The Galactic Federation: The Manipulation Behind Wearing Masks

galactic federation of light @ era of light dot comDear ones,

Those of you who practice yoga, pranayama, and meditation on a regular basis know about the importance of your breath.

Your breath is sacred.

What is the difference between life or death?

It’s your breath.

You can survive 30 days or more without food, 3 days without water but, not even 3 minutes without breathing.

Ultimately, your breath is your most vital nutrient.

Let’s take a more spiritual look at this now.

You exist now here (nowhere). What exactly does that mean?

You inhale and exhale, and in between those breaths, in the silent space, that’s where you exist. That is your now here moment.

To breathe or not to breathe is the difference between life and death for your species.
You live on a planet where your food has been poisoned, your water fluoridated, and your air filled with chemtrails.

This is an attack on your species on multiple levels.

And as the war between good and evil continues, your controllers are now taking to more drastic measures.

Wearing a mask shows them how submissive you are and they can easily detect and group you.

It may also be detrimental to your health…

But most importantly, we want to bring your attention today to your breath.

As a species, you have not been taught how to breathe properly and use the full extent of your lungs. And now the limited capacity of your breathing practice is being further restricted.

How can you connect to your higher self if you don’t breathe the way you should?

How can you stay healthy if you are being deprived of oxygen?

Why would you free willingly limit the quality of both, your breath and oxygen further than it is already?

If you vibrate at a higher frequency above all the fear and illusion, you are not available to disease.

So, there is nothing to fear.

In essence, fear itself is an illusion created by the human ego mind that is responsible for your survival. If no fear would have existed at all, you would find it hard to survive as the human race.

But the way you perceive fear has been altered and manipulated and exaggerated to such a great deal that it is hard for you to see the line.

Those who have ruled over earth for eons have lied to you about the current situation on your planet.

There are specialists, numbers, and a multitude of evidence that makes it clear, yet some of you still choose to follow to the masses while others are torn between a false state of security and their spiritual wisdom.

It is hard to swim against the stream but only as you decide to do it, will you achieve the next major milestone on your journey to ascension.

After all, it’s all about the ascension of earth and the ability of humanity to rise with the Mother Goddess of All Creation.

Your controllers who do NOT have this same ability want to stop your rightful evolution into a higher species at all costs.

Imagine if you all ascend into 5D and their masks fall -their frequency control does not work higher than 4D. And in that high-frequency you wouldn’t even be afraid of what you saw…

We see this scenario rather amusing for team light and quite terrifying for the dark ones 😉

Breathe, beloved beings of Gaia.

Breathe in love and breathe out everything else.

Do not hide your faces behind masks. Do not wear your characters behind masks.

Neither suits you.

Be your authentic selves and breathe the fresh beautiful air of earth, sending blessings to your mere existence during the most interesting times in the history of humanity.

We love you. We are here with you.
We are family of light.


**Channel: Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation


7 Replies to “The Galactic Federation: The Manipulation Behind Wearing Masks”

  1. john

    AlwaysLight, slave muzzle thats a very appropiate title and yet even as i read it i remembered that we all have free will so those who wear a mask no doubt will leave us for a short period are signifing to us who do not wear masks that they are not strong enough to continue the struggle, it is us of the light who are changing humanity not them, however i feel that those who are passing are showing us something and indeed are making the greatest sacrifice to do that, those who are awake and those who are awakening will change this planet to love we do not need to worry about a thing because we are doing this naturally for the more we love ourselves and become selfless and love everything else (including the dark) the more we raise the vibration of the planet the brighter everything becomes and those that dont vibrate with that will leave, imagine the world is covered in an invisible grey fog which every being is immersed in as you brighten and shine your light so the fog clears around you but then imagine that your brightness is being picked up by every being on the planet and that my friends is changing the world, just because you dont like something or someone doesent mean you cant love it, love everything those that cant love back will dissapear those that can will stay, one last thing i found out recently that the true color of love is green and i wondered why i had always loved the trees and long green grass however now i realise how much this earth loves me and loves us all, this whole planet is love if you allow it actually the whole universe is love but you get my gist love to you all friends.

  2. C

    we stay away from the cities as much as possible, we can buy enough food in a day to last us months, mother nature provides all we need & my wife &Iprovide companionship fot each other&we can communicate with family by phone

  3. AlwaysLight

    Thank you for this wonderful information, very needed to hear by many. For the comments below, I would like to share the following. Number one, the galactics have been removing the negative ET’s but they cannot intervene on a human to human level – remember, the negative ET’s have ONLY done what they have done through willing cooperating negative humans. They bypass the non-interventio nlaw by seeking out willing negative human counterparts who are willing to build and implement their agendas (who do you think flies the planes spraying the skies and puts garbage in the water and sprays the food – yes negative humans). Those however are being taken care of by the human alliance, but non interference is always observed by the galactics. Number two, for not wearing a slave muzzle, you can find solution paths to get what you need without having to wear one, for example, when you need food, if the store requires a slave muzzle, then shop online and do ‘pick up from store’, or home delivery. There are ways in almost every case. If you have to shift out of your usual comfort zone to not wear one, then consider doing so.

    1. John Sutter

      The time is very short. Once they have the majority of Americans vaxxed, and disconnected from their soul they will mandate vaccine passports to coerce those who know what the horror of this thing is and refuse it.

      Better I should go down fighting, on my two feet than a wimpering subdued slave.

      At that point my life is over.

  4. John Sutter

    Once again the Off world positive ET’s admit there has been massive interference on the part of the dark ones enslaving mankind, but they cannot do anything to remove the interference of the dark ones and restore free will because that would be interference.

    This makes bo sense.