Nuclear Warfare: Lightworker Edition

the light within eraoflightdotcomWhoa, did I read that one right? A post about nukes on my beloved Love and Light website? What timeline are we on again?

Don’t worry, folks. We skipped that entire nuclear war timeline thingy a while back (phew!). But that SO doesn’t mean that we can’t “go NUCLEAR” right now!

Wait, WHAT?

Dearest lightfolks, just as those of negative disposition have Nukes and Vax and 5G at their disposal to wage their (futile!) “wars” against those of the light, so do us lightworkers have an IMMENSELY POWERFUL, “nuke” of our own at our disposal ( and that too, 24 x 7 x 366!) in the form of our own FOCUS.

SO VERY POWERFUL is this “nuke” of ours, that it can EFFORTLESSLY dissolve and eliminate any and ALL negative ideas, agendas and influences in existence at the SPEED OF LIGHT — PROVIDED you use that unimaginably powerful weapon of yours RIGHT.

For, much as your nuclear energy has equal power and potential to power a city…or destroy it in “no time” whatsoever; so does your FOCUS have an INCREDIBLE POWER and MOMENTUM of its own to change reality, both personal and collective, for the better…or (for the) worse.

Why do you think ALL mainstream media news outlets out there are CONSTANTLY broadcasting fear, division, rage, hatred and war predictions?

So that you can take the bait.

After all, it is not as if all manners and varieties of goodness and kind acts and charitable actions have simply disappeared off of the face of the earth or something.

One might argue that even dinosaurs haven’t fully disappeared off of the face of the earth (yet).

Because we most certainly DO hear about great and kind and charitable acts being done by individuals and collectives ALL THE TIME. Sometimes through our friends, relatives and acquaintances; other times through that rare social media post or video, or even our own direct experiences at the local grocery store where someone generously and joyously helps out another who is of a different race, religion, gender, or (gasp), political affiliation!

There were UNCOUNTABLE acts of kindness going on, that we heard about during the pandemic (and even during many of the recent natural disasters, power outages etc.).

Except for the fact that your beloved local and national and internationally “reputed” news outlets didn’t really BOTHER to tell you or inform you about ANY of them.

After all, (these ones) can’t really have YOU (or anyone else!) placing their precious ATTENTION and nuclear-powered FOCUS upon any of that juicy, delicious, joy-filled, awesome, inspiring, positive and truly (vibrationally) UP-LIFTING stuff now, can they?

And if they did, who’d ever be going out there to be (“truthfully!”) reporting upon all of that dirty stuff that’s (purportedly) been going on “out there?”

After all, good money is being spent (and propaganda tools being utilized) to manufacture all of those negative false flags and events for your consumption, is it not?

Can’t have all of THAT STUFF go to waste when you can broadcast all of your negative “news” items and agendas for free!

Because that’s EXACTLY WHAT brings these energies (and therefore, those types of REALITIES) into people’s FOCUS. And hence, into actual, tangible, CREATION.


What you ENERGIZE, you CREATE.

What you CREATE, you experience as your very own REALITY.

And because ALL OF US are ETERNALLY CONNECTED — your choice of “REALITY” (either positively OR negatively) affects ALL of others’ REALITIES as well.

It really IS indeed, THAT simple.

Which is why ALL mainstream media outlets, and even many (compromised) alternative news media outlets and such, are CONSTANTLY broadcasting fear and anger porn for you to consume, and therefore, place your precious FOCUS and ATTENTION on.


Because the more you REPEAT something over and over and over again, the MORE it occupies and captures ALL of your FOCUS (over and over and over and all OVER again).

It becomes a MANTRA; or an energetic MOMENTUM of sorts, if you will.

And because of the sheer MOMENTUM and repeated RE-FOCUSING (over and over and over again) upon the said ideas (i.e. energies), it becomes NEAR-IMPOSSIBLE to get out of the said MOMENTUM thereafter!

And then, because you have seen and focused upon something for SO VERY LONG, you literally start BELIEVING such to be the one and only “TRUTH” that is “out there” (to get you!)

And because your BELIEFS create your REALITY, then those ideas, energies (and therefore “realities”), are exactly what you END UP EXPERIENCING!

That, my dearest lightfriends, is HYPNOSIS 101.

Also known as MANIFESTATION 101.

Also known as, “The Art Of REALITY CREATION 101”.

Why do you think SO MANY (nearly ALL!) of the many numerous ancient spiritual traditions upon your world employed Mantras / Chanting within their rituals?

Because any MANTRA can be used for HYPNOSIS reasons and purposes.

And any form of HYPNOSIS can be used to PROGRAM (or re-program!) your “inner (INFINITE!) nuclear power” that is your birthright. The same Nuclear Power that is your very FOCUS.

And those who own your FOCUS, own your very REALITY.

Read that line over and over and over and over and over again until it truly, deeply, SINKS IN:


Dearest lightworkers, it doesn’t MATTER whether the negative stuff you are reading or watching or tuning-into is coming from the mainstream news media or the alternative news media.

It doesn’t MATTER whether the SOURCE of your negative news/information is “genuine” or “compromised.”

The FACT remains all the same: Give it your nuclear powered FOCUS and ATTENTION, SEE IT becoming your REALITY in no time whatsoever.

You already know the above to be true; just remember your direct experiences with such things from but a few months and years back! That’s right, you all know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, here.

To be clear, there are many truly honest and genuinely concerned-for-humanity spiritual messengers out there (that I will not name here) who nevertheless strive (and endlessly endeavour!) to bring you negative news and nonstop doom-and-gloom predictions and inputs WITHOUT END. Yes, they are genuine. Yes, they want to protect you. And yes, they are being “truthful” (the said “truth” in question being quite subjective to say the very least). And yes, they do indeed have your best interests at heart.

Doesn’t make them right at all times.

Because, if they aren’t really aware of your abilities (and their OWN abilities!) as CREATOR GODS; or haven’t really been helping you REMEMBER that fact of life NO MATTER WHAT, they are, whether they know it or not, doing you a massive DIS-SERVICE. Because YOU have the POWER to choose a far different and BETTER outcome within your reality (than what THEY are so CERTAIN to see manifest-ing), at any given time! And I do not say this with absolutely ANY hatred or judgement against these ones — as that is simply where THEY are placed at within the course of their respective evolutionary journeys, at this point in time.

But nevertheless, it IS upto YOU now as to just how much CREDENCE you wish to give these ones, and how much of your infinitely precious FOCUS and ATTENTION you wish to shower them and their “predictions” (and their ideas, theories, stories and energies) with.

TO BE VERY, VERY CLEAR: It is ONE THING to be AWARE of any negative agendas (or current/potential negative occurrences) that could DIRECTLY affect YOUR life; so that you may then be able to take the appropriate STEPS to AVOID / BYPASS THOSE (to the very best of your ability).

And yet, at the exact same time, it is ENTIRELY ANOTHER THING to focus on such things SO MUCH that you literally end up giving such negative occurrences and beings and energies (and ultimately, MANIFESTATIONS) a ‘RED CARPET WELCOME’ into your VERY LIFE no less!

PLEASE choose where you put your FOCUS to, WISELY.

PLEASE choose what MANTRA / AFFIRMATION you wish to repeat to yourself, WISELY.

PLEASE choose what IDEAS / ENERGIES / BELIEFS you wish to HYPNOTIZE yourself with, WISELY.

Because they WILL BE your REALITY whether you like it or not, and SOONER than later at that.

SO WILL they affect ALL OTHER BEINGS’ REALITIES too, while you’re at it.

YOU are born with an INBUILT ‘Nuclear Power’ button.

And there are MANY out there (with negative and destructive agendas) who’d love NOTHING MORE than to have you use it as a destructive weapon; even against YOUR VERY OWN SELF no less.

So now, you can either USE all of that fresh and juicy Nuclear Energy to EM-POWER your world.

Or you can go use it to SELF-destruct.

The choice is yours.

Always has been.

There are no judgements either way, just so you know.

Nuke Wisely!

In Love, and Light, and One-Nuke of a Positive Focus,


AN IMPORTANT NOTE: If the content / intent / soul purpose of this message resonates with you, PLEASE do your fellow humans a service by FREELY SHARING this article across ALL of your social media platforms and outlets. Boldly BRING UP these ideas in your conversations, even if just as a passing thought (or as a deeper conversation, depending on how receptive / interested your audiences are). If you belong to a spiritual community or two, dare to take the initiative to bring these ideas up for discussion. Or if someone in pain / sadness / desperation seeks your assistance (of their own free will), see if you can inform them about these ideas in some way. You can even set the intention before you sleep to discuss these ideas with all of your near and dear ones and acquaintances upon the astral plane, and such WILL BE DONE!

Finally, if nothing else, you can always simply make a sincere effort to MAKE all of the above ideas a part of your REAL LIFE, and you’d still be helping out all of humanity more than you’d ever, EVER REALLY believed you could! On behalf of all of humanity, I humbly thank you INFINITELY for your service.

And before I forget, just in case you do know an additional language or two, PLEASE FEEL FREE to TRANSLATE this whole text (or read it out loud and post it for the hearing-impaired) to make it available to as many people all across the world as you possibly can! It’ll truly reach far and help out more people than you’d ever really imagined, yet! God bless! And focus wisely!

**By Aseim

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  1. Deb

    listen to what your head is talking about, while you drive, do dishes, brush your teeth, exercise, etc…
    “The more you REPEAT something over and over and over again, the MORE it occupies and captures ALL of your FOCUS.”