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sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomSUFFERED ENOUGH!?

The deep longing of man for self-knowledge begins. You awaken and find back into balance and peace. Your life becomes full and fuller until you are completely filled with yourself – and this is what this message is about.


Logos of this earth. I have gone before the people and I am also going before the people now, in the crucial phase of the ascension. We are one big and living family.

No one can exist separate from this truth, unless someone insists and wants to experience himself in separation and thus walk the valley of tears for a certain period of time.

This message is addressed to those people who have had enough of suffering, misery and pain. It is addressed to those who want to see a meaning in life and understand their own destiny as an opportunity for growth.

Nothing happens without the knowledge of your soul and so everything you can experience at the moment is also orchestrated from a higher place.

For many people, the deeper meaning of their existence eludes them and so they get lost looking for answers in the outer world. Many people simply do not come to rest, do not find stillness and inner peace. Especially now, when the future of humanity and the future of the individual seems uncertain, many take refuge in external activities – instead of pausing inwardly.

Today, too, the revolution takes place first within you, and if it has not taken place there, it will not take place anywhere.

You don’t even need to go out on the streets and demonstrate against this or that if you are not prepared to deal with yourself in depth. That’s the point, and that’s what all endeavors are about today.

You know it, and yet you hold on to old habits, to restlessness, to constant doing, to wrong eating, to outdated concepts of life, to outdated beliefs!


God is still a stranger, a distant one, and your longing for self-knowledge is buried under the activities of everyday life.

You can object, “Yes, but I have to worry about survival now that the whole world is falling apart!”

You can say, “But yes, I have a company, family and children, they need protection and my work!” And you can cite as justification, “Everything I do, I do for my fellow man.”

You can bring all this and more into the discussion, but in the end one truth remains: Your hyperactivity overrides your longing for God!

Beloved man,

as long as you live constantly on the fast lane, so long you have not understood what your life is about.

Every time, every incarnation and every life offer you enough excuses to deal less with yourself than with your environment. That’s the deception you’ve been under, life after life, until you’ve seen through what needs to be seen through.

The healthy principle is: Live from the inside out!

Yet so many people avoid their inner selves because they don’t want to deal with the inner construction sites.

It is much more comfortable to continue the old life. Even if one knows inwardly that this is unhealthy and cannot go well in the long run – most people stick with it until it no longer works and until they are forced by fate to rethink.

This is how highly gifted, highly inclined souls endowed with high orders get lost. They get lost by wasting all their energy, investing it in externalities instead of exploring the inner with all their attention and strength.

You achieve connection with God by illuminating your heart. This wisdom is familiar to many, and yet very few make themselves familiar with it.


It means to remove blockages and to connect to the knowledge of your soul, it means to dive into the inexhaustible love of God!

How will you understand this time if you always live distanced from yourself? As long as you derive your discernment from the lower mind of the senses, you are lost in limitations and you cannot guess what will happen.

How this game ends on earth, that you decide! All people decide it, how it goes on now, and the first and most essential decision, that to the self-exploration, falls in you – in your heart.

Thus the wheel of the time turns, as long as you put off this, further and further. How long do you want to be trapped in it?

Today, many people feel burned out, exhausted and overwhelmed. The whole life is a single overload and many do not know how to go on. What can you do right now!


Take responsibility for it! Never say, “Circumstances are to blame!” or, “He or they are responsible.” This is a big mistake. It is always you who matters.

You are the solution and your consciousness has the solution. Your infinite mind is just waiting for you to open your inner channels to its whisper. Whatever stresses and strains you today – it is up to you alone to change it.

This is the first and most important realization. Don’t be a victim anymore, become self-determined. Don’t be a pawn of your emotions or your ingrained patterns and beliefs, but dissolve them one by one until only you are left.

The first lesson is: courageously take personal responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

After that, your vision will be clear and your perception will be on the right track. If you focus completely on yourself, if you start the work of redemption with yourself, you are always on the right path.

The real reason for permanent stress and constant overload is always too little connection to the divine in you. Therefore, use every opportunity to connect with your inner self. Every person has this opportunity, even if he thinks he is drowning in work or if he thinks that everyday life prevents him from doing so.


The second lesson is grounded in the following questions: What do you really want to achieve in this life?

Do you want to get to know yourself and, if necessary, transform yourself? Or do you prefer to hide your inner problem areas by a restless existence?

Answer this question – and be sincere about it! No one is listening to you now and you are not accountable to anyone but yourself! What do you really want, human being? The answer to this question decides everything and decides whether this message is for you?

Beloved man,

Stress and excessive demands, if they occur permanently and cannot be controlled, have an extremely negative effect on your mental and physical system. It is only a question of time when your body will no longer cooperate and when you will wither psychologically.

Permanent overstraining requires therapy! If you have understood this, then it only depends on which therapist you choose: God, the divine light, the love of angels, masters and creator beings or earthly interventions of capable human brothers and sisters, who can encourage you to look and bring you closer to yourself.

So, how can you proceed if you have become aware that you need to remove stress and overload from your life?

1) Pray and ask your Creator for help!
2. be ready to change your life!
3. inner peace, calmness and serenity must be a true concern, otherwise there is little point in asking for anything. Heaven is with you if you really want this assistance. Wishes fall short, there must be an existential desire for healing within you.

As long as you need activities to feel valuable, significant, accepted and loved, your learning about pain will take place.

How do you define your self-worth? That is the only legitimate question. Are you enough for yourself as you are? Do you love yourself as you are? Do you often want to be someone else, someone else?

In these reflections lies the key to understanding your “being this way” and what you want to redeem and experience in this life.

The third lesson is thus: to accept what is. This is the hardest exercise, because accepting yourself as you are, when all the time you want to appear as something else, is hard.

With this third lesson, we come full circle. Once again it is up to you to take responsibility for yourself – from powerlessness to power, from helplessness to self-determination – and a victim becomes pure divine consciousness, rising above forms and things.


In conclusion, I give you a simple exercise:

Do a stress fast! Become aware of your stressors and leave them for a week!

Write down what stresses you out, what messes up your life on a daily basis. Chronic overwork leads to chronic illness. Sour money leads to an over-acidified body and uncontrollable emotional outbursts. Become aware of all of this.

Then start stress fasting.

Trade stress for relaxation. Instead of restlessly functioning, spend time with yourself. You should take this vacation in the middle of your everyday life! Your environment, whether work or family, should notice that you are no longer responsible for everything and everyone. This stress fasting cure of 7 days brings you to new thoughts and creates in you a feeling of freedom, something you had to do without for a long time.

Often it is the small and simple things that bring back your quality of life. What is the use of a long vacation on the beach, if afterwards you take up your old and wrong life again? You can always free yourself only there, where you restrict and bind yourself – and that is usually your everyday life, it is the everyday patterns and habits that make you sick or keep you healthy. An extended vacation, a time out once a year are not a permanent solution. Solve your problems where they originated. Or do you want to catch fish in the desert?

JJK: Many people complain about stress, but they are hardly willing to change anything. Are there situations where stress has a justification?

SANAT KUMARA: A person who feels permanently stressed or is stressed without even realizing it is always going down a wrong path. No matter how noble the reasons, mistreating oneself is as much a sin as mistreating one’s neighbor.

“Love thyself as thou lovest thy neighbor.”

If love comes up short, there is always a shortage – and with a stressed person, love for oneself always comes up short! However, there are situations in which a person experiences temporary stress.

This can hardly be avoided on a world that goes through such transformation processes.

However, it is always a question of how fast a person succeeds in shaking off stress and finding back to himself again. Basically, it is like this: a consciousness constantly communicating with God can handle stress, a consciousness limited to external perception is absorbed by stress.

Therefore, create a new energy field in your life! Visualize a new everyday life and become aware: Stress eats through your life until there is nothing left of you or your life. Peace, joy, freedom, serenity, happiness and knowledge of God – a restless life stands in the way, so, human: What do you really want?


Beloved man,

let yourself be completely involved in your life! Love it and love yourself! As you are today, you are right.

Turn wrong habits into right habits and your life will be a celebration of joy.

No one is asking you to drive with your foot on the brake, but sometimes it is good to recognize a danger in time and bring the car under control.

With the danger that comes from your restlessness, stress and overload, due to misunderstood concepts of life, it is necessary to take the steering wheel of your life firmly in hand and step on the brake.

Maybe you live the life of others and maybe you think you have to save the world? But what remains of you then?

In perfect love,


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**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl

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  1. Jude

    Hard hitting and very much needed at this juncture in “time”, thank you for providing this reminder and all will be well if we will let it be as it is.