Inspired Action Follows Desire

star bright eraoflightdotcomDeeper beliefs shape how the inspired action of the desire is acting out. Either way, you can’t get it wrong. The desire means it is done. The nature of desire is expansive.

The pure potential of Life-Spirit is unrestricted, always moving forward & upward into greater & greater expression and into greater & greater self-recognition.

No part of Life-Spirit is destructive. Our misunderstanding makes it appear that way at times.

No desire is destructive. Habit of thought or conditioning opposing the desire to expand can cause destructive influences.

No idea is good or bad/positive or negative on it’s own or in it’s pure state…

Every idea is an emanation that decends into a level of formation & polarity. The emenated idea or thought develops form and is brought to a level of sensation with pairs of opposite poles connecting to pairs of opposite conditions on either pole- one pole of the thoughtform leads to more expanding ideas/sensations & one pole leads to more contracting ideas/sensations. Like steps or a ladder, but all interconnected as one.

The conditions we place upon Life-Spirit by what we judge or assume personally for ourselves & for others becomes a constructive or destructive influence for us personally (depending on what is assumed & accepted as true.)

The impulse of the desire means the way for it’s full manifestation is included in the desire itself.

All we have to do, is get out of our way mentally and accept the desire as done.

Our conscious acceptance of the desire must also be unconsciously-subconsciously accepted. This is the vibration thing everyone talks about.

What you assume, wish or accept for another, you also become a vibratory match to because it is your unconscious acceptance of the condition.

We can only raise our vibration to the level of unconscious acceptance, what we assume is true & what we assume is possible. This has alot to do with our overall concept of Self.

So the resistance is not that the desire is wrong or that it’s not meant for you… it’s the conditions placed upon it and the beliefs reinforced that are in opposition to it.

A very helpful first step:

Identifying desires/what you want to improve, change or heal, what the opposing beliefs are and what habits of thought are reinforcing the opposing beliefs.

This is the part that most people look for help with because they have a hard time identifying the opposing beliefs, the habits of thought that are reinforcing the beliefs and then what actions to take to move through them to align with the desired change.

I have been working on something since late 2019 to explain this all in a clear & easy way with the steps to work through any limiting or opposing belief for ALL areas of Life.

The most important things I have learned through my own experiences + through others:

There’s One Power (not two) moving all things.

The importance of a conscious directed receptivity (not a passive sponge receptivity) The importance of acknowledging & aligning with desires to expand/evolve.

The power of belief and the need for Faith.

Love really is the power uniting all things, evil is just love gone sour due to misunderstanding causing the inversion in consciousness & perception (Reversed Order)

The importance of Restoring Order in consciousness & in perception.

**By Aluna Ash