Ivo of Vega: Twin Flame Relationships and the Dark Alliance

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomThis topic came up when we were doing our channelings for you guys, which we’re still doing, of course, but what’s happening is I’m getting some interesting subjects to pass on to the rest of you through work I’m doing with individuals. Of course, all channelings are confidential, and I’m not picking on anybody by using what was brought up in their channeling to help the rest of you. I’m doing it for the greater good.

So, in effect, you’re asking questions that can benefit us in our numbers.

I was asked about a TF relationship and I gave some suggestions to the person, but when Ivo was channeled on the same subject, a completely different viewpoint came out.

And that was that many of you don’t understand the threat a twin flame relationship poses to the dark alliance. Not at all. Neither did I.

I appreciate the work that the hippies and first wave lightworkers did to bring spirituality to the west. I do. I have read many of their books and I still do. But it took until the 2010’s for people to start becoming aware in their numbers of the dark alliance. The dark alliance was never mentioned in books, at least that I read, and no mention was made of their influence on humanity until more recently, it seems. It all seemed to be blamed on karma and our ego’s, as if we are inherently bad. We’re not. We’re inherently good.

So there are many of you who have a concept of spirituality that doesn’t include negative aliens. You don’t have the whole story. I also believe that there are people in their maybe 20’s, or even their 30’s now, maybe younger, who will break through the lies and bring yet still more truth to the planet that’s unknown to us now. I think that the truth is being brought to this world in waves, and it has to do with the capacity that the collective as a whole, not individually, but the collective as a whole has, to anchor the truth. There are individuals whose knowledge of spirituality and life in the universe supersedes that of the rest of us and that’s because they can hold that amount of light.

I’m going to ask Ivo to explain the twin flame relationship and the threat it poses to the dark side.

Ivo: My love, it is true. Look what we are doing in our lives. You are to bring disclosure to the masses through television, and beforehand you have spent your time waking up and coaching starseeds and lightworkers to help them step into their roles and to anchor more light upon earth. Our books carry light codes which also help in the awakening of others.

And there is more; this is certainly by no means the limits of what we are doing upon earth. We are having a global impact. Your relationship with Ashtar Sheran also impacts so many upon the planet.

Me: True.

Ivo: But he is not your twin flame, although you are both Indigo’s.

Me: What’s the difference between the twin flame relationship with both incarnated on earth and one incarnated on earth and the other an extraterrestrial, and how do these impact the dark alliance?

Ivo: That is a good question, my love.

When both are incarnated upon earth, and working out a relationship with each other, the partners bring the Light of their collective mindset as well as the energies of their home planet and sun to bear on the relationship.

For example, two Pleiadians who come from Taygeta would have a relationship based upon healing, as the Taygetans are strong healers. They may both aspire to become holistic doctors or hands on healers, or both might become strong advocates for reiki. The energies of their collective, the healing Light of Taygeta, would be used in their healing.

You must understand of course, that the dark ones desire to make brainless, soulless automatons of you all, so a couple who are thusly imbued with these dynamic energies is not in alignment with the dark agenda for earthlings.

Me: Aha.

Ivo: In our case, (he’s smiling) you are the embodiment of the energy of Athena, who rose to greatness once on earth already and now you are working along with Archangel Michael at times to destroy dark enclaves in the lower fourth. You are fearless and such a person is certainly not desirable to the DS.

Their wish is to enslave those who manage to stay alive after the masses are culled off, and they wish to enslave you in fear. A fearless woman is not someone they wish to have survive the cull, especially one with a 14th dimensional extraterrestrial guide, one who is well aware of what these negative ETs are capable of.

The relationship between an off-planet twin flame guide and their mate who is on earth is one of protection and guidance. The earthbound mate has their own work to do, and this can involve working with their partner and doing much work on their own aside from that.

You are the extension of my energy, and that of Ashtar Sheran, and the three of us work together to prime your world for disclosure of the truth, much of which is unknown to your people right now.

Me: I know. Yes.

Ivo: What you do not know is that your mother’s side is completely Pleaidian, and this DNA compliments that of Ashtar Sheran.

Me: Oh, yes. I didn’t know that. So my Vegan half comes from my father and you’re the blue ray I work with, and Ashtar is an Indigo and he’s Pleiadian so I have DNA to compliment that too. I did notice most of the masters who hang around me are blue rays and indigo’s, like AA Michael, St Germain and El Morya.

Ivo: You are a complicated construction. This shows clearly how deliberate a lightworker birth is, and Sharon is not the only one so deliberately designed.

Me: But my parents pulled it off! LOL On Valentine’s Day, even!

Ivo: In the event of a twin flame who has a partner off planet that is, for example, Arcturian, this twin flame may be very talented technologically because Arcturians are known for their technology. They may also have an interest in guns and ammunition. Arcturian fire power is well known with the draconians.

Me: Those little guys pack a lot of punch! LOL

Ivo: Yes, they are very short, rather modest types of being, and unless you are telepathic you cannot understand their minds, how strong they are and what they are capable of.

Understand that a twin flame on earth is the embodiment of their home star at a certain dimensional level. Perhaps you are a Maian twin flame of sixth dimension. You are bringing the sixth dimensional energies to bear upon earth, and to all that you experience as well. You are a walking power cord of your home star, in other words.

The DS has thwarted all connections to other dimensions and other constellations upon earth by reversing their polarity. All star gates and portals were connections to other constellations that Gaia held but when the overtake happened these occultists reversed the polarities of these portals so that the connection was not only lost, but the negative energy of earth was being beamed out into the universe. We have stemmed that tide and managed to restrict your energies to a localized area in space. When the starseeds were born in large numbers you became the new portals for these dimensional and constellational energies. As I said, not only was the power you brought in a “general” type of power, but you brought that power to bear on specific problems, in many cases, your life’s problems. In doing so, you are applying the energies that the earthling population once used to do, but no longer are capable of.

Normally, earth would be receiving dimensional energies from the Pleiades. But with so many Pleiadian starseeds on earth now, these energies are being brought to bear with specific focus, and the energies connected to this starseed amplify the energy that the starseed brings in. With life being quantum, the energy applied by more and more of one’s galactic family, spirit guides and angels, is exponential, not simply added in. Exponential energy is multi-dimensional, quantum and highly potent, far more potent than anything the dark alliance has to work with.

That is why they attempt to get you to divide and conquer: to fight with your partner. This simplifies the energy again, and also reverses the polarity of the twin flames, at least insofar as their relationship with each other goes. And it creates the negative energy that the dark alliance can work with.

Me: Ah. I get it. A reversed polarity starseed.

Ivo: They attempted to do this to you when you were a child, by increasing the strife within your family, but you overcame it and brought your energy, my energy, Ashtar’s energy, and that of the Veegan collective upon the solutions.

Me: Let’s face it, folks. They hate us. LOL

Ivo: Insanity can do none other than hate, my love. It is not logical.

Me: As soon as I started those channelings, I was attacked at night again. I woke up one morning in a lot of pain. I used to think I was having nightmares. As if.

Ivo: They are fighting to the death. So be it.

The Dark Alliance does all it can to limit the starseeds’ function upon earth, however when they are in a twin flame relationship, the threat felt by these controllers is tangible.

That is why leaving the Matrix is so important for starseeds and as many earthlings as possible: to leave behind their way of relating to others and to one’s self and to begin one’s ascension journey again. This is the goal of all twin flame couples – to help each other through this process and more, because many relationships of this type have a specific focus as well.

Me: Very cool, Ivo!

Ivo: Yes, this is all designed. It is unfortunate that so many humans are dying at this time. Both agendas will run as long as someone continues to believe in them. We cannot remove someone’s reality and leave them with nothing. Insanity would ensue. That is not our goal.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart