Soul Lessons

lightworker eraoflightdotcomTo each shall be given to the measure that their soul requirements are and to the measure in which they need those degrees of mastery, they need to attain to for their highest soul growth and the fulfilment of their soul mission and purpose.

If you have already mastered soul lessons in other lifetimes, you do not need to repeat them in this lifetime. It is needless, to compare your path with those of others. They may not have the same soul lessons to master, as you have.

In the ancient mystery schools, each acolyte was trained according to their soul records as a soul reading was done for each one by the Higher Priestess when they entered the school. This enabled the teachers to know where the lessons in mastery needed to be and thus the most stringent of the test would be in the area the soul most required mastery in.

Note, you will only be given as much as you can handle at one time, and as much as serves your highest soul growth and good. Not more. Not less. Sometimes we want to run before we can even crawl. We may think we are ready, but your soul Counsel will simply restrain you, and force you to rest, so that you can gather your inner strength, courage, and wisdom for the next initiation.

I have often known periods of seeming stillness, where nothing dramatic was happening. Yet, what I saw as stillness and non-action, were periods of teaching, or a deep gestation period within my soul. When the action and the tests came and whatever I was suddenly plunged in, or called in to do, I would suddenly remember things I had not taken much notice of, information would be given as if out of nowhere, and I knew what to do from the deepest knowing within myself. One literally navigates blindly on faith, trust and the deepest guidance and knowing within.

Your Ascended Master will assist his process with your soul counsel, the Archangels who over- see your soul progress in some way, and the Divine. They all work together in ways we may not even realize, but they monitor your progress 24 hours day and night, and they do this with unconditional love.

Remember that tests will often come in forms you may not even be consciously aware of. You may suddenly out of the blue be asked to speak in front of a large group of people. And like Moses you may find ten thousand reasons why you cannot lead, not speak, nor do something. If the call comes, your excuses won’t hold. You will often be put in front of that crowd, sink or swim. Interestingly once you stand there, the words will just come out of the depths of your being, and you will know that this is your own higher soul self, connected to the Divine speaking, because you obeyed the call, and did not shrink away from the challenge.

Such are initiations. You will be tested and once you are in the middle of it, you will often find super human strength, you did not even know you possessed! That is why initiations will stretch you and once you have been stretched you cannot shrink back to what you were before!

Judith Kusel


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