Message from Babaji: Think in Millennia

babaji eraoflightdotcomIS WHAT I DO IN VAIN?

Do not hide your light under a bushel. Stand on the hill, but do not exalt yourself above any man.

Love yourself and love your neighbor – in this order – and you will reach the goal.


The turn of the times and the end of the times are in full swing. Every day you are confronted with upheavals and with news that often challenge you to the edge of what is possible and bearable.

Even highly inclined light warriors and people who are progressing along the path of transformation are often faced with seemingly unsolvable tasks today.

The energy on this earth turns sometimes in this, then in the other direction, sometimes your life is illuminated, then again dense veils of mist and darkness appear. Even light warriors are affected by this today and many a one asks himself the question: “Is my doing in vain?” I say to you:

Every thought out of love accomplishes more than a good deed done without love.

The measure of your successes or failures lie in pure or impure intentions – which first become visible and conscious in the thoughts.

For what reason do you do this or that? This is the basis on which a human life can succeed or fail – and on which a person is weighed up by God after his life.


Today it is crucial that you do not look at the momentary success and that you do not let yourself be distracted by time delays or rearrangements in the plan of change.

Expand your consciousness and understand: You have lived before this life and you will continue to live after this life. You have walked this earth many times and you will walk it again.

What you do not finish today is waiting for you in a new life – in a new opportunity.

Think in millennia and you will take new courage. If you perceive only very slow changes in the world and if the feeling creeps in that everything is in vain and that you cannot change anything anyway, then it will help you to look at the great cosmic arc in which time has no meaning.

There is no reason for the feeling of powerlessness. Once you realize this, you are free and you remain in your power.

You remove powerlessness by dissecting this feeling, confronting it, dissecting it, and determining where it comes from. Get to the bottom of your discouragement and powerlessness. You will gain a lot of new courage and come into your power.


It is always a matter of getting to the source of a light-filled or light-poor state, to see where the wind is blowing from and what is causing unrest in your soul. As soon as you are in your full power again, give to the people and the earth what you have to give. Love yourself for what you do and are – and love your neighbor as soon as you succeed in self-love.

Self-love is the key you are looking for as long as you are struggling with things. This is the source you have to reach before it becomes peaceful within you.

Let your inner light shine on the hill, but do not elevate yourself and do not let yourself be elevated.

You are what you are, you were what you are, and you will be what you are.

At any time you are what you are – if you are aware of that, then you have arrived.

I love you infinitely


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**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl

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    I stumbled onto this site….what is it? Who are the galactic federation of light? Where can I learn more?