, thoughts of all shapes and sizes have bombarded your mind with every different type of thought you can imagine.

It’s the little “voice” inside your head catching these thoughts with a myriad of emotions attached to them and pierces your inner being to the core.

The little “voice” is called ego, and he’s controlling your life with these thoughts. The Clouds. Remember the thoughts are just clouds and they’re passing by. Realize you can do this with your eyes open.

You’ll see it in your mind’s eye. No one will ever know you’re doing it. But what you’re really doing is something so powerful, you can’t imagine it without experiencing it yourself.

You can use this mental, visual technique to rid yourself of ANY thought that would normally cause you to re-act and make bad decisions, think you’re having “bad luck”, or any other intruding thought in your life.

Now imagine yourself, finally in full control of your life. You ARE, because you no longer have those intruding thoughts telling you what to do!

I’m serious. If you try it, really give it your best shot, you will absolutely see results in a week.

Just whenever you have a thought you “don’t like” or don’t want to have, remind yourself the thought (NO MATTER WHAT IT CONTAINS!) is just another one of those in the endless stream of passing clouds, and watch it go by, until it disappears from your view.

Of course you might be skeptical, but I’ll bet it’s because you haven’t tried it yet. If you have, then you’re more than likely reading this with a warm feeling in your heart.

You can feel the connection between clouds and thoughts. It’s so easy, and yet so immediately powerful.

Now, attempt to focus on something.


Those pesky thoughts may keep coming at first, but if you really give this a shot (several times a day for 7 days in a row – mark your calendar) – you’ll be able to achieve razor-sharp focus in seconds, live in the present moment (i.e. be fully aware) and give your concentration level a gigantic boost!

The imagery is merely a simple way to give your subconscious a direct “command” to alter your perception of the way you see, and react to thoughts.

The scene of peacefully watching a myriad of clouds go by, combined with the internal command to realize the clouds are outside, intruding thoughts trying to control you, creates a force of energy powered with the emotion of PEACE that’s strong enough to overpower any thought, negative memory, feeling or experience.

You can finally control your own life!

Make your own decisions without worry.

Enjoy the present moment and feel the energy of love, emanating from creation itself!

Try it and you’ll see. It’s powerful stuff.


Your most valuable assets are time, energy, and money but the most valuable is time, of course. Why?

Because once gone, you never get it back.