Blessing Battles – VOLUME I

beyond3dgames eraoflightdotcomNo, this isn’t the name of St. Germain’s latest fire mixtape (though it would be rather dope if it was). Instead, this is the single most Powerful and EFFECTIVE way of erasing absolutely everything negative…be they Chemtrails and 5G Radiations, or even unpalatable toxins chilling out in your local water supply no less.

So, how exactly does any of this even WORK? Well, it’s as simple as RE-PROGRAMMING Energies, using BLESSINGS. Yep. That’s pretty much ALL there is to it, really.


See an unsavoury little Chemtrail floating around? Raise your hands towards it and project your Beautiful energies of Love and Light and all kinds and manners of blissful and loving energies that you can quite POSSIBLY conjure up here, and fill up those Chemtrail streaks (and clouds) with those! That’s it! Like literally, BLESS those Chemtrails to not only make them non-toxic, but also BENEFICIAL to humanity instead (while you’re at it!)

BONUS POINTS if you can call up any and ALL kinds of Higher Beings and Energies and Assistance to support you in your task — who can then assist you by amplifying your own energies / intentions INFINITELY, and, upon your request, add in their own INFINITE SUPPLY of equally loving, powerful, and POTENT energies and intentions to things as well! Examples of such Higher Beings / Energies include: God, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Inner Earth Beings, The Galactics, Extraterrestrial and Extradimensional Beings and Energies, Higher Selves, Higher Councils, Soul Families, and all kinds and manners of positive beings and energies from Heaven, your deceased loved ones included no less! However, KNOW HERE that these beings and energies simply CANNOT assist you here without YOUR express Free-Will Permission and Request (as per Divine Law)!

Ultimately, since everything is energy, and since all kinds and manners of POSITIVE intent(ions) and energies are always, always, ALWAYS, many, many, MANY MAGNITUDES MORE POWERFUL than absolutely ANY manners and varieties of negative energies (and substances and things and beings) in existence, it is BUT NATURAL for positive intentions and energies to override (and OVER-POWER) any and ALL kinds and manners of negative energies, in a SNAP no less that too! Besides, positive energies are supported by none other than GOD (and all kinds and manners of Higher Beings imaginable out there, who are EVER more than so willing to assist us whenever so called upon!), and therefore, simply CANNOT BE OVER-WRITTEN (or OVER-RIDDEN, for that matter)!


Using this (Spiritual / Inner) Technology, you can Re-Program and Bless and Re-Configure and Purify / Positive-ise absolutely ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in EXISTENCE! Use this cool trick to project Positive Intentions and Love and Bliss-filled Energies and De-toxifications upon stationary targets such as your neighbourhood Lakes and Ponds. Or use it to reprogram the energies of your Soils, your Farm Lands, and even your Local Gardens (or even your beloved Potted Plants at home) no less!

You could also “CHARGE UP” ‘Moving Targets’ using this method and reconfigure the energies of Clouds / Rain-Clouds flying by, or your Rivers, or even your friendly neighbourhood Ice Cream Trucks no less!

Have a cellphone tower in your neighbourhood? CHARGE IT UP with ALL of your Positive Intentions and Blessings and Love and Light and SO MANY other Positive Energies, Every Single Day! And then, watch it (QUITE LITERALLY!) “BROADCAST” those Energies FOR YOU and ON YOUR BEHALF, throughout your whole town no less! Why have so many enemies when your “enemies” can quite literally become your greatest friends…with but an INTENTION of yours no less?

KNOW your TRUE, INFINITE, POWER, As GODS-IN-THE-FLESH, dearest Lightworkers.

Take out some time each day to INFINITELY BLESS the energies of your Home, your Neighbourhood, and your Entire Locality and City and Country and Continent and Planet if you so like! SAY YOUR BLESSINGS / PRAYERS OUT-LOUD to give them even MORE power! (For Sound Vibrations ARE Manifestations). Not like YOUR power has any limitations to it anyways!



BLESS AND CHARGE UP ALL of the Water Tanks that supply water to you, your neighbours, and even your very locality no less with LOVE and all kinds and manners of GOOD VIBES that you can possibly come up with! Light, Wisdom, Prosperity, Abundance, Creativity, Joy, Bliss, Forgiveness, Healing, Peace…make your own favourite cocktail of Beautiful and Kind and Compassionate and Loving Vibes and Energies…and simply add them to the mix that you’re serving your part of the world! (This is your one big chance to be a Divine Bartender at Heaven’s Pub!)


BLESS AND CHARGE UP ALL of the items (and even the entire space itself) of your local neighbourhood Supermarket. Bless everyone shopping there too while you’re at it!

BLESS AND CHARGE UP your neighbourhood schools and kindergartens and all of the kids there.

BLESS AND CHARGE UP your neighbouring playground and all of the playthings there.

BLESS AND CHARGE UP literally EVERY SINGLE SOUL that you encounter on your daily morning jog. Even those that you end up encountering within the traffic on your way back to work / home, if you so please! Besides, what better way to kill time on your (otherwise tedious) daily morning commute (and especially so, during those endless traffic jams) than, quite literally BLESSING EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IN SIGHT and PRAYING FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE who is all around you? Goodbye procrastination! Hello Provibration! (edit: that sounded way better in my head).

BLESS AND CHARGE UP the unawakened masses. BLESS AND CHARGE UP any awakened warriors of light that you spot on your way to work, daring to defy the devil by ditching the darned mask! (do it!)



That’s Unconditional Love for you.

Let’s ‘Flip The Script’ on absolutely ANY and ALL negative agendas at play out there against Mother Earth, All LIFE Upon Her, and Humanity no less.

Let’s REWRITE the very ENERGY and FABRIC of our REALITY with LOVE all over again.

Your time starts NOW.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Should the ideas expressed within this article resonate with you, PLEASE DO CONSIDER sharing them across ALL OF your Social Media profiles and outlets, for the immense benefit of the planet and all life upon it no less! Also consider bringing up these ideas in discussions with your Loved Ones and Friends and Neighbours and Acquaintances (provided they are open to it AT ALL), or even mentioning them in your Local Spiritual Communities or Forums or Online Forums or Facebook Groups or any other platforms and outlets that are open to you, at this time! For EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT, WORD and ACTION of yours facilitates and speeds up the collective mass awakening of mankind (whilst also RAPIDLY up-lifting the collective consciousness frequency simultaneously!) Also, just in case nobody you know is receptive towards listening to any of these ideas, simply set an INTENTION (prior to going to sleep) that you will share and discuss these ideas with all of your beloveds in the Astrals (Dream Planes!)…and KNOW that this shall be 100% DONE (and that this information will find their way to them ALL, somehow!)

LAST BUT BY NO MEANS THE LEAST: Just in case you know another language or two, PLEASE DO FEEL FREE TO TRANSLATE the whole thing and put it up absolutely WHEREVER you so please! If not, consider recording an audio version of it for the visually-disabled / dyslexic / non-literate folks amongst us, and you’ll be seeding the collective consciousness with powerful ideas of the LIGHT that the Entire (Past, Present and Future) Humanity — rather, the entire Galaxy and Universe and ALL of CREATION Itself — will forever, forever, FOREVER benefit from and be thankful for, ETERNALLY!

Your contributions are appreciated here more than you will EVER KNOW.

In INFINITE Gratitude and LOVE,

2 Replies to “Blessing Battles – VOLUME I”

  1. Lee

    This is a wonderful, helpful message. Thank you so much! I will go bless the power lines right next to my home now. And everything and everybody else.

  2. sonja zoghlami

    Infiniment merci Aseim . J’ai recu ma réponse à travers vous au sujet des chemtrails. Nous en sommes bombardés ces dernières semaines. Mon coeur est véritablement empli de joie .J’ai pas les mots pour exprimer tout ce que ressents en moi. Tant d’Amour Tant d’Amour Tant d’Amour . Pour vous et toute l’humanité. A’HO.