Pleiadian Portal

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomWe are immersed this week in the Pleiadian portal, until May 24, as we have the Seven Sisters in alignment with our Central Sun. As you know this doorway will last for more than a week, for the energies will continue to be very present within our Planet, for us to consciously align with them, and integrate the unconditional love and ancient wisdom that these frequencies hold. This energetic door is a representation, as well as a welcoming into our new harmonic space, of all that is already taking place within our micro reality – the merging of our Unified Self and hence, its wisdom, within a new reality that sustain our new desire to live peacefully and lovingly.

The Sun represents the Illumined Aspect of us, our Unified Self. While Pleiades represent unconditional love, compassion and the wisdom that we all carry within, as cosmic travelers. This is a message for us to commune with our Unified Self, and begin to work on not just the integration/activation of ancient knowledge, but into the embodiment of higher levels of love, which is what triggers awakening, our compassionate Christos seed, and the opportunity to live consciously, within a new harmonic timeline.

During this week, especially with the coming of the Eclipse in Sagittarius, we are going to be navigating under very intense energies that we could direct towards the creation of more love for ourselves, for our lives and all Creation. Love is from where all we desire as humans, such as a abundance, balanced relationships and anything else we may desire to create, descends.

When there is no authentic love for the self, as another aspect of God-Source, then there can not be real love for others. As what we often call love is nothing but egoic one, which is very hard to identify, especially when we are not yet fully awake, or in the initial stage of our ascension journey.

Learning to love and nurture ourselves is one of the messages that our brothers and sisters from Pleiades have been constantly reminding us, during eons, for they have learnt how to live within Divine Love and compassion, and in this new timeline that many have chosen to step into, at this time, it is pivotal to release all egoic desires and begin to think within Divine Unity, if we desire to co-create a free and loving space, where all can inhabit lovingly and with equality.

At a physical level, this portal connects with the upper chakras and hence from where we begin to descend the information from our Unified Self and the ethereal realms. Therefore, it is also a wonderful time for those who are working on the expansion of their upper senses, especially the crown one, using the blue/purple frequency to connect with Pleiadian’s energies. Using these frequencies for the purpose of awakening more their non-physical senses, or to simply going further into the connection with other realities, communing with the many benevolent forces that are there for us to assist is regain knowledge of who we are, of our human history as well as of our own path as planetary workers.

A time to also connect with the Earth, as the only way to be fully grounded, so all we have been descending from our Illumined Aspect and realms, can be anchored within ourselves, and physical reality, for if not, we will continue to dwell in the non-physical, unable to create a stable reality where we can grow and expand. Our connection with Earth is pivotal, for we are not balanced until the flow of both Earth and Divine energies are in constant motion and unity within ourselves.

This is a wonderful time for all of us to remember who we are, connecting to our soul lineage, to the aspect of us that has traveled through many civilizations, regaining knowledge of all we have learnt and mastered within all of them. A time for us to connect with these frequencies with the purpose of anchoring more love, for as planetary healers, it is one of our main tasks. There are many reunions happening at this time all around the globe, not just physically, but in other spaces, that make possible as well the many soul encounters necessary for us to expand the love that we are, and that this new harmonic space that we are consciously creating needs to be fully anchored.

We have the opportunity and blessing with this benevolent and loving portal to be able to act as One, from our heart space, creating a common vision of how our new Home is going to be. Not just for us, but for the ones that come after us, and that we, as New Earth’s seeders, have the responsiblity to build, for that was our conscious choice before coming into this Planet and that is what we are finally beginning to manifest.

This is the beginning with this massive influx of unconditional love, of a new loving reality, a more harmonic one, a more compassionate and respectful one for All. Our daily inner devotion to consciously infuse it with more love and appreciation, is pivotal at this time, as so is our pure intention and hence, will, to devote ourselves, despite all the challenges, to continue choosing in what frequency we desire to dwell: a fearful or a loving one.

Therefore, choose wisely for All, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba