The White Flame of Purity

light waves eraoflightdotcom“The White Flame of Purity, Truth and Wisdom. The White Flame is the highest of all the Divine Sacred Fires and indeed, the Fires of Purification in the Highest Degrees.

In truth Wisdom indeed embraces the All Seeing, the All Hearing and All Knowing and then, to use such knowledge with pure intent. Thus the White Flame, incorporates the purest Wisdom and the purest intent. With it Divine Crystal Clear Clarity and Divine Joy.

Indeed, when the Pure White Flame is fully activated within and around you, you cannot do nor be, anything other than the Purest Truth of your own soul.

Purity and Truth go hand in hand.

When you are pure, you become see-through.

The White Flame is the Highest of all of Sacred Fires, for it embraces all the Cosmic Rays and Cosmic Fires. Indeed this Fire is so pure and so blinding that it may appear as White Diamond Bright and indeed will be blinding to those of the lower frequencies, more blinding than the Central Suns.

Indeed, the White Flame is the Flame of Truth, Clarity, Purity and Joy.

When you stand in the fullness of your soul truth, with purity of intent, with clarity of purpose, you will find deep inner joy, for now you walk your talk, you live your truth, and you live life in highest alignment with the Divine truth of who and what you were created to be and to live. You embrace the Wisdom of the Heart and Soul.

The more the white fire in the Heart center expands, the more it seeps into every cell in your body until your body is bathed in flawless, shimmering, blinding white light. This light then extends from your heart chakra, through all your bodies until it forms a vast bubble of blinding white Fire around you. The Fires of Purity.

All the souls who work with the White Flame, as I do, work in the Divine Temples of Truth. They vibrate on the highest frequencies and vibrations of truth and wisdom, and pure unconditional love. Thus they are illumined from deep within.

When the fifth dimensional Heart center is fully activated, it becomes blinding white. Thus the heart now is ready to start embracing the White Flame, as it lives the highest truth of the soul.

The Great Brother and Sisterhood of the White Flame operates through the Omniverse. There are many of the Great Orders, like the High Order of Melchizedek and Metatron, who work with the White Flame and incorporate it.

The Essenes and the Cathars belonged to the High Order of the White Flame and thus carried the Fires of Purity in their teachings. Indeed, they were known as “The Pure Ones.”

Since the Time of Elysium, the Crystal Pyramid Temple of the White Flame was indeed the Main Temple. All the other Crystal Pyramid Temples indeed fell under its jurisdiction. The Temples of the White Flame could be found in Elysium, The Lion Kingdom, Avalon, Mu and Lemuria and Atlantis.

However when Atlantis fell to the Black Magi, the White Flame was removed from the Earth and took for Safeguarding to Andromeda. The Crystal Pyramid of the White Flame, sunk into the ocean, and is protected by an invisible shield. It is busy rising again. (You are read more about this my book: “Why I was born in Africa: the previously untold history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom” where I devote a whole chapter to it).

The Crystal Pyramid of the Temple of The White Flame indeed held the whole Crystalline Energy Grid together and indeed all the energy lines on the planet, and more than this it held the Fires of Wisdom steady when humanity was still in the 7th dimensional state and later the 5th. Indeed, it was so powerful that it kept humanity in the highest state of purity, as ONE with the Divine Source.

The White Flame is held in the etheric in Luxor, Egypt, by the Ascended Master Serapis Bey and Archangel Metatron has his ascension seat there, as he is the Archangel in charge of Africa as well as being the Omniversal Archangel, and indeed is overseeing the whole Ascension process. Archangel Gabriel is the Archangel who works with the White Flame and indeed spreads his pure white light of clarity, purity and joy across the Omniverses.

The Shining Ones and the Illumined Ones Soul Groups, work with the White Flame and indeed many are the carriers of the White Flame and have tended the White Flame in many incarnations on earth. When incarnated, they often took on immensely challenging lifetimes for themselves, as they held the Light steady for humanity and so often ended up paying the highest price.

During this immense time, the White Flame is being returned. Indeed, the White Fires are sweeping through humanity now, and are purifying to the highest degrees.

Indeed the White Flame is the most Sacred of Sacred Fires.

There is no more powerful fire than the White Flame, which surpasses that of the Violet Fire and indeed is often referred to as the God-fire.

Indeed, it is!

Only the purest of pure can indeed carry this flame, and work with it.

For it will purify those working with it to the core of the soul.

Orion and Sirius hold the Sacred Temples of White Flame and Truth in the Galactic Core and brought it to this planet in the beginning.

Judith Kusel


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  1. Hannah j schneider

    I was just reading and writing about Archangel Metatron, the night before last. I’m in tune with a lot of people, and including those on this channel. My “God Incarnate Self Being.” I love each and every one of you on this channel and those tuning in. We are beautiful, in the essence of love, and divine self. We are protected, We are the “Perfect- Instrument,” and when we unite we are the choir, We are all the chosen. Look At Yourself In The Mirror, Your Beautiful Authentic Reflection. Purest, as can be, we all are, WE ALL ARE! I’m not involved with the channel, but I communicate with some that do, a lot for the channel and those checking in. Have a great Tuesday afternoon, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Warriors, messengers, or any individual patiently reading this. 🌟⭐ I love you. ❤❤💯 Keeping In Touch Everyday.