Dr. Peebles: Your Heart is Guiding You at Every Moment

new sun higher lightEach and every moment is an opportunity to listen to your heart and to ask what it wants you to do next. Your heart is guiding you at every moment. You are never off track.

The essence of who you are as god, love, divinity, joy, heart energy, is flowing through you at all times. The divinity that is you is constant. Your work is not to connect to it but to make yourself aware of it.

It’s like when you think you have forgotten something and almost instantly you remember you have not. You can allow yourself to experience that moment of utter relief and excitement, right after the moment of fear or worry, every day.

When you notice you are going into fear or overwhelm, when you notice you are in that energy, you can pause and playfully say, “Ah ha, my mind is looking at this, my ego is worried about this, my inner child is fearful about this choice.” Then you can pause and nurture the little one, saying, “It’s alright, I’m here, you are safe, all is well, I love you.”

As you say that, your heart will be at peace for 10 or 20 seconds, in which you can ask the heart, “What would you have of me, what is my next yes?”

Many times the next yes does not concern the situation or the next 10 days, but the next 10 seconds.

The heart may tell you make a cup of tea. When you have done what the heart asked, the inner child will scoot back into the driver’s seat and you will start to worry again, and you can say lovingly, “Ah ha, that is my mind again,” and with a deep breath, you say, “Little one, I’ve got this, dear. All is well. I’m here now. You are safe, I love you.”

Then, when you feel that gentle peace for 2-5 seconds, ask the heart again: “What is my next yes?” This begins an act of devotion to your heart in which you are training yourself to listen to the promptings of the heart.

Your heart is telling you about your next “yes” anyway, but sometimes the inner child is so loud, you can’t hear it.

We encourage you to slow things down a little bit. The inner child will always believe that as soon as he clears the plate of things to do, when he checks things off, there will be relaxation, ease, effortlessness and time to play.

But the plate will never be clear.

The purpose is not to clear the plate, it is to connect to the energy that handles all the things on the plate anyway.

It is the energy you want first and the energy takes care of the “things.”

**Channel: Natalie Gianelli