The Group: 3 – 6 – 9 Expansion

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Greetings, dear ones, I am the Keeper of Time. I gladly intersect with your fragment of time to leave a message about what you call the future. Time is changing rapidly now as a new world is forming. As we have mentioned, the virus created by COVID-19 has changed your world. As humanity begins emerging from the restraints, they’ll discover they are entering a new world. The virus is not gone but lives are resuming.

Two Gifts of COVID-19

There are two main gifts from the effects of the virus. One is that many who are needed on the other side are being called Home. To accomplish this next step in evolution, help is needed from the other side of the veil. For that reason, many have crossed the veil and were called Home. They are the experts who can now assist us from the other side, as a critical mass is being reached. The second gift is that all humans have loosened their ethereal bodies a slight amount. In turn, this has begun a slow progression of loosening that can take humanity into a higher vibratory state permanently. We have called this state the “Esayoto,” although many other names will surface in time from different channels.

Adjusting the Systems

Humanity has literally jumped in evolution. As a result, you are witnessing a rearrangement or your systems. Humanity has stepped up and technology played a large part. You are now rooted firmly in the time of no more secrets, when anything unusual is recorded on a cell phone. Although it may seem that there is now much more cruelty and inhumanity to man, in reality you are simply seeing more clearly what was always there. From this higher perspective, adjustments will be made and you are experiencing the beginnings of this now.

Global Interactions

Over the next several years, one of the aspects you will see in many areas is the disruption of global supply chains. During the last 75 years, your world has been expanding rapidly. One of the ways to accomplish that was to form a global, or even national, supply chain. There are several types of supply chains with different intents, but many will show signs of weakness in the near future as the Earth is realigning. As she realigns Earth’s own needs will surface, for the Earth is at a tipping point. When the eight billion mark is reached, she will decide her next steps. The planet is rapidly approaching a singularity where change can take many forms. Local distribution networks will start to form as the Earth rebalances. Humans will also find they have much better nutrition by eating locally.

3 – 6 – 9 Expansion

An interesting point to bring up here is that planet Earth was formed as a polarity driven planet. The increased effects of polarity are what have given you two eyes, two ears, two hands and feet to explore this world. That has been expressed in many ways, as even your mathematics are base 10. Meanwhile most the universe is based on derivatives of 3, similar to base 12. Can you imagine a time when counting by 3’s is commonplace? Moving away from a polarity-based society will bring about new possibilities as people start to see that most things are already based on 3. For instance, the third leg of a relationship is rarely acknowledged even though relationships cannot exist without one. Projects and new paths based on 3’s will find an extra energy behind them. Discovering the unseen energy behind the hidden 3’s will unlock what humans call the secrets of the Universe. Yes, dear ones, it is time to open the third eye.

In this same vein, a new awareness of many things is now possible. For instance, you may have noticed the massive amount of hate being expressed on Earth. Humans naturally think that love will overcome all odds and balance the hate. While that is true, it’s certainly the most difficult way to do it. Instead find the third or hidden leg of this equation. Trust that somewhere between love and hate lies compassion. Approach everything with compassion and doors will start to open. By reaching for compassion in every instance and at every opportunity, you will create a new world. As you do, many of the systems of Earth will begin to change in the face of that compassion. It is time for unconditional love to grace the Earth in 3’s.

It is our greatest honor to plant seeds of light in these messages. We are here in this moment because you have called us. It is time. We leave you with three gentle reminders.

Treat each other with respect.

Nurture one another.

Play well together.

I am the Keeper of Time.


The group

**Channel: Steve Rother

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10 Replies to “The Group: 3 – 6 – 9 Expansion”

  1. Debbie

    The internet has exposed many ugly things that have been there all along.
    COMPASSION is the key word from this article.
    Send LOVE to everyone and everything.

  2. Douglas A James

    Glad all see this.. years ahead shortages.. no no abundance for all now !! We demand abundance now!

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Sorry to disappoint Douglas, there will be no “improvements” in 3D. I hope to write about this in the days to come. I’m certain you’ve heard about “the splitting of worlds”, one of those worlds will dive into more chaos, as the 3D matrix is dissolved. And the other world will be 5D. That is the one which all the messages about “abundance for all” speak of.

  3. Rebecca R

    This message is negative and has several untruths, sad that these sources are not 100%vetted. Trust your own heart knowing and dont believe everything you hear.