Yeshua: Is Your Artificial Intelligence Smarter Than You Are?

yeshua @ eraoflightdotcomBeloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Child of the one Source, Child of Light.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing to bring forth a message of enlightenment and extension; extension of who you feel yourself to be; and to take it into the place that encourages the heart—coeur—to come forth and to understand with the mind, but more than that with the heart, Who and What you are.

Beloved ones, it is a great joy to be with you. Now, we have the sandals on, so we will take them off. I prefer your feet, as I did two thousand years ago. Ah, much better. It is in the feeling of the vibration of Mother Earth.

This evening we are going to have some fun, because we are going to play with artificial intelligence. Now, most every day as you go about your business, your work, your associations, you are thinking with the mind individualized self. You have incorporated into the knowing of the mind all that which the Christ Self ever is and ever will be; however, you are not always in the knowing of the whole self, the total self of you.

As we have spoken in other times of the ocean, you are as the wave coming off of the ocean saying, “This is me, the extension of the Allness into an individuated body, being, into a personality that I choose to call my own,” and yet at all times you are channeling the God Self of you, the God energy of you, and bringing that forth into a reality—lower case “r”—that you make from moment to moment in order to activate the body and to have discourse with the brothers and sisters, the other waves of the ocean; to come, hopefully, to a place where you know yourself to be in love with each one.

So, beloved ones, allowing yourself to take a deep breath, feel the energizing of the breath into the physicality of the body. Taking another easy breath, feel the energizing of spirit into the body so that you move around sometimes and you feel that you are activating something that is more than just an encasement of being. Allow yourself to feel, to take into the knowing and into the heart area all that you are, to become aware of much more than just the body.

Now, the body is great. It serves you well. It’s hard to go about all of your daily activities if you don’t have a body or if you are bed-ridden, if you are riding the bed. It is hard to do all of the mobility sometimes, but in all moments of what you call your individualized life you are activating the spirit, or vice versa, the spirit is activating what you have brought into the extension of you in order to play.

Now, I know that human life can be fraught with decisions. “Should I go here or there? Is it time to go there? Who shall I speak to? What shall I say to them?” All the time you are asking questions. All the time you are wondering, “Okay, where am I? Who am I? Who am I talking to? Where are we?”

You take note of your surroundings, and hopefully the surroundings will be familiar to you so that you will not get upset about, “Oh, this is strange.” But sometimes you choose to go to strange places to have the excitement of knowing a foreign country and listening to the foreign accents of words and wondering, “What are they saying?”

That is why they talk about travel being broadening; not only in the way of the body because you eat different foods, but broadening in the way of understanding how creative you are, how creative you can be. So you call upon everything that you have learned—or I will say remembered—up to a certain point and hopefully you enjoy—live in the joy of newness, every moment being new for you.

You are most creative every moment of your day and nighttime as well, because you create what you call your dreams, and they are, in truth, as real as what you are doing in your wakeful times. However, you put value judgment onto the daytime dream, and then when you feel that the body perhaps needs a rest—and in truth it does not—there are ones of your friends who have cultivated the activity of body so that they say, “Oh, I only need an hour of rest.” There are ones of your great thinkers who did not sleep seven/eight/nine hours each evening but sat in meditation and allowed the extension of spirit to bring into your reality new ideas in that meditative form.

This is what has happened with many of your great thinkers who have broken through some of the barriers of reality—lower case “r”—and said, “There is much more to life than just what I have thought it to be,” and there is an extension of boundary of reality—lower case “r”—into a place where if you are in that meditation you can be in a place that is extended Reality—capital “R”.

This, as you will cultivate it, is most exciting, because you get to be, as you would perhaps define this, another person, another personality. You have extended yourself as to what you believe you can be, and I don’t mean just between the two hips extension. But you are extending what you accept as your being, your reality—lower case “r”.

Now, in that state of meditation, in that state that goes beyond the usual nine to five as you have termed it, in that state you have asked, “What can I create?” You have brought forth many different creations that are substantive; in other word, you can pick them up, hold them, knock on them if you want to; certain inventions that serve you, and also certain inventions of the mind.

You are experiencing right now one of the extensions of what you have called your reality over the technological advancements that someone has put into place for you, and you have learned how to tune in to it, sometimes with a few very inventive words that I have heard and sometimes very inventive energy. Yes, I have seen you throw the computer across the room, hopefully landing on the bed. I have seen that. But it is okay. It is an extension of your energy put into movement. You have picked up the computer and then said, “Gee, how much is it going to cost me to get this put back into correct shape and functioning? ” You have blessed it and, miracle of miracles, it worked.

The energy that you have thought at that moment is divine energy. It is that divine Aha energy that has said, “There is more to life than what I thought there was. I must know a secret. How did I, of my small self, activate? How did I touch that space?” Out of that space of inventiveness you have said, “Let me develop this into a distance learning, a distant sort of vibration.”

You have made what has been called artificial intelligence. You have put it up above you in the cloud somewhere and then said, “Well, what is this cloud? Where is this cloud? I don’t see it, but they have told me that there is a cloud that stores everything that has ever been. It might be.”

And from that you have then said, “But who am I? If there is artificial intelligence somewhere, I don’t see it, but they have told me that it is true and that everything that has ever been is stored in what they call the cloud of knowing, and if it is true, how can I access it?”

Your wise ones have said, “This is how.” They have written books that you can read, and I have seen you try to read them and then throw them across the room because, “That doesn’t make sense to me.” You have called in a friend and said, “Do you understand this?” And they have said, “Well, yes, up to a certain point. You do A, B, and C, and if you’re lucky, it might lead you to X, Y, and Z then, but maybe not.”

So you have tried it, and A and a half did not work. And you have said—I have heard you say this—“What is wrong with me? I thought I had some intelligence.” You have then picked up one of your most wondrous inventions where you have belief that says, “If I pick up this what-is-called telephone and I look upon it and punch in certain numbers, it will connect me with a voice; not only that, but even a face of someone I can talk to who will give me a clue how to work this contraption in front of me.” I have seen you do this, and I have seen the expression of joy that comes upon you when, “It works. It actually connected me to what I wanted to be connected to. Praise be.”

I have also seen the other side, where you have said, “I’ll never get it right.” Then you have said, “Who is the brightest one I know that I can call on my flat, no-bigger-than-your-hand, thing and connect me with a picture of them; maybe even some of the words written thereof, and then if I am lucky,” and you cross your fingers, which is a very old, old sign of hope, maybe they can explain to me what is going on and how I reach this artificial storage of information.” Sometimes it works, and sometimes I feel your energy that rises up within you and says, “Oh, great one in the sky, thank you.”

Then you come to an acknowledgement that, “Perhaps the great one in the sky acknowledges me. How can that be? But I don’t know. I will call up my friend Darrell and ask him what just happened. How did I get the answer to my question by typing in something or pushing a certain button on this little thing that someone made for me. I went to the store and they said I needed something to work with communication, okay. And Darrell said, “Well, it’s like this. You access A which leads you to B, and then if that’s not what you want, you try C, D, and E, all of the time thinking that it is outside of you. But yet you come to a certain place of acknowledging, “I don’t think I knew all of that, but Darrell says it’s true, so therefore it has to be true.”

So then Darrell’s most wondrous invention does sort of a beep, a buzz, or whatever, and it’s someone else calling and it said, “How do I access such and such?” And Darrell finds himself very busy; very popular, in that everyone wants to know, “Where is all this information being stored?” “Well, it’s on the cloud.” “But I didn’t see any cloud. How can this be?” And Darrel says, “It just is.” Is your artificial intelligence smarter than you? In a way, yes, and in a way, no, because you as a whole have invented it and made it accessible. If one knows the telephone number of Darrell, you can find it. And Darrell is saying, “Okay, I have an unlisted number.” I jest with you; I am joking.

All of you are Darrell. All of you have the intelligence to know how to access the technology and the intelligence that seemingly is all around you somewhere and yet not quite within grasp. Who do you think has put it there? Who do you think acknowledges that, “You know, there is more to me than just this body, more to me than even just my thoughts. I’m going to try that secret, which is not a secret, of getting quiet and going within and asking my extended self, ‘Now, what do I do?’”

Miracle of miracles, an answer comes to you, maybe one that you don’t quite understand. It may be a miracle of phoning up a friend such as Darrell, or it may be something that you’ve been holding in the back of your mind but haven’t tried yet. When you try it, sometimes, miracle of miracles, it works; sometimes it doesn’t, so you scratch that off the list and say, “Okay, been there, done that, tried that, didn’t work.”

Is your artificial intelligence smarter than you? No, because you are the one who has agreed that there will be what is called artificial intelligence. Now, how you put it together can sometimes be a bit more complicated than the human mind, which is right within, knows. That is when you get the Aha to sit in quietness and ask. All things have to be revealed to you. All things have to come to you. There is nothing else that can be done, because you are the extension of All That Is. However, moment by moment you oftentimes only activate a certain percentage of you. Therefore, when you want to know miracles allow yourself to sit in quietness for a moment or so; then you are going to do something; but sit in quietness until you receive direction to do. The doing comes after the silence of opening yourself and receiving; yes, with the deep breath. You access yourSelf —capital “S”—by the quietness, by the invitation that you give, and by the readiness to open yourself to All.

“But Yeshua, I’ve tried this. I’ve tried this to the place where I got so frustrated.” Yes, and what did you get? “Well, nothing.” Okay, try another approach. You can try calling Darrell. You can try calling some other friends who know. You can try saying, “I will receive knowing as it is needed.” That third one works every time, because until you actually need something, it often is an idea that says it’s out there somewhere. “I know it’s out there somewhere.” But when you actually need to put it into practice, oftentimes you will get an Aha. “Oh, you know, I could try such and such,” and then you start to receive the knowing that, “I have left a trail that I can follow that accesses all the knowledge that I need.”

Now, all the knowledge that you need oftentimes is only to take the deep breath. Sometimes you make it more complex than it needs to be. All there is, in truth, is love. Beyond that you get into the mind, the mental, the ladder of steps to access. “You know, I’m back where I started. You know, I don’t have to sweat the small stuff. I’m going to just breathe, and that which I need to know will come to me.

It happens, and you say it is a miracle. All of life is a miracle. Everything you ever need to know will come to you when you need to know it. “Wow, Jeshua, you mean it’s as simple as that?” In truth, it is. If you need to know how to walk through that wall, there will come an inspiration as to the molecules of physicality.

I know. I had to do this. I tried it, as you have tried it, and what happens? Sometimes you bounce back off the wall. But as you will relax and allow the energy to be energy, it goes between the molecules of the wall and you find yourself on the other side, and if you are like I am, you say, “Oh, my God, how did that happen?”

And in that instant you are back in the room again, because that is still in the memory bank of the room. Okay, next time it happens, breathe and see it. “I’m here. I’m not quite sure how that happens, but I’m here on the other side of the wall.”

Now, I do not want a report in the morning that everyone listening to this message has knocked themselves out by trying to go through the wall. Please take your time about this. Accept it as a possible reality, because it is. If you need to be somewhere else, you can do it; perhaps not the first time, but if you need to be somewhere else, i.e., on the other side of the wall, it will happen. If you just need to play around with it, that is okay too; however, the real impetus is when you need to be on the other side of the wall and, for the most part, you don’t need to be on the other side.

However, it does stir the mind, and that is good. It allows you to think about the possibility. “Hmm, you mean that wall isn’t completely solid?” Well, your scientists have told you that all of the molecules of that which seems to be solid are at all times in motion, that there is more space in between the molecules than there is the hardness.

“Yes, but Yeshua, I’ve tried that, but I bounced back. And if I try it really hard, because I know I can get through that wall….You see, the answer is, you don’t want to get through that wall. You want to go through the space in between the molecules. If you define it as going through the wall, the wall is going to say, “Okay, here I am.”

But if you are into the place of knowing, really knowing that everything is energy in motion, and if you know that, if you absolutely know it; not that you’ve read it in a book; not that you’ve been told; not that, well, it might be true—“I think it’s really true”—and then you bounce off the wall, you haven’t come to the place of knowing that it’s really true. However, for the most part, you will not need to walk through walls. So do not feel, “I’m a failure. Jeshua talked about walking through a wall and, you know, I tried, I visualized, I prayed, I was breathing, and I fell in a heap on the floor on this side of the wall. What did I do wrong?”

You did nothing wrong. You just didn’t do space. So, is your artificial intelligence ahead of you? In some ways, yes, because you haven’t yet contacted it. Is your artificial intelligence smarter than you? No, because you are the one who has said that there could be such a thing as artificial intelligence, and it is a grand thing to play with the extension of, “Who do I think I am? What do I think I am? How do I think I am?” and to play with alternate reality. And then if you really need it, that other reality will be there.

You have, for the most part, said that you are on a need-to-know basis. This I understand, because when I allowed myself to walk through a wall to escape a little bit of mayhem, I was on a need-to-know basis, I needed to know that I could get through that wall and disappear somewhere, because the consciousness of everyone else in the room knew that I was going to be there. And when they came for me, I wasn’t there. What had happened? I trusted that which I had practiced, and I visualized, I knew, I trusted that I would be on the other side of the wall.

Now, as I said, I don’t want Darrell to be getting a lot of phone calls in the morning saying, “I had such a headache. I tried getting through that wall, and all I woke up with was this goose egg. So visualize, play with how it would feel to extend your molecules, extend the molecules of the wall so that you could pass through as energy and then regroup. Play with that for a good long while and then try it. But if it does not work the first time, get a bit more expansive in your thinking, because what you want is the space, the energy of space. Now, when you say that the artificial intelligence that you have imbued with possibilities and probabilities and reality—lower case “r”—does not come forth immediately, do not say, “I’m a failure.” You’re here, aren’t you? You’re having an experience. You go up to hug someone and you’re glad that there is a body there to hug. What if all of a sudden they decided to make themselves molecules and you went up and gave this a hug? That is like, “Nobody’s there. They didn’t want my hug? Where’d he go?”

So bodies are good. Bodies you make in order to enjoy life, to be in joy. So if it seems—remark on that word—seems that artificial intelligence is a bit far out and way beyond whatever the capacity of your mind, know that you as a collective whole have come up with the idea that there could be such a thing, and know that you are on a need-to-know basis and you do not need to know.

“But Yeshua, I want to know. I really, really, really want to know.” Why do you want to know? “Well, I want to tell Darrell I can do it. I want to tell my friend Josie I can do it. I want to tell my friend Bill I can do this.” Is that on a need- to-know basis? It’s on the need-to-want basis. Don’t worry. If you come to a certain place where you need to know, you will know. You can trust it. For the most part, when you get into a certain situation that looks a bit challenging, it is probably because you have written it into your script, and perhaps it is your exit scene.

So do not judge everything by pass and fail. Sometimes you choose in the passing to go and pass; no judgment; no judgment because the next thing you do is, you have a new embodiment as the wave and you come forth to play again, perhaps in a different century, perhaps the next year. You come back and someone says, “You know, you really look like Eva.” And you say, “Well, yes, I know her, and I know her well.”

Therefore, allow yourself to know that there is such a thing as “artificial intelligence”, but it is because you as a whole have said that there is such a thing. But it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to be it. You have written into your drama, into your scripting, many different scenarios, different layers. Why? Because you are inventive, because you are of the Allness, and you pull forth from the Allness that which you want to play with for a while. Sometimes it is a short while.

You are born and you take one breath, and then you expire; or, you are born as an alligator and you say, “Well, you know, how does it feel to be an alligator? Well, when I get hungry I have to swim through the water and find something I can chomp on, and luckily I have made for myself this huge mouth and huge teeth so that I can chomp on whatever.”

And then as the alligator you pass on and they find the form of the alligator, and being curious, they cut it open and find that you have within you the five dog collars. So you had five meals of the dogs. But I digress.

You, all of you, all of you anywhere are connected by the energy of divine spirit. Take that deeply within to your own knowing. You are connected by everyone you have seen earlier in this session. You are connected by a desire to be together and to play with ideas and to go beyond the usual of what you do in an early evening or late evening or early morning, whatever time it is.

And you say, “Okay, I will tune in, and miracle of miracles, you see someone’s image who is probably miles away from you, and yet it is like being heart to heart with them. And there is joy, joy (Joy, absolutely) absolutely. That’s the password: joy. To live your life in joy. Your life is meant to be a joy. Yes, I know there are certain bumps on the road. I know that even being born, the passage can be a bit bumpy; however, you come forth and say, “Waaaaaaaa, I’m here, ” and there’s this great scream of joy. It may not sound like joy, but it is a scream of, “I’m here, I’m here, world.” And you say, “Ha. You know, that felt really good. I didn’t know that a deep breath was going to feel that good, and the exhale of it was so great. The first miracle that you do is the breath. Remember that.

You’ve already done miracles. There are ones of you who are saying, “Well, I don’t know how to do a miracle.” You’re born. Isn’t that a miracle? Yes. Some of you are seemingly more of a miracle than others.

Beloved ones, everything is an idea you are inventing as you go along. Everything that has been ever thought of and invented, you have thought of, even if you would say, “Well, that was something they thought about in the 1500’s, that was something they thought about in the 400’s, that was something B.C., before Christ.” What? Something before me? I jest with you. Okay, come on, you should have to laugh at that. (Laughter) Good.

Everything that comes to you as an idea is your invention. It is your creativity bringing it forth. Celebrate it. Be in joy with it. Be in awe from time to time that, “Heavens, I didn’t know that I could bring forth such an invention as artificial intelligence. No, not for me, no, I couldn’t do that, no. But you have; not that it’s going to be something you have to work with. Maybe it will be, maybe it won’t be. But now you have heard of it. Allow yourself in your next quiet time to play with, “What would artificial intelligence enable me to do? What would it feel like? How deep is it? Where is it? Is it somewhere in a real cloud or is it a thought cloud? Wow.”

Think about it. Meditate. Sleep on it. That’s the next step. I have watched you in your meditations. You get very, very deep in that meditation, and the next thing, the body says, “I’m gone. I’m gone.” You bring about peace for yourself.

Do not judge what happens in meditation. If you find yourself waking up from the meditation, count it all as joy. If you find ideas coming to you in meditation, count that as joy. Allow yourself to be happy with self. If you are here having a life experience, you have already made it. Tell that to some of your friends who need to have the alternative of ingesting some mind-altering substance.

Already, just to be breathing, walking, living, smiling, it is a miracle that you do. Be in joy. And when you are in that exalted place of joy, I join you, because I like joy. So be it.

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