Blessing Battles – VOLUME II

beyond3dgames eraoflightdotcomWhat would you give for a Home and Family and Kids and Pets who are Joyous, Excited, Loving, Energetic and High-on-that-high-vibe 24×7? A Blessing, perhaps?

After your incredibly warm and enthusiastic response to Blessing Battles – VOLUME I, I’m now over-joyed to be bringing to you all the second edition of this, so very incredibly exciting post series of consciousness-transforming proportions! For just as our last adventure together explored the many ways by which the downright inexplicable power of Blessings could be used and utilized for Battling (and utterly ELIMINATING) any and all kinds of Negative Beings, Energies, and Problematic Agendas that seek to stand between you and your dream blissful lives; so will we now explore the many ways by which you can swiftly use Blessings to your greatest of advantage, to give you the happy, HIGH VIBE homes and spaces that you have always, FOREVER dreamed of experiencing here on Planet Mother Earth!

So, how do we even go about ACHIEVING any of this, PRACTICALLY?

Glad you asked. However, before we even start any of this off, I feel that the elephant in the room needs to be addressed first:

QUESTION: Is this article ONLY meant for people who live with their friends / room-mates / family members / pets, or can every single person on Earth benefit from this, even folks who live all ALONE and such?

ANSWER: EVERY. SINGLE. LIVING. BEING. Throughout. ALL. OF. EXISTENCE. can use this to their greatest of advantage. Hope this helps.

With That out of the way, let us now dive right into the real juice of things! (Also, this is an INCREDIBLE way to help your family / friends etc. raise their vibrations, whilst ALSO helping them become better able at dealing with life’s Stresses and Challenges (particularly so right NOW); and that too, WITHOUT infringing upon their Free Will here no less!. That’s because you are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT FREE TO send LOVE and LIGHT to folks, as it is ultimately THEIR choice as to how to use it, you see? Which is why Solo/Mass Meditations for Planetary Wellbeing do not over-ride anyone’s Free Wills in any ways. Hope that helps.).

ONE: BLESSING Your FOOD:: TO INCREASE and AMPLIFY its Nutritional Content, Energetic Content, LIFE-FORCE Content, Digestibility, LOVE-CONTENT, It’s very TASTE, LIGHT-NESS, as well as its very VIBRATION. Now, while Some amongst you are already fortunate enough to have access to Fresh, Organic, and Pesticide-free and Chemical-fertilizer-free foods; others may not necessarily quite have any of that. Besides, even in the case of Pure Organic or Homegrown Fruits and Veggies and Grains — Chemtrails and other Negative-agenda Programs are still very much out there damaging and toxifying your Soils and your Airs and all of your Waters alike.

So what do you even DO? You go BLESS things back into their very HIGHEST of frequencies! That’s IT! THAT’S what you even DO!

Like quite literally, simply COLLECT all of the ingredients that you’re going to be needing for your Food Preparations for the day (INCLUDING things like Water, Oil, Salt etc. that’s gonna go innit) in One Place, and just BLESS THEM ALL FULLY, simply holding your hands over them to PROJECT your Blessing Energies and Positive, Loving Intentions into THOSE. EXPRESS AMPLE GRATITUDE towards ALL of the Beings and Energies that brought this food to you today, starting from the Creator, to the Sun, to Mother Earth, the Soil, the Water, and even the Air Elementals who assisted you all unconditionally with this; to the people who grew the said food for you and transported it to your doorstep and even those who ‘held space’ (quite so literally!) for it on their supermarket shelves and all no less!

PRO-TIP: Saying your Blessings OUT LOUD makes them A LOT MORE POWERFUL because Sound is Vibration is Manifestation is CREATION ITSELF. Also, because it’s your one free chance to introduce the rest of the world (particularly, your kids, etc.) to how things are done (and RESPECTED and APPRECIATED) within the Higher Vibrations. Also, please note here that you can’t ever “teach” any of this stuff to anyone, especially so to your kids, because they all learn by example and EXAMPLE ALONE. Don’t EVER try to force-teach anyone any of this against their own Free Will, it’s just NEVER gonna work (plus you get free negative karma for trying). Set your EXAMPLES and keep on doing them (quite literally for your OWN benefit) till the day that you pass on; and, surprisingly enough, more people are going to start imitating you (simply because you keep it “trending” and “in fashion”), without your even having to say a WORD for the same. If others wan’t to learn, they will; or not. All upto them. Not your problem.

Also, this food’s gonna help HEAL ALL those who eat it too (in ways that you haven’t even BEGUN TO IMAGINE as of yet), just so you know. NOT ONLY THAT, you could literally CREATE A COCKTAIL of absolutely ANY POSITIVE ENERGIES OF YOUR LIKING that you so choose to put in there, be they LOVE, PEACE, FORGIVENESS, HEALING or even pure STRENGTH AND REJUVENATION (i.e. the two energies that are THE MOST needed for humans at this point in time on Earth) no less! You can add these ‘Blessed-Energy Cocktails’ within your Food, your Water, or whatever else that you so please!

Finally, just in case you’re growing your own food in here as well, be sure to check the amazing section on Growing Plants given within this article here as well; for indeed, are there some truly ‘Secret Sauces’ (heh) waiting for you in there! (that you’re TOTALLY gonna LOVE!)

YET ANOTHER PRO-TIP: Do you know why dishes made by our Moms / Grandmas ALWAYS taste good for some reason, and beat absolutely ANY of that fancy Restaurant stuff? Or why food made as a Religious / Spiritual OFFERING just ALWAYS tastes DELICIOUS somehow, even if it uses the EXACT SAME INGREDIENTS as most others making it (but who are somehow unable to get their dish to taste THAT good?)

The answer here, is quite literally, LOVE, my dear friends. Yeah you read that right. For, as clichéd as any of this even sounds, Love IS the MOST powerful energy throughout ALL of existence (it’s the energy that creates ENTIRE UNIVERSES!), IS the energy of TRUTH, and IS the HIGHEST energy vibration accessible within REALITY ITSELF. So, whenever you cook something with TRUE PASSION and UNWAVERING FOCUS and COMMITMENT and SINCERITY and COMPLETE AND THOROUGH ATTENTION and FULL ATTENTION-TO-DETAIL and…well, LOVE…absolutely WHATEVER you’re going to prepare is going to melt hearts and minds alike! And yet, no Masterchef out there seems to be adding THIS ONE VITAL INGREDIENT to their fancy culinary recipes for some reason! (Someone go wake ’em up!) In any case, go give this a shot yourself if you don’t believe me. You can thank me later.

TWO: BLESSING your WATER:: Here’s the thing folks. Food, Water, Spaces, Objects, Minerals, and even ACTUAL LIVING BEINGS no less — ALL hold VIBRATIONS. i.e. FREQUENCIES. Crystals, even more so at that (you can even quite literally so PROGRAM THEM to do things and RADIATE specific Ideas / Intentions / Energies etc. if you so like, that too on YOUR BEHALF here no less!).

So just in case you’re unable to find or purchase the latest in epic “Light Technology Water Filters” out there in your local “Spiritual Flea Market Sale” here, worry not. All you need to do here is to merely hover your hands over your Water Jug / Glass / Storage Tank or What-Else-Have-You…and imagine endless LOVE and LIGHT and BLESSINGS flowing out right into it…PURIFYING it, NOURISHING it, ENERGIZING it, ACTIVATING it, UP-LIFTING it (and its very VIBRATIONS), BALANCING it, IMPROVING it (in its quality), EN-LIVEN-ING it, RE-VITALIZING it, and RE-NEW-ING it (at its very MOLECULAR LEVEL, no less!). Do this for as long as you’re happy doing it (there’s no “right amount of time” or “wrong amount of time” here), and GIVE GRATITUDE to your water once you’re done here (for quite literally, keeping you ALIVE). Remember, that whoever consumes this Water now, is going to consume Pure, Refreshing, and Truly REJUVINATING LOVE And BLESSINGS from none other than DIVINE SOURCE itself! (And they’re gonna LOVE IT — even if they don’t know WHY!)

Now THAT’S what you call some real refreshing Holy Water! (Take that, Nestlé!) Moving on…

THREE: BLESSING your PLANTS:: Don’t just BLESS your plants folks, TALK to them. Build a kind and loving RELATIONSHIP with them. CHERISH them. APPRECIATE them. BE GRATEFUL for them.

Express your endless GRATITUDE towards their very PRESENCE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and sheer BLESSINGS for you — not to mention their many numerous CONTRIBUTIONS to your life be they Pure Oxygen and Shade and Fragrant Flowers, to Veggies, Fruits and Furnitures alike! And be sure to actually LET THEM KNOW of that through your WORDS and your THOUGHTS and your Energies and your PRAYERS and your ACTIONS and even your very TOUCH here no less!

As most of you already know by now, these plants are far, far, FAR MORE CONSCIOUS, Living, and LOVING than you EVER may even have IMAGINED, yet!

And that’s NOT even ALL! GO PLAY SOME beautiful (preferably, Soft Instrumental) music / melodies for them DAILY; of the kind and variety that is Uplifting and Invigorating (and NOT Jarring or Noisy in any way, shape or form); and you’ll pretty soon realize that they will absolutely LOVE YOU for it, as they dance to those tunes with JOY (that you’ll RECOGNIZE somehow!) BONUS POINTS if you know how to play an instrument yourself and can do this on a far more organic, far more Intimate of levels!

TELEPATHICALLY SEND THEM Thoughts / Visualizations / Images (and more importantly, FEELINGS) of how you wish their Fruits, Veggies, Flowers, or even STEMS and STRUCTURES to even look like! SPEAK TO THEM and tell them as to how you’d like your Fruits and Veggies in their Taste and Nutrition and Colour and Texture and Energy-Content and Juicy-ness and Purity and What-Else-Have-You! VISUALIZE THIS EXACT OUTCOME to come forth from your plants (as a result), DAILY! And, when you do, EXPECT to get what you’d asked for too! (Manifestation 101!) Finally, ENJOY savouring THE BEST Fruits and Veggies in your entire neighbourhood, beyond a doubt! Always see them (your beloved plants!) RADIATING Joy and Bliss and Vitality and Strength and LOVE and LIFE ITSELF….and SO SHALL IT BE!

ONLY GIVE THEM BLESSED WATER when you water them. ONLY USE ORGANIC Manure and Fertilizers (even the parts of Fruits and Veggies that remain after you’re done consuming the edible parts and such are preferable to give them if nothing else; or even the Nutrition-filled Water that you’ve washed your rice / grains in and such, etc.); and be sure to BLESS THAT TOO before you add it to your soil! ADD LOVE to EVERYTHING; THAT’S the foolproof formula here!


INVITE THE ANGELS AND THE ELEMENTALS to protect your beloved plants for you, and that, they most certainly WILL do for YOU! That’s WAY better an option than your having to use Chemical Insecticides and other forms and manners of Toxic Stuffs on them in any case! You can even request the SUN and MOTHER EARTH HERSELF for their continued Assistance and Protections in sending forth their RADIANT, PROTECTIVE, and NOURISHING energies for this specific cause and purpose; and then, rest in ease knowing that SUCH WILL BE PROVIDED TO YOU, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! Finally, just in the (worst case) scenario that you DO need to use an Insecticide to save their lives (as a very last resort), see if you can find any Naturally Occurring and Organic Pesticide alternatives first (the Neem plant being a surprisingly good one). If not, regardless of whether you use a Natural or Artificial pesticide in there, BLESS AND PURIFY THEIR ENERGIES THOROUGHLY prior to your using the said products on your plants REGARDLESS. And it would still be TONS BETTER than you directly feeding your plants poison, valid reasons or not!

And with that, we have come to the end of Blessing Battles – VOLUME II!

WAIT A SECOND!!! Where’s that whole thingy about Blessing one’s Pets and Kids and Family and all of that good stuff that I was promised earlier?

Great catch. So, while I had initially planned on covering all of that stuff in one single article alone, the whole thing ultimately became WAY too long and lengthy and wordy than I would have ideally ever liked or imagined (or any of You would have preferred to be reading) in one go, so I’ve now decided to serve it to you all by chopping it up into two equal (and acceptably digestible) parts; which means that you now get to feel the Wild Rush and Excitement of having to wait some more for the equally (and perhaps, even more so EPIC!), VOLUME III of Blessing Battles! What a Blessing!

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: If you too wish to assist in raising the Planetary Consciousness and helping Mother Earth become a Wholesome, Beautiful, Kind, Loving, Peaceful, Harmonious, United, and basically, FUN place all over again; here’s a cool little thing that all of you folks reading this can help me out with (OTHER THAN following and APPLYING the actual ideas in your real life themselves, that is….for that’s the GREATEST way to do-this-all / teach-it-all that there even IS!). And that thing is, simply: SPREAD THE WORD AROUND. (That’s IT! That’s ALL THERE IS to it even!)

SHARE THESE MESSAGES across ALL OF your Social Media profiles. SPREAD THE WORD about these things whether it’s through a random comment on YouTube or detailed postings made across your favourite Spiritual Forums, Facebook Groups or other (Online and / or Real Life) Spiritual and Other Communities or Groups that you may so be a part of! BE BOLD and BRING UP THESE IDEAS within your Conversations with your Friends, Family Members, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbours, Colleagues, and Cops alike (and I’m only kidding about the Cops). Provided that they are all OPEN and INTERESTED AT ALL in listening to any of this stuff in the first place that is — for we totally do NOT want to override anyone’s Free Will in this process OR get in the way of their highest destined soul journey pathways! But yes, should you see even the TEENSIEST OF openings within any of your conversations for planting even the TINIEST OF SEEDS of such higher ideas, TAKE IT RIGHT UP! Even if it means merely opening up someone to ideas such as Spirituality and Mindfulness and whatnot! Getting directly into Parallel Universe Mechanics with them on DAY 1 may not exactly work out all too well for any of you, as you’d know all too well by now yourself! Easy does it!

That’s IT. REALLY! That’s ALL that you even need to be doing right now to get the word out about Higher Frequency Lifestyle Living! Because, ALL of the above information is basically a Blueprint and a MANUAL to nothing other than our destined New Earth existence itself! And, as you all know all too well by now, Information is LIGHT. And LIGHT is all it even takes to UP-LIFT and RAISE the FREQUENCY of the Planetary Collective Consciousness, one literal word (i.e. awakening code) at a time! Last, but by no means the least, just in case people around you are WAY too trapped within their own Minds and Egos and their Mental Imprisonings and Conditionings and Limited Beliefs (to say the least); SIMPLY SET AN INTENTION (prior to going off to sleep) that you’ll catch up with them in the Astral Planes (Dream Planes) where they’re at their receptive best; and then simply discuss these exciting Ideas and Concepts with them IN THERE! And KNOW that simply by setting this INTENTION, this WILL BE DONE whether you are able to recall that later or NOT! They’ll come across this information one way or another after that “astral chat” of yours, that much is CERTAIN to happen. As always, whether the information is about Spiritual Awakening or Extraterrestrial Disclosure, people are FAR more receptive and OPEN to hearing from those that they personally KNOW (Consciously, in their 3D Earth lives), than from complete and total Strangers. So THAT’S where your friendship / relationship gives you the real POWER to COMMUNICATE with them…and GET THROUGH to them (where no one else even CAN!) How cool is THAT?

ONE FINAL THING: JUST IN CASE you KNOW ANY OTHER LANGUAGES THAN ENGLISH, please, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TRANSLATE these messages into those languages so that MORE PEOPLE all across the planet may benefit from these messages too! OR, just in case you are able to read this article out aloud and record it somehow, PLEASE DO SO so that visually-impaired, developmentally-disabled, learning-disabled, mildly-autistic, or folks who aren’t even literate may be able to make the most of this information / transmission too!

As always, I thank you all INFINITELY on the behalf of ALL of humanity (and ALL of CREATION ITSELF!) for your INCREDIBLE and EXEMPLARY SERVICE to ALL!

I love you all,

(to be continued in Blessing Battles – VOLUME III)

2 Replies to “Blessing Battles – VOLUME II”

  1. Jenny

    I gave up about quarter way through. The use of random capitals made it impossible to read. It’s like you are quietly listening to something and every now and then somebody just bellows at the top of their voice . It was wearing me out and I didn’t care to finish the article.

  2. Sharmaine

    Another beautiful gem of writing Aseim
    When we Bless, we are mindful
    We are Grateful
    We are in a Natural state of Prayer
    It’s spontaneous; there’s no rigid dogma
    We are Natural ; we exercise the Truth of who we are
    Ease, simplicity and grace