The Pleiadians: Are All Humans Starseeds?

universe reflection eraoflightdotcomDearest council member-as you are one with the council, we speak to you today with grace and allowance of grace, for it has not been easy…we know this…the bravery and strength that you and other light workers have shown exceeds expectations. Today we speak about the star races and constellations. For, it has been centuries of star nations that have been forming…many interwoven races, cross-bred races have formed. So, it is nearly impossible to trace a clear path to one’s origins…it is, however, traceable to the collective womb of the ignition of the star races. These formed long ago…the “big bang” as you call it where the constellations collided and formed a black hole…one in which created tiny fissures and separated planetary systems.

The galaxy separated into many and some collapsed, so it is the inception of the star races that formed when this occurred. It also forced others to integrate and become one in order to survive and become stronger. This put some races against each other, creating a galactic war of sorts and this in turn precipitated a new paradigm of duality. It created this divergence in consciousness…some stayed, some went to Atlantis, Lumeria and other lost lands to bring forth Earth beings. It was a formation of the new Earth that created these beings that inhabited the Earth…a cross between a planetary being and one already inhabiting the Earth.

So the “DNA” so to speak of the galactic being was within the homosapians. It has therefore always been passed down through the genetic line…one cannot get rid of it, yet the features slowly changed over time and now you have humans the way they appear now. Yet, inside they have this inner knowing or “switch” to awaken as agreed upon centuries ago…this agreement was to unmask and reveal themselves when the Earth needed them the most. Some forget and are surprised with this truth; others have known for some time. It is the unveiling of the galactic self that shall align these humans to their light body. Every human has a light body to be activated…

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Is every human a Starseed?

The human genome consists of DNA from the galactic beings…some are to be activated, some not. It is not yet time for them…they are not ready to complete their mission. It is a counterbalance between the human and the origins from the star dust consciousness. It is the preclusion of the mind that has blocked such activations of this sequence of the genome.

Do all humans have this within them?

Yes, due to the fact that it has been passed down throughout the genetic cycle.

Does every baby come with the sequence within?

Yes, but are they considered a “starseed?” In a sense, yes, but in the terms as you call it and how many are classifying it, your definition is a being who has come at this time, this exact moment to ignite this genomic sequence within, in order to fulfill their mission and work on this planet at this time. Many have tiny particles of this sequencing that they would not be considered this “starseed” at this moment in time. They come to Earth to have a different experience, one in which they offer insights into the duality of humanity; they are here to showcase the diverging perspectives and views; to help propel those who wish into ascension. They are doing their part, in a way, to help starseeds activate, since if there was no such duality of thought or action, the starseeds would not have to activate and remember their mission (to help complete the cycle on Earth). So technically, you could say that all humans have some aspect of the star consciousness in the genetic sequence, yet not all shall experience this during this lifetime on Earth.

Some, many starseeds agreed to come to Earth prior to the awakening to witness and prepare, but agreed to forget everything and to not activate in that timeframe…so, it was very difficult for them because a deep inner knowing was there…a longing for something. The time has come to allow for the activations and ignitions of the star beings on planet Earth…those who have chosen this.

What happens when a starseed dies? Do they go to their galactic home or reincarnate?

It depends on their soul assignment. Some decide to go back to the galactic realm. The soul is a part of everything and everywhere…it can be in different dimensions all at once. It is a universal consciousness, so yes, once can be in the galactic realm as well as on Earth. It is a form of consciousness. As you connect in your heart and move up to the galactic star (in your meditations), you in essence, are meeting your soul there. You are receiving the power from your home star and the light codes are filtered through your soul (higher self) and brought back into the physical body. You can go wherever you want in meditation and this is how it goes in terms of astral travel, etc. The soul can be multiple places at once, so when a starseed “dies” their soul reunites with the other aspects of their soul and creates a uniform entity in the desired realm (ie. Earth or another planet).

How do I know who else is a starseed ready for their mission?

Once the heart is opened and activated, the home of the soul, one starseed can “call” in another energetically. The collective vibration is known and felt and energetically they start to form together. It was decided before inception to come together to aid with the ascension process, so it’s similar to a signal in the heart that is “turned on.” This is almost as if a flashing light is calling in the fellow star family member.

Are all starseeds good?

Again, each human has that aspect whether activated or dormant, yet some who are activated have also chosen to play certain roles in the ascension timeline to help accelerate it, so to speak…to play the “bad” guy in order for movement and action to occur. It was decided prior to incarnation and agreed upon, yet they do have the ability to manipulate their role. They can complete the task and switch to the “good guy,” all depending upon the free will of the people and which direction the planet is heading.

Final thoughts

We all come from the stars…some in a pure form, like the children being born now…others, diluted and hybrid. Some, who have the “junk DNA” that overrides the genetic star sequence. Many will be activated in this lifetime. Many children come in already “activated.” It is the nature of having a dichotomy in order for shifts to take place…for the awakening to occur. The ascension timeline is near and once again the sequencing of the DNA shall be activated to bring forth the desired outcome that was once thought up…as an experiment…to bring planet Earth and its people back into alignment…closer to living in a light body…and to awaken to the collective consciousness of Source, all the Divine Creator and light.

**Channel: Michelle Hill

**Shared per request

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  1. Daedalus

    It always makes me laugh when people want to “learn if theyre starseeds”.

    I mean, if youre here on Earth, if youre reading this particular information … does it really matter who you were at any point of your being, because those are only roles, just like the temporary role you have now.

    Actually, the roles we have now could be the most important roles we had ever …

  2. Rosileia

    I would like to learn more about my Starseed origins, take the quiz to discover my Starseed type and receive a channelled message from my galactic guides!