Daily PEACE Meditations for ISRAEL-PALESTINE!

mass meditation eraoflightdotcomDearest lightworkers. As you all know, those of negative intent are currently attempting to flare up useless conflicts within the Israel-Palestine border regions (among many others), because, well, they are losing ALL semblance of power, control and foothold upon this planet’s systems, resources, and people. These destructive agendas simply CANNOT be allowed to succeed, and so, it falls upon us lightwarriors to join our hands (and intent and POWER) together as the “lighties”, to drive a mammoth wench into their works for all that is good and loving and kind. So let us now go do just that.

For that purpose, I now call upon each and every single one of you reading this to collectively come together at 11:11 AM G.M.T and 11:11 PM G.M.T. EVERY SINGLE DAY (as long as this / similar conflicts are active), in order to send and pray for PEACE, HEALING and AWAKENING (to Love and Light and Wisdom) within this region (and / or any other troubled areas of our planet). The reason behind choosing 11:11 as the time here is because that time / cosmic-gateway is a truly POWERFUL portal for absolutely ALL forms and manners of manifestation/s and activation/s; and the reason G.M.T. (Greenwich Mean Time) has been chosen here is because ALL of our planetary collective consciousness currently agrees to it as THEIR chosen time-marker for measuring linear time (on a global scale). Finally, both A.M. and P.M. times will have their own respective Mass Meditations so that the ENTIRETY of the planetary populace reading this (from absolutely ANY corner of our globe) can freely participate within this initiative.

As we all know, the greater numbers of people joining any given mass meditation, the more EXPONENTIALLY POWERFUL it gets.


ANSWER: It’s super easy. First, choose whether you are most comfortable with meditating at 11:11 A.M. G.M.T. or 11:11 P.M. G.M.T. after looking at what it translates (upon timezone conversion) to YOUR local time. Next, prior to meditating, set an intention that your energies / intentions be only and ONLY used for the HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL (and absolutely NOTHING ELSE). SPECIFICALLY request God / Your Higher Self / Angels to ensure that this directive of your own FREE-WILL is followed, because there are MANY negative beings and energies out there who have a tendency to STEAL energies generated by others for their own (malicious!) intents and purposes. Make sure to prevent THAT from happening!

NEXT STEP: Invite ALL positive higher beings (who are willing and interested in assisting you with your meditative efforts) to JOIN HANDS WITH YOU in AMPLIFYING and MAGNIFYING the sheer POWER of this love/peace based initiative of yours. REQUEST THEM to INFINITELY amplify your intentions/energies for you, WHILST ALSO ADDING IN their OWN benevolent energies (INFINITELY amplified!) to this as well! Examples of such Higher Beings include: God, Your Higher Self, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Positive Extraterrestrials and Extradimensionals, Positive Inner Earth Civilizations, Earth Consciousness, Galactic and Universal Councils, and absolutely ALL positive beings in heaven (including your very own deceased loved ones no less!)

NEXT STEP (THE ACTUAL MEDITATION PROCESS): Just visualize a map / representation of the Israel-Palestine region in front of you, and visualize and FEEL IT filling up with the energies of LOVE and LIGHT and HEALING and WISDOM and COMPLETE AND TOTAL PEACE! Imagine ALL people dropping their weapons and coming together in love and light and harmony and unity and true BROTHERHOOD. Imagine EVERY SINGLE PERSON uniting together in LOVE and PEACE…and then, FEEL THAT HAPPENING right NOW.

The more that you can See (and even more importantly, FEEL) this reality as if it is happening right in front of you, right NOW, the more INCREDIBLY POWERFUL your meditation becomes!

Feel free to do this for absolutely ANY other regions from across the globe where you see conflict of any sort being stirred up by those of the negative agenda/s. In fact, it is highly recommended here that you visualize the ENTIRE EARTH in front of you, and send her these benevolent energies (to be used by her as HER consciousness sees best fit).

If you aren’t all that great at visualizing, just set an INTENTION for seeing PEACE and LOVE and WISDOM and HEALING and UNITY flower up in that area and your job is done! Then, FEEL as if all of this was happening right in front of you, right at THIS VERY MOMENT!

If nothing else, simply PRAY for the people of that region and/or send them ALL OF YOUR BLESSINGS of peace and love and true UNITY! Simply PRAY to God/Angels/Ascended Beings/Galactics/Higher Selves etc. to light up and fan the spark of LOVE and PEACE and ONENESS and FORGIVENESS and UNITY within the hearts of ALL beings of that (and other conflict-ed areas concerned), and FEEL the change happen (and the sheer joy and excitement of having made this happen), RIGHT WITHIN your very HEARTS no less!

KNOW that your efforts and intentions alone are ENOUGH here, and KNOW that they will yield fruit (sooner than you’d EVER even expected!). Keep a lookout on the news for the next few days, and you will see just exactly HOW VERY POWERFUL you ALL really are, BOTH — as individuals — and SO MUCH MORE SO as a COLLECTIVE no less!

Also, IT DOESN’T MATTER if you are only able to do this meditation for a couple minutes at best (or even a few seconds at that!) — for it is only and ONLY your INTENT that matters THE most here! Although there’s no real reason to stop or anything if you’ve still got a few extra minutes to spare here, the more the merrier!

FINALLY, AN IMPORTANT NOTE: If this message resonates with you, PLEASE DO SHARE IT across ALL of your Social Media profiles and more! If you have Spiritually inclined friends or are a part of any Spiritual Communities or Facebook groups or such (who show any amount of willingness to participate in something like this), MAKE SURE TO inform them of this! Or simply BE BOLD ENOUGH to bring up this subject in your conversations with friends / family members / acquaintances (ONLY if they show any interest and inclination in listening to you, that is!), or just LINK THEM UP to this article (if they truly SHOW such an interest)! Please remember, we are so NOT here to be some kinda cult that FORCES anybody to read this / participate in this against their interest/inclination/free-will — rather, we are MERELY planting seeds and spreading the love wherever we so see an opening to do so (to the degree that the other folks are COMFORTABLE and OKAY with it). If the people around you somehow seem utterly disinterested in absolutely any of this, you can simply set an INTENTION before you go off to sleep, that you’ll be informing them regarding these matters upon the Astral (Dream) Planes, where people are usually more open to such ideas…and then, just leave it at that. You did your best here and that’s ALL that matters!

FINAL IMPORTANT NOTE: Just in case you happen to know another language, FEEL FREE TO TRANSLATE the above message so as to make it all the more ACCESSIBLE to folks ALL ACROSS THE PLANET! Or you can record it on audio / video or such, to help spread the message to visually-disabled or dyslexic or non-literate audiences or such. Please know that EVERY. SINGLE. EFFORT. of ours counts here!

My INFINITE gratitude to EACH and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU on behalf of ALL of humanity (and Mother Earth!), for being of SUCH INCREDIBLE SERVICE to our planet, at this most critical and challenging of times (and junctures!) in our very planetary history!

In endless Love and Light and Peace,


6 Replies to “Daily PEACE Meditations for ISRAEL-PALESTINE!”

  1. Daedalus

    Take no sides – because both sides that push for violence cannot be good.

    Instead, there is a third side whose denominator is not religion.

    Unfortunately, the Middle East situation was primed from the beginning as a powder keg by the Cabal, they always made the most out of its misery.

    It makes me think some resolutions will be painful and unpleasant, like always, but I hope the loss of life will be minimal and the Event will overtake earlier before it all spirals out of control completely.

  2. Monica

    Being praying for this, enough, no more violence, killing, harming our fellow humans! Peace to all!

  3. Norma

    These KHAZARS in Israel all bombed our World Trade Center, and are trying to overtake and kill all humans in the world and you want us to bring them peace, no wonder we’re in this place! Maybe you don’t know humans as well as you suppose you do.
    Perched to see everything and do nothing, to watch us all die from extraterrestrial interference on our earth for centuries, and you think we’ll trust you and do what you say?
    When watching and judging US and demanding we accept being slaughtered peacefully!