Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius May 26th, 2021; The Truth Shall Set You Free

astrology at eraoflightdotcomWe are heading into one of the most important gateways of the year, the total eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius on May 26. This initiates one of the most intense portals of all the year. One that will continue until the Solstice and whose energies will bring the gift of clarity and the subsequent inner realization of who we truly are, rediscovering new aspects of our authentic self as well as of the unique personal mission that we brought into this Planet. The frequency from the eclipse is already felt for the ones that are connected to the subtle energies, as many would have already noticed how emotions, communication flow, and the transparency that they need for their journey.

A clarity that comes when we first experience the proper transformation required for us to be able to listen to this truth, as many times it is not so much that we are not able to receive guidance for our personal journey, as not having yet cleared, and dissolve, the many energetic barriers that impede us to fully be connected and integrate this wisdom, what makes us think otherwise.

Guides emphasize the importance of working on our heart center at this time, opening and expanding more our heart center, so what we share, do and create, reaches All. To do so, apart from the benevolent assistance of our Guides team, we also have the Emerald Ray, a wonderful tool that will assist us in both opening our hearts and into our mission as planetary healers.

A heart fully opened is important to receive the Truth, to conquer the shadows, so through allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, we too create a strong heart field that do not hesitate to feel every feeling, transforming pain, rather than rejecting it, and therefore, no longer close to see with clarity the truth, for it will not hurt us in the same way again, as we are now not afraid to go deeper into the essence of emotions and all things that we, as humans, experience.

A message that were introduced by the numbers 44, numbers that represents the massive collective heart opening that is taking place at this time, as well as the stabilization required for us to continue anchoring this new harmonic timeline. Something that we all do, as One, simply by choosing to remain in the Illumined Essence of who we are, and that is only LOVE, a love that knows no judgement, limitation or manipulation.

As always, it is all where we all are in our ascension journey what will determine if we become emotional, more eager to co-create and communicate or if we need to take some time for us to heal and clear ourselves, before continuing creating in the physical.

An eclipse that is introduced by the Sun already in Gemini, which facilitates communication, and Saturn retrograde, together with Mercury doing the same a few days later, on May 29. In truth nothing is ever retrograde within Creation, as this is just another of the many human illusions that we are here to bring into consciousness and clear.

The most important alignment during the eclipse is that it makes a mutable t-square with Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces is all about healing, compassion, empathy and a deeper connection with the invisible world that is also a part of who we are. It is with Pisces that we prepare ourselves for the last step: ascension. It is a wonderful opportunity to work on surrendering, acceptance and clearing delusions, so we can see, with balance, reality.

Sagittarius and Pisces are precisely all about the resurrection, the calcination of the ego, one through fire and though water. A higher learning that comes when we know ourselves, regain memory of our soul lineage, and take the time to heal ourselves and learn our lessons, so we can now finally continue rediscovering ourselves, in our eternal personal quest for wisdom and higher levels of love.

The t-square involving Jupiter is all about the expansion into our Illumined aspect, the one that has finally resurrected, within our human body, and it is now ready to remember all that we previously chose to forget, when we incarnate into this plane.

As we have the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, being the second eclipse in Gemini in two weeks, we are invited to go deeper into our inner wisdom, exploring the many realms that again only lie within. A time to learn and hence grow, and expand, for this a time for us to regain a higher vision, so we can to be able to help those who like us are now choosing to step into this evolutionary journey and need of our most sincere assistance and love.

Being open rather than judging all we think it is wrong or those who act differently than us is also a great reminder by these two signs at this time, for there are many opinions, as we live within diversity and freedom, and we all need to work on respect and understanding, for we all came here to be compassionate, and we often tend to become too rigid, if we do not resonate with other’s personal choices.

All this is what precisely shows us where we are in our journey. Do we need to be more open-minded and work in acceptance? Do we need to understand that others have the right to choose differently? Humility in this path is pivotal for we know nothing in truth, as we are just beginning our conscious path to unity consciousness, and we need to be constantly releasing old beliefs, false ideas, and above all, educate ourselves, so we can see the truth not just our ego’s view.

Despise the many surrounding energies, this eclipse is a opportunity for us to begin working on the conscious communication with the Illumined Aspects of who we are, as well as with the many benevolent beings and other dimensions that are part of Creation and that guide us throughout our human journey, for as conscious multidimensional beings, we are becoming more and more aware of our function as dimensional liaisons, manoeuvring within many timelines for the purpose of bringing benevolent information that will benefit All, as we continue transitioning into the already harmonic reality that many have chosen to occupy at this time.

Doors are open for us to cross at any time into a new timeline. Doors that only by inner knowing we could know which one is the best for us to step in or to dismiss. Doors that are energetic portals formed by the many energies, within and outside our Universe, that align to give us another opportunity to release all limitation and step into infinite possibilities.

Doors that will always be available to us, for when we are ready, as there is nothing ever hidden within Creation. Only we have the keys to traverse our limited realities. Only we have the power, and hence, the Will to choose where we desire to dwell next.

I wish you a blessed Eclipse, Beloved Ones,

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba