Clarity and Intent

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomIt is best at this time, to truly make time for silence and with it the deepest connection, the deepest ATONESS with the Divine, so that you be in the Presence of Omnipresence more and more.

I find these early morning hours, when I truly seek to be ATONE with Divine the most precious and most loved hours of my day. It is here that I experience sacredness, holiness in its profundity, and more than this, where I gain crystal clear guidance and clarity and set the intent for the day ahead. Not only the day ahead, but indeed the areas of my new life and new beginnings that I am being guided to focus on, and to which I wish to pay attention to.

During this week, I was led to assist a certain friend in one of the most volatile places on earth. Interestingly a few weeks ago, I was made aware of this very region on earth (and indeed now for some months) and was called to work with the spinal column of the earth intensely, as the new Spinal Column of the new earth is now anchoring in the highest vibrations and frequencies. The old spinal column is disintegrating fast now, and thus these areas in the world will now go through intense purification, as is the rest of the planet. (I will go more deeply into this during my webinar this weekend and how this is affecting us now, as the new spinal column is formed in within us, for the new light body form.) Being pulled in now to assist in the highest degrees, I was merely continuing the work with her, which had begun months ago. Indeed, miracles are happening, but most are unaware of those, because they are stuck in the old paradigm.

It was only last night that I realized how all is being brought together, and who this is indeed now the death throws of the Old Earth and the Old Humanity.

In the midst of chaos there is always intense rebirth occurring. There is a hidden order in chaos, as much as with the perceived void – the Omniverse is present. With the seeming paradox, profound wisdom is hidden.

We need now to truly make time to be Divinely tuned in, and then to follow the inner guidance, even if nothing makes sense anymore. Indeed, this is a time to trust and have faith and indeed, to be so ATONE with the Divine and Divinity within, that nothing and no-one can pull you off center. More than this, in every present moment you are creating the new you, the future you, the new embodiment.

The more tuned in we become, the more clarity will come and crystal clear guidance for each step we now take into the New Earth. We are being supported in all and every single form and way, we just need to ASK for it and do the inner work and indeed seek to allow ourselves to be transfigured and resurrected into a totally new life.

Become aware. Become alert.

You cannot create in the New Earth and New Embodiment what you created in the Old Earth. It will not work.

Any fear based energy or insecurities, or false programming or false belief systems cannot hold form in the higher frequency bands.

Again, one needs to find Oneness and unity within oneself, one cannot find this OUTSIDE of oneself.

It comes back to self-nurturing, self-empowerment, and indeed self-love in the highest degrees, but at the same time, Omnipresent Nurturing, empowerment and Divine Love Light and Wisdom in the highest degrees. All is ONE. The Kingdom of Heaven and Holiest of Holies is within you.

When we stand firmly rooted in the Fullness of Omnipresence, then no matter what is happening in seeming outside world, or around it, it will not have any affect. We become the eye of the hurricane, where there is just stillness, wholeness and gratitude.

A car with an empty tank will get you nowhere.

The same is applies to you.

If you do not make time to tank up within the heart and soul and seek ATONENESS within, you will simply now go anywhere on the Ascension Path for your energy is depleted and thus depleted will be sucked into the disintegration process of the Old Earth and Old 3D.

Indeed, when one is ATONE with all and everything, and the Divine, and indeed operates from the point of fullness and indeed mastery, one is already in a much higher frequency band and thus the lower has no effect.

Once you have been stretched into the highest, there is no way that you ever will wish to be in the lowest again.

Your finite mind cannot take you there either.

The shift is through the Open Heart as one with the Soul and the Divine Source.

More than this, the Power of Love.

You now choose you own playing fields.

The choice is yours.

Judith Kusel


One Reply to “Clarity and Intent”

  1. Deb

    This is perfect for me NOW.
    I was having a conversation in my head that if spoken would have made another person fearful and/or anger.

    SILENCE that mind noise, BE in the present (with your mind).
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.