Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Without a Moral Compass the West Cannot Win

era of light alternative news connectionThe West is losing the war for Planet Earth because it no longer represents good and currently has incompetent criminal leadership.  The West many of us grew up in represented democracy, human rights, wealth, and progress.  It now represents disease.  economic inequality, war, and fascism.

A poll sponsored by NATO of 53,000 people in 53 countries shows that 44% of people around the world consider the United States to be a threat to their democracy.  This compares to a figure of 38% and 28% respectively for China and Russia.

That means the U.S. is losing ground in the soft power struggle with Asia.

Also, with record trade and fiscal deficits as well as looming hyperinflation, the West is also losing the economic war.  In March, the U.S. posted its largest trade deficit in history at $74.4 billion, up from the previous record of $71.1 billion set a month earlier.  This is only possible for the U.S. by becoming ever more indebted to China.

China’s GDP in real world-based Purchasing Power Parity is $27 trillion compared to $20 trillion for the U.S.  With Chinese economic growth far surpassing that of the U.S. this gap will only continue to widen and will not change unless the West changes its system of economic management.

The only thing the U.S. has left is military power, and war game after war game shows it losing in an all-out war against China.

Unless the West restores real democracy, the rule of law, respect for human rights, and competent economic management, the next generation will become Chinese slaves.

The reason for this decline is that the West has been taken over by a Satanic cult.

In Japan, they have murdered prime minister after prime minister and many others in the post-war era to try to bring this country under the control of the same cult.  The process is easier to understand here because it has begun relatively recently.  However, in the West, it started at least with the murder of Jesus Christ by this same cult.  In the U.S. they murdered Abraham Lincoln, President Franklin Roosevelt, General George Patten, President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and many others to cement their control.

This group is now pushing the pandemic and the related totalitarian rule.  Take a look at the satanic family history of chief U.S. vaccine and pandemic pusher Anthony Fauci and his family crest.

Their castle headquarters is only 15 miles from the Davos World Forum that is pushing for universal human vaccination, with God knows what synthetic programmed poison, using a manufactured pandemic as an excuse.

Now take a look at this video of pandemic pusher Davos frontman Klaus Schwab, chief promoter of the pandemic and the “great reset,” telling Swiss television in 2016 that all humans will have a microchip embedded in either their brain or under their skin to attach them to a centralized computer network.

According to Polish Intelligence, Klaus Schwab has a meeting set for July with power elites where they will discuss a mandatory ID for everyone.  Sources there say:

“This will not only control their access to money but also their access to a totally censored internet.  The elites are in a panic and are pushing their plans forward because too many people have become aware of their existence and have begun to rebel.”

Also last week a strong push by the White Dragon Society and their allies to set up a meritocracy-based planning organization, to help navigate humanity toward a better future, has flushed out a powerful and ancient secret society straight from a Dan Brown novel.  This society contacted us after we approached the BIS, the central bank of central banks in Switzerland. This is the legendary Priory of Sion, which claims to date back to 1099 and from there to ancient Babylon.  They even have a website.

This is the central control group of world Zionism, and they have now been flushed out into the open.

Here is some of what they say about themselves:

The Merovingians are a line of Kings descended from a sea monster resembling a dragon.  A myth was created to pass down very essential knowledge designed to unravel the ancient origins of the Merovingians, which go back to ancient Babylon.

The sea monster described in the legend is an ancient representation of Nimrod, who built the Tower of Babel and ruled Babylon.

They are ruled by a Grand Master, who is and always will be the highest spiritual authority and the sovereign of the Order.  There is NO position senior to this and never will be.

This group also claims that previous Grand Masters included Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Sandro Filipepi, Robert Boyle, and Michel de Nostredame.  The current “Grand Master” is Marco Rigamonti.

Below the grandmaster is, “The Sacred Council of the 13 Rose-Croix [of the] Sacred Merovingian Order of the Priory of Sion (Prieuré de Sion).”

We assume this council of 13 represents the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati.  They also claim documentary evidence going back to the twelfth century that identifies the Holy Grail with the Real Blood of Jesus.

So basically we have a cult claiming it is reptilian in origin, which dates back to ancient Babylon and is led by descendants of Jesus Christ.

The problem is this cult has started two World Wars and killed countless millions of people in order to realize a delirious dream where “a descendant of Jesus Christ,” would rule all of humanity from Mt. Zion i.e. Jerusalem.  Don’t forget, the god of the temple they plan to build is known to us as Baal, Molech, Set, or Satan.

Here is the message we sent to them:

Br. Aurelius,

It is good to finally hear directly from the Priory of Sion.

Over a decade ago, Japanese military intelligence told me it was the Order of Sion that was behind the ongoing attempts to launch Armageddon and bring about the End Times. We apologize for having to resort to nuclear threats to get your attention.

However, the ongoing bio-war and genetically modified vaccine attack against humanity has been forensically traced back to Switzerland and the Elders of Zion. If you are not responsible, we would appreciate your help in finding those who are and getting them to stop immediately.

What we are suggesting is that only God is doing God’s work and that human attempts to artificially bring about the end times must stop. Instead, we propose the creation of a performance-based planning organization to help lead humanity and all life on earth to a better future. Such an agency would work in harmony with existing organizations, not replace them.

For this reason, I plan to meet with a representative of the Dragon Family in the BIS to monetize some historical financial instruments and use the funds to build this organization. We need to know who our counterparty is going to be when we go there and assure us that this is not going to be another wild goose chase.

Personally, I have no interest in running such an agency and just want to help set it up. Your kind understanding in this regard will be most appreciated.

So far we have received no response, so the war continues. The fall of Benjamin Netanyahu (or whoever controlled his avatar) from power in Israel was a great victory for humanity. Now Israeli newspapers are reporting on his secret partner in the ongoing attempt to launch Armageddon, also known as World War III. Ayatollah Khameini of Iran is dying of prostate cancer.

We also note a recent attempt to cover up the secret alliance between Israel and Iran. Swiss diplomat Sylvie Brunner, who represented U.S. and Israeli interests in Iran, plunged to her death last week after being called to Switzerland to testify about the secret U.S.-Israel and Iran ties. That’s according to U.S. intelligence and other sources. We have also noted an attempt by Hillary Clinton or whoever controls her avatar to justify the fake Biden regime in the US. Guardian-Disinformation-Big-Tech-Facebook

Hillary talks about a threat to democracy from alternate realities.

(We assume she is referring to a reality where not everyone is vaccinated and bears the mark of the beast beast via vaccination certificate. She also says that the Trump administration is pushing for the large-scale overhaul of … Boundaries within which our leaders can operate. So we have a democracy where leaders have limits from whom?

Hillary also says:

There is no doubt that the Chinese are basically the … case that democracy is chaotic, things take too long, people are in and out of office, and there is no continuity. They cannot have the kind of fixed goals that can be advanced in a socially cohesive way. Therefore, vote for us. We are facing this struggle.

The real struggle, of course, is that the satanic cult it represents has gutted Western democracy and allowed unbridled greed to destroy Western economies. Make no mistake, unless the West reforms its leadership system China will win. China is not the only threat either. Turkey is also on the warpath.

Its leadership is trying to unite the Islamic world into an empire that stretches from deep in Africa to China’s borders, and says Turkey is already more effective than the EU. Turks say global threats from the West overcome disputes between Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Turkish government-sanctioned media say: A new and very powerful initiative could emerge between the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Persian Gulf.

This will then spread to the depths of Africa, from the Caucasus to the Chinese border and from the Mediterranean to Africa. They also note that from the ongoing battle in northern Syria and Iraq, the new initiative that reached the Chinese border from the Caucasus after the Karabakh War is Turkey’s victory.Ägypten-die-interne-Belagerung-innerhalb-wird-dann-zerschmettert-3571651 BB1gr1py

Remember this conversation is coming from a NATO country with the largest army in Europe without Russia. Please note that the same country is working with NATO against Russia in Ukraine. Also remember that Resident Joe Biden and his staff have been denied entry into the Pentagon and are planning to go to NATO HQ instead. What does that tell you about NATO leadership?

We also note that the cabal appears to be targeting Yellowstone. Dr. Jerzy Zaba is a geologist at the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. He predicts that an eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera, similar to the one that occurred 640,000 years ago, would destroy most of the United States.

We assume that if the Yellowstone Caldera is targeted, it will be done by cabal members hiding either in Switzerland or Antarctica. This is no time for the U.S. military to sit on its hands, and we remind its members of their oath to the Constitutional Republic.

Finally, I look forward to communicating with those of you who would like to participate in an exclusive live webinar each month where I can answer your questions and our private discussions can dive deep into the latest information and issues of the day.

A separate post with registration information will follow offering weekly audio reports for your convenience.

Hope to see you there!



3 Replies to “Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Without a Moral Compass the West Cannot Win”

  1. Douglas A James

    Ben you dont negotiate with demonic entities and you dont create a performance based society that is the ego based BS we have now. I like Ben but he isnt consistent at all. 1 week it is all about arrests and cabal being hunted down and the war is almost over the next is we are losing China will take over the world! Sending a letter to psychopaths who want to kill 90% of us??? So we wld partner with them? No we send them a nuclear missile or we take them out with rods of God. There is no negotiation with the dark who rape murder sacrifice children period. Galactic central sun is their destination

    1. Patto

      This is aforce that has been around since the beginning of man. It found a foothold when Eve bit the forbidden fruit. You cannot (as a human) defeat Satan, that is God’s discipline not ours. They are trying to dethrone the powers that be. A merit based organization is the only way. It must be run by moral people.
      The letter, if true, is worded gently. It’s underlying premise is much more devastating than the words chosen permit. It is far more a threat than a simple “please work with us, please”…it is written diplomatically.
      I believe this ancient cabal knows that many are atune and against it’s directives. Neither side will be gentle with the other. One side is for the good of the planet and humanity and the other side cares not for either and will destroy most of both to stay in utter control.
      This IS “BIBLICAL”…