Message from JFK: A “Different” Perspective on the Covid-19 Vaccine

jfk eraoflightdotcomWelcome to my beloved Patriots, Lightworkers, Truth Seekers and all others! I am so very glad that you are here with me today. I would like to address a very interesting topic…the topic of the Covid-19 vaccination.

There has been much, much negative press about the vaccine…and for many good reasons. However, as you are learning, there is much misinformation, disinformation, and outright fake information, coming out these days regarding every topic under the sun, right now. So, it is difficult for you to use even your own discernment to determine what is true or false. Hence, I wanted to bring a couple new perspectives to this topic.

Right now, I would like to back up just a little to provide some background. I would like to remind you that, in the past, your scientists have stated they have come to the conclusion that 97% of our DNA they now call our “junk DNA.” Now, why would they do that? 97% is a pretty large number to be calling it junk! Well, if most of you follow the idea that there are galactics near us, and with us, for the most part…well then, I can state categorically…that 97% is pure, 100%, galactic DNA, within you!

Now, most of this galactic DNA within you is of high quality and it is very important DNA. It is DNA that you are using in this “transition”…to the point of being able to use it ALL when your body finally becomes completely crystalline…as is happening for many of you right now. It will also be happening for many, many more humans in the near future.

So, we all have this 97% junk DNA…what I would like to postulate regarding the Covid-19 vaccine is yes, there are lots of negatives out there about it…but for every topic and subject that is going on in your world right now, there is always a positive side and a negative side.

I would like to bring up another perspective regarding the Covid-19 vaccine…and the reason I brought up the 97% junk DNA is because I would like you all to consider that the vaccine is going to repair the “bad” galactic DNA that is inside you…from the many, many millennia prior to this lifetime, when the dark galactics experimented on humanity. They have implanted much dark DNA in your systems…in your bodies. There were up to 22 different races who have been genetically experimenting on humanity over the many millennia, here on Earth.

So, consider that there were several of those species…actually I would say that it was more than half, of those galactic races…who experimented on you and created a darker type of DNA in your bodies.

Of course, it was for their own nefarious purposes that they did this…they created DNA that would allow you to be more malleable, and more easily programmed. Their genetic mutations allowed you to go into fear more easily…they caused you to not be able to think for yourself…and to accept whatever was “presented” to you.

This is all part of the negative DNA that is in you. Now, it is not the overall 97%…it is, as I said, most likely just over half that amount that is not “benevolent” galactic DNA.

Please consider those folks who are currently providing the misinformation…such as how these vaccines are going to “alter your DNA,” and that’s a bad thing. Well, if it’s altering bad DNA that is within you, then that is a good thing, is it not?

I just wanted to bring this up as a new way of looking at the vaccines. Losha has been going back and forth with this topic…she has looked at both sides of it and she also realizes that we “create our own reality” and our own expectations…so she is going into the process with a very positive feeling…that her “dark” DNA is going to be corrected and “altered” in a good way…and that is how it is going to happen for her, because that is what she “believes”…and that is what is possible with this vaccine.

Now, I am not trying to tell everyone to go get the vaccine if you were completely against it in the past…and still are, right now. However, I am asking that you open your mind to different ways of thinking, because that is the future for all of us…to open our minds and to embrace different perspectives regarding all topics for this world right now.

There is always a positive and a negative perspective for any topic. I hope you can review this message and think about it…and see if it resonates with you. If it does, wonderful…if it does not, that is wonderful also…but I am here at this time speaking through Losha in order to provide you all with new perspectives, and new information. The information will be rather startling at times, but that is partly why I’m here right now…and anything I talk about in these messages, all lead to our wonderful positive future that is beginning to happen already, if you look behind the scenes for it.

Everything that happens is building toward our positive future…every topic that I speak on is a preface to our building a wonderful future together…and each of us individually needs to accept the responsibility of determining how we feel about each one of these topics.

I am proud of each and every one of you…I am proud of my Losha. I am proud to be watching over you. I love you all, and I’m here for you, every single moment.

I will talk to you soon and I appreciate your time.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

**Channel: Losha


52 Replies to “Message from JFK: A “Different” Perspective on the Covid-19 Vaccine”

  1. Myrh

    Are you kidding me? This article is a psyop- psychological operative at its finest infiltration and I wonder about Era of Light for spreading this disinformation.

  2. Sharla

    So you think that the asleep, who have used no discernment and are totally mind-controlled by fear into taking the jab, actually realize they have the power to “create their own reality”? If they did realize this power, they would have created a reality of wellness and not have needed to take the jab. Geez! How about we just not let the jab enter our mind space and live in the now.

    1. Mike

      No Sharla, it´s much simpler than that:
      “The Asleep” believe in not having any power at all. Instead they believe “IN THE GOODNESS” of what they are being told AND ACCORDING TO “OUR THOUGHTS ARE CREATIVE” they get what they believe in.

      THEY are not the problem at all. “FEAR” makes them do what is best FOR THEM. In their case “FEAR” equals protection. Look at them like FIRST GRADERS at school.

      “Lightworker” must be looked at differently bc they´re like “high school graduates”… YOU think it´s best to let “THE JAB” NOT enter your mind space?” That´s like seeing a snake where there´s only a rope or actually worse but why do I even bother to explain that?

      1. Sharla

        Looking forward to moving into the new Earth where differing opinions don’t cause agitation.

        I believe fear holds us in 3D and is what has kept us in this matrix. Not intended to debate or reject other opinions; merely sharing my understanding of consistent messages from ascended masters. If an opinion doesn’t resonate, keep in mind that it is JUST an opinion.
        Love and light to you.

        1. AlwaysLight

          Dear Sharla, in kindness I would point out that if you sincerely read your original message, the energy emanating from it is in fact lots of agitation. One of the main steps in self empowerment is owning your stuff, your unresolved issues. If you have any, ANY issue with anyone else, it because you have unresolved trauma that you are projecting out. Remember, the only reason others come into your consciousness is because they have a matching resonance to you in some way, most specifically in this era, something that you need to learn from. Projection is the result of not wanting to own and deal wit your own stuff (you throw it onto someone else). I know it can be very hard, but if you want to get to that wonderful 5D space, you will never do it while you’re not willing to own your own trauma’s and continue projecting. In peace and kindness.

  3. Adrienne

    Knowledge comes from deep personal learning, which involves personal experiences.
    Jesus had knowledge. He could say, “The Father and I are One” not because he believed it, but because he KNEW it. And this is what gave him power over physical atoms.

    We can adopt an idea and hope it’s true or believe it’s true, but it’s just a wish. But that doesn’t change our deepest beliefs. So don’t go thinking you can transmute these vaccines with your mind. We cannot make ourselves truly believe anything. Again, we can hope; but to activate the power of Knowledge that can move a mountain takes great learning and personal experience.

    That said, two of my adult kids took the jab.
    (😭) One of them is a biologist working on his PhD! Unbelievable right? He worships at the altar of science – a symptom of our times.

    Anyway, he really does believe the mRNA is absolutely brilliant. Well then, I can at least hope his convictions will cause a positive outcome as described in this post. Theoretically, the post is true. All matter is neutral, waiting to be directed by the mind. But most humans still have not reached the stage where this has any practical application. Our actual, everyday experience is that we are bodies subject to material laws.

    1. Mike

      “Respect Adrienne”,
      the way you put in short “THE ESSENCE” of what none of these comments “seem to respect”/incorporate “HIT HOME BIG TIME!” and hopefully not only for me.

      And “according to MY knowledge” it is exactly as you´re hoping: Your sons “CONVICTIONS ARE ALL THAT MATTERS”, “So absolutely nothing” to worry about.

      When “THE MOMENT” has come “GOOD&BAD” AS WE KNOW IT are over, “BUT” as you go deeper into this “thought”/IMAGINATION one (pretty soon) comes to the AWARENESS that “LIFE WITHOUT TENSION” is not possible for many LOGICAL reasons…

    2. Phil

      Thanks for sharing your perspective, Adrienne. You do a very good job at pointing out the importance of Knowledge. I believe we have to do two things:

      1. Live in the present moment in TRUTH to keep the unnecessary jab out
      2. Remember that people who have taken the jab are not *necessarily* doomed. The ability to transmute the jab may come sooner than you think, if we keep living in the present moment. Looks like you’re doing a great job loving your son in his free will!

  4. AlwaysLight

    Hi everyone, just wanted to share on this issue. I read through most of the comments to this and there is a large amount of blame and finger pointing coming out. I’ll explain. I too very much feel that the vaccs is thing, by design, intended to harm humanity. But I also believe that the power of the human being can transmute anything it wishes. everything is just an energy construct. If you give your power away by saying ‘that bad thing will hurt me/you if taken’, then yes, you will empower that. There is a story of a spiritual master who had a student taking substance. The teacher found this out and approached the student. He said ‘how much of this would you need to take such that it would end your life?’ The student said ‘this much’. The teacher then said, ok, I want you to give me twice that amount’. The student was confused and hesitant, and the teacher said, you can no longer be my student if you are not willing to learn this lesson. So the student gave him the amount asked for. For next hour or so, the teacher, having taken the full quantity, continued to speak with the student clearly and without effect. He said ‘you see, once you reach a certain level of self awareness, nothing that is designed to harm you can, unless you let it’. So that’s the key point I wanted to share, that becoming aware is very much about coming into your power, that you create EVERYTHING in your reality, not just a bit over here and the rest is chance, EVERYTHING. The reason why some people are being dangerously affected is because they have given conscious permission to be harmed by it, and most likely don’t even understand how they did so. Why do you think the dark ones are always advertising their deeds in movies and other things. They need you to consciously permit their actions. They can’t just do it! If they could do you really think we’d all be here right now? They need a certain number of people to take up the belief they want to install or else it doesn’t work! It’s the same for the light, why do think a threshold needed to be reached? It has by the way, which is why the light has won and there is no turning back. It’s all consciousness. So I would kindly say to people that instead of finger pointing to who the villains are and what this stuff is doing to people, perhaps take your power back and be an example to others. For those who have written on here about hopium and nothing is working. You’re not only not paying attention, you’re watching the world from a place of survival. From there, you will only ever see badness, because that’s what the survival parts of you do, they hunt and look for the bad so they can anticipate as an act of survival. You do that long enough and it saturates you until all you feel/see is crap and no hope. You have to look from a deeper place, a heart centered place. There you will feel the truth that everything is going incredibly well. But you will not see that if you fixate on the outer world with fear and survival, you will see the hopelessness you are writing about. This hopelessness isn’t real, you’ve just created it within yourself and branded it as ‘the truth’. You might say ‘open your eyes, look whats going on’. And to that I would say, but that’s just all the crap from millennia of illusion rushing to the surface to be cleared’. There is no more of it once this is cleared, this doesn’t just keep going. It’s clearing and washing away, but you have to see it as it comes out, that’s what you’re watching now. You will see, dear friends, you will see how all this turns out, and it will turn out beyond what you can think of now, and very soon.

    1. John Sutter

      Thanks for that positive message. I understand what you are saying. I know right now they are inching towards a “vaccine passport” that will lockout those of us who refuse the vaccine from work, life, from everything. So, instead of focusing on the ramifications from that, think and focus on the life I want not on what they are trying to focus my intent on.

      I know I have changed tremendously this past year, from a man who harbored tremendous anger to someone who has largely let go of it.

      Now I know some people with spiritual advancement could take these poisons and transmute them harmless. The Russian monk Rasputin ate a cake laced with enough poison to kill 50 men and sat and laughed at the Czar’s cousin Felix Usupov and the military officers at the table. When they saw the poison would not kill him Felix Usupov and the officers all shot him many times with pistols and still he would not die. They rapped him in chaos and threw him in the canal. His body surfaced and the autopsy showed he died from drowning not poison or being shot dozens of times. Rasputin be he good or evil had a spiritual power in him few possess…or know they possess.

      So I understand a Buddhist monk who transmuted to the Rainbow body can not be affected by such an evil potion, but most if us have not spent 40 years in meditation.

      But, either way, I do not think acquiescence to the dar ones in anyway is the answer.

      1. AlwaysLight

        Hi John, thanks for your reply. Yes, indeed, acquiescence is not the answer. My point was really to highlight the conscious power we have, and that is to direct our power of focus how we wish to, not how the dark ones want it to. So, yes, it is good to be aware, and then make that conscious choice. However, there needs to be a certain momentum in the collective conscious for the attempt of V passports to happen. And as it stands, there is actually very little.

        The trouble I see many doing, that are aware, is they read information, then get frightened into believing the ‘they’ can do as they wish, but they can’t. By giving up hope and thinking they can run rampant (as many seem to have written here) is tantamount to using a conscious choice to let them do just that. There is a portion of humanity who are giving momentum to the dark ones ideas and intents, without even realizing it. So to the aware, once you are ware, please use you power of focus wisely so you create for the betterment of the earth and not the other way.

        Most people, those who are asleep, don’t realize they have that power, and instead simply move along as they are herded to do so, effectively doing whatever the wanna be shepherds are telling them. When we make the choice that all VP’s are to be dissolved and said no to, that gains even more momentum for them to disappear, again, conscious choice :). And remember, positive momentum far FAR out ways the negative momentum :).

    2. Beth Stormont

      This reads very differently from the original channeled message — and I do understand this new version and agree with it.

      I was going to respond with why I disagreed with the original premise, but in a kindly and logical way… never quite got to it.

      As a published writer and channeler myself, I know that our use of words can be very misleading… and especially when we are expressing something that is so abstractly beyond our 3D experiences.

      I do understand the responses – (yes, I read them all); it certainly got the brain thinking and questioning — and yes, that is good! But that did seem to be a bit extreme!

      Thank you for this second message, which I feel expresses a very important perspective that seemed to be totally missing in the first message.

  5. Lee

    I’m really grateful to you all, and the comments here. I read this channeling on another site and my spidey sense immediately began to tingle. Or actually, scream “eeeerrrrtt eeerrrrt.” So I’m glad to read that most of you also agree that this message seems to be from the dark. It doesn’t even make logical sense: if most of your DNA is bad, then taking something to alter it may turn out to make it good? Could also make it much worse!

    I’d be interested to hear, like Grace, which channelers and information conveyers people are suspect of, so some of us could take that into account (our grain of salt) while using our own discernment.

    Thank you, fellow light warriors!

    1. gorgi2

      The ones I skip over are Quinsey,mathew ward,sharon stewart,fullford,any historical personality,cobra,poof,all of love has won material although i believe they are no more.Anything that lays even a bit of blame on the lightworkers ,as their anger and frustration is not bringing them back into 3d.Light achieved is Light achieved.Anything that waffles about being nice.Anyone who disheartens with long time frames without mentioning the uplift lightworkers will fee as the systems collapse. I dond always agree with,but like gorgi stankov,like judih kussel,amanda loronce,lisa renee thats it for now .Would appreciate others preferences as i might find someone new.Love all thanks .And thanks for reinstating comments as I believe they are vital now .The good bad and ugly.

      1. Lee

        Thanks so much, Gorgi. That was super helpful, the tips on how you discern what feels like truth to you, are great points for myself and others to consider in our own discernment process. I find myself uplifted daily by Daniel Scranton’s daily message from the Arcturians, and very much Natalie Glasson, Phil Good, Lee Harris, and at times Linda Dillon, Jenny Schiltz, and I’m sure others I can’t really think of this moment. Ascension-aware astrologers Pam Gregory and Bracha Goldsmith are very insightful for me. So glad the comments are turned on so we can have these important discussions. Thank you again!

  6. Aimee

    This is confusing.Are we to believe this is a message from JFK?! Don’t take the vaccine but if you do,try to be positive and you might not get hurt? What kind of message is this? I can give a more enlightened answer.Dont take the vaccine unless you like playing Russian roulette.Why would you take something that could injure or kill you? Keep your immune system healthy,let it work for you but to do its job you must help it.Steer clear of processed food,try to reduce stress,take extra vitamin C and keep on hand Goldenseal, a potent anti-bacterial/anti-viral herb.I have protected myself for years from the flu and cold.I don’t need a poisonous vaccine.

  7. John Sutter

    Well Jack, your family first, oh wait a minute your nephew Robert is campaigning against this vaccine.

    This message is from Satan, the Demiurge, the AI himself.

    This not JFK or JFK is dark as Hell.

  8. Grace

    It’s been pretty obvious for a while that Losha hasn’t been channelling JFK, a couple of weeks back she had him endorsing the products she is selling on her website.

    There are a lot of false chanellings and disinformation agents around, whether they be deep state or demonic or just a person that wants attention so they make up a message.

    For my money the fakes / deep state / egomaniacs / cult leaders I can point to are:

    Charlie Ward
    Simon Parkes
    Sharon Stewart
    Lorrie Ladd
    Mike Quinsey
    Benjamin Fulford
    Erena Velazquez

    I get a very bad energy feeling from all of them. That’s just my opinion, everybody is different.

    1. Aimee

      Interesting you say Ward and others might be on the dark side.When I first listened to these people I was hopeful.I wanted to believe what they were saying.As you probably know they made claims like the military was in control and Trump was still president and he was part of the good guys taking down the cabel,etc.And for months they kept telling people Trump would be back in the Whitehouse and Ward even went so far as to say Biden was arrested and killed long ago. But nothing is happening to prove these guys can be believed.So then I began to wonder if they are actually manipulated or working for the dark side by creating false hope.That would be one way to keep resistance down-let people think the good guys are winning. So either Ward and others like him as actually part of the darkness or they are sincere but mistaken in what they are claiming to be the truth.They all act like they have rose coloured glasses on.I’m getting sick of them saying,eat the popcorn and enjoy the show! I say,dont trust anyone but your intuition and your sense of good. Let good be your god.

      1. John Sutter

        Charlie Fraud, David Rodriguez, Simon Parkes are all just Hucksters looking to make a quick buck selling Trump Hopium.

        It’s obvious by now Trump is part of the dark as all he can talk about now is the vaccine and how we should be grateful to him for bringing us this instrument of death.

  9. Rafael Ferreira

    guys, stop reading this news now, don’t get vaccinated, these channels are to mess with our minds and sabotage us, stop reading this site, just trust your hearts!

    1. John Sutter

      Yes Rapael, this so ridiculous I’m not even going to waste my time in a refutation

  10. Vicki

    I don’t believe that the vaccines are going to be helpful in any way . I don’t think this post positive

  11. saraj17

    man weiss wirklich nicht mehr, was man glauben soll bezüglich der impfstoffe aufgrund dieser verstörenden informationen. Am besten wohl der eigenen Intuition.

  12. Phil

    The funny thing is that these vaccines are called « operating systems ». They will literally allow the installation of upgrades, down the road . If we follow the law of manifestation, it means people will have the opportunity to manifest anything they like into this « OS ». Since many are taking the shot from a place of fear, the will manifest fear into themselves and accelerate their demise. BUT – there is nothing preventing anyone from manifesting something better, should they choose to.
    I believe Lightworkers will have to support the vaccinated with as much positivity as they can. And also, it goes without saying that you don’t need a vaccine to fix your DNA. Your body already knows how to do that. So it’s perfectly okay to skip it if you don’t like it.

  13. Crystal

    With the display of desperate unethical measures taken, the lies including, everything about this situation, and not least the patent on the virus: how could I ever trust that this inoculation can be intended for, and ever serve my highest good? And even if there were no fishy elements: the only way I can imagine is uplifting ourselves – and I cannot imagine an inoculation as a means of lifting ourselves up. The action must be coming from our inner Source.

  14. gorgi2

    Another channelled source disscredited.Is this honestly the best nonsense they can come up with.

  15. Daedalus

    Sorry, but no … I wont take the vaccine no matter what, and no matter from which perspective I would observe it.

    There is a too great risk within the fact that cabal lackeys push the vaccine left and right, through desperate moves based on conformism and reward ( offer a donut, free drink … heck, there is even a LOTTERY, no joke ), all the way to blackmail and punishment, as forced push onto people…

    The only way this could be true is if good side tricked the bad guys in thinking they push the intended stuff, but they actually push something completely unaware. Still, why the point of doing something invasive like that, if we are undergoing massive change within our DNA regardless of that … ?

    No point to take it into us. The risk is too great, and there are too many games, smoke and mirrors played with us from many sides.

      1. Daedalus

        Also, I forgot to mention deaths and adverse effects caused by vaccinations – and some occured very fast after receiving the vaccination. I havent heard a single person they felt “better” after taking vaccine in any way.

        No way I will take vaccine ever. And it hurts me, psychically and physically seeing my own family members taking it, knowing theyre putting themselves potentially into irreversible risk.

        I just hope many vaccines are just placebos and “disarmed”.

        1. Aimee

          Do you think some are placebos? who would do that?Isnt the aim to get as many people vaccinated? Do you think the use of placebos is to see if unvaccinated will be healthier than vaccinated people? It is experimental so a placebo would make sense because we are all being guinea pigs.On the other hand if the purpose of the vaccine is to harm people (depopulation) than why bother with a placebo?

          1. Douglas A James

            The unawakened are taking it even those who I thought realized the news was fake have taken it because Trump told them to!! WTF. Yah this isnt jfk and this mRNA isnt intended to repair any DNA the photon and gamma rays coming in serve that purpose. Pure poison many dying more will in the months ahead as their immune systems over respond to any viral or bacteria.. D3 C ZINC B GOOD FOOD WATER AND AVOID THE VAXXED

          2. Daedalus

            Regarding placebos, I think that they are used by good guys to replace the weaponized version … this explains very mild to none consequences for some people. Still, the experimental trial for the vaccines goes for 2 years … 2 years anyone who got the vaccine will be a literal walking guinea pig.

            I dont think bad guys would ever bother with placebo… they would go with depopulation agenda and more misery, as always.

          3. John Sutter

            There is a dark purpose to the placebo. Think people. They mix these shots up with immediate kill shots and long term kill shots that could take several months to 2 years. A few placebos are also mixed in so people aren’t getting any empirical evidence that this is dangerous. Know this, this “vaccine” is not a one time deal. They will just roll out new “variants” which of course don’t exist anymore than the original existed. As people who start to die en masse from the first round of vaccines becomes apparent they will just make up a story about a new and deadly variant that is killing millions. You’ll have to get boosters in order to be protected. Those who drew a blank in this game of Russian roulette with a placebo will be picked up later with a booster variant kill shot.

            This is the purpose of staggering their kill shots.

            This is designed for maximum death and genocide.

    1. Crystal

      Quoting Daedalus:
      “Still, why the point of doing something invasive like that, if we are undergoing massive change within our DNA regardless of that … ?”
      Thank You Daedalus!

  16. Gordon

    There is a Zero % chance that I take a vaccine. I send light and love to all that wish to do so as I respect the journey that everyone chooses. Namaste.

    1. Aimee

      That’s noble to say you respect the journey everyone chooses but the way I see it,people who take the vaccine which is highly toxic,even deadly, makes it easier for evil people to control the masses. So I cringe when I see how people are acting like sheep to get their dose of poison.It makes it harder on those who are resist evil. You say you wont take the vaccine.Well, they could make your life so hard you will have to take it. They could ban unvaccinated people from travel,work,school,stores,hospitals,etc.So don’t be so confident you wont take the vaccine unless you are prepared to live off the grid.

      1. Lori Jo Trautman

        Aimee….I believe many of us are willing to live off the grid and give up many services and luxuries…even necessities…to avoid the vax. Not everyone can do that, though. I am 60 and retired so I can make that choice. But I hope no one, not one single person, has to face that decision, ever.

      2. Gordon

        Aimee. What I meant by my comment is that I’m prepared to let this flesh body/avatar parish before I will take it. I do not live in fear
        and will not succumb to fear.

        The vaccine passport will fail in many/most states. Florida’s governor has already written that into law. Some people might have to move to keep living the way they wish.

        The light has already won. What you are seeing now is the death throes of the dark. It is imperative to keep fear out of you mind as that is fuel for the dark.

      1. Sol

        😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 What a stupid argument! Obviously one more infiltrator. An awake person is able to analyze the information received and compare it with other sources to make the best decision; In other words, it is an INTELLIGENT being that has a greater capacity to identify when it comes to an attempted manipulation, as right now. It’s amazing how far they go to try to drag as many people as possible into this killer vaccine. They are so desperate that they no longer even take care of their irrational arguments!