Reporting Live From Within The Shift

new sun higher lightSince Phase 2 of the Ascension Process started in January 2020, I’ve tried multiple times to write about what I’ve personally been experiencing, perceiving, and most importantly how my consciousness continues to change. My evolving perspective, consciousness, higher awareness, abilities, responsibilities and NEW higher levels of HighHeart knowing are not as easily expressed in written form plus not everything needs to be said.

We’ve all had our personal Phase 2 Divine Cease & Desist Orders manifest in our lives in their unique ways and some of mine were delivered by a few readers/commenters this year. Having to change old habits often isn’t fun or easy however it’s always a positive once you’ve made the latest mandatory personal changes. In my case I had to make some changes to HighHeartLife (HHL) and close comments. I didn’t want to do either but once I did I understood the positive repercussions doing so would have on all of us.

The Phase 2 (starting in January 2020 through to today and continuing for as long as needed) Divine Cease & Desist Order has manifested in my HAVING to obviously cease & desist certain personal old HHL habits, close comments and stop writing comments myself. There’s one lingering personal family issue included in my personal mandatory Phase 2 cease & desist but everything is the same issue. Cease & Desist because I’ve reached the point where I HAVE to to continue at my current personal level, further separate, end old actions, habits and certain relationships which instantly forces a larger field of overall ascension shift and greater separation changes on everyone. You want reality to change? Then change your actions in it.

 We continue embodying more NEW crystalline energies hourly in Phase 2 2021 which is exciting and exhausting. Like all things with the Universal evolutionary Ascension Process we incrementally move up each and every NEW energy stair step and embody them and continue on to the next higher and the next and the next. It’s when we reach another one of those really big shift points in the Ascension Process such as what Phase 2 is, that we suddenly find ourselves in NEW energetic territory with more NEW changes to our physical bodies, consciousness, higher awareness and greater Knowing. 

So far Phase 2 has been a lot of repeatedly being shaken loose from our old habits and expectations while increasingly embodying more and higher frequency crystalline Light energies. These crystalline Light energies are 7D Light and Sound waves which is why some people have been experiencing a continual increase in the pitch and tone and now patterns of sounds and tones they’ve heard for many ascension years.

Most of Phase 1 inner ear hearing was an obnoxious inner ear monotone sound of ringing, squealing, screeching high-pitched “white noise” that came and went for longer and longer periods. We’re only a year and a half into Phase 2 levels and these inner ear sounds and tones have gone from that single monotone ringing to two high/low tones, to three Triality crystalline tones communicating with each other, your entire body, Earth and beyond to higher and higher still crystalline sounds, tones, patterns and frequencies and there’s more higher still to come.

These 2021 crystalline tones are even higher-pitched than their predecessors, sharp, crystal clear and loud and are heard from both inside your physical head and also a few feet around and above the entire outside of your head as well. These NEW crystalline Lights and Sounds are internally embodied and externally anchored. You are receiving and being communicated with internally in entirely NEW higher frequency crystalline ways while constantly energetically transmitting to humanity externally without saying one word or doing anything physically, mentally, emotionally etc. The Shift is taking place inside your physical body, consciousness and HighHeart, NOT outside of it. The Shift is happening because some of us have been and continue embodying all the NEW crystalline Light energies, codes, templates, sounds and tones etc. The Shift isn’t and won’t happen because of some external outside happening or intervention. It’s been happening all along because some of you reading this have been and continue to embody all of these higher frequency NEW Light and Sound energies. The Shift is happening now and it’s happening because I am, because some of you are honestly energetically, vibrationally Shifting internally individually.

Does doing so physically hurt? You bet it does. Headaches, stabbing pains and/or pressures in your head, skull, eyes, jaw, upper teeth and facial bones occasionally. Periods of eye pain and extra sensitivity due to ongoing embodying and the automatic ascending Shifting changes happening inside your head and brain and Pineal, Pituitary and Hypothalamus brain glands. Some of us have already Shifted to crystalline internally and that feels very different in the body not to mention the consciousness. More about that aspect next.

The higher the frequencies, the more painful, and in a variety of bodily parts and ways for a while. We’ve been living this in much more intense, higher frequency ways continually since late March 2021, with April being even more intense and it hasn’t ended yet as I write this in early May. Typically the period from the December Solstice through to the June Solstice is, to me, more laborious and harder on the physical body than the second half of each ascension year from June through to December Solstice. Again, this is just from my personal point of view and my own natal energies may play a part in this so discernment. Once we reach the halfway point of the year at the June Solstice, each year feels like it abruptly changes over from first half intense pushing through to second half being quickly propelled forward and upward. This 2021 June Solstice changeover will I sense be as intense, different and NEW as everything has been so far.

(1) We first embody more NEW higher, then (2) we purge more old lower out because you cannot house both simultaneously in your ascending body, and (3) we go through a few days or weeks of adjusting to the NEW higher we just embodied and need some recovery and acclimation time. 1, 2, 3 then do it all again and again and again at higher and higher and higher still levels.

 Now the more difficult part — the dramatic Phase 2 personal individual changes some of us are experiencing with our ascending and expanding consciousness, higher awareness and HighHeart ongoing shifting into greater, higher crystalline being Processes.

There’s no fast easy way to express these ongoing personal changes happening in my consciousness and being. It’s an ongoing Process and it’s profoundly personal and unique to me just as your ongoing Process of personal inner changes to your consciousness and HighHeart are to you. We’re doing the same things for the same reasons but we’re each doing so in our own unique ways and time and that is perfect and normal. No judgements, no race to the ascension finish line because there isn’t one. No ‘I’ve got all the answers so listen to only me’ type old negative ego-based consciousness. Just real individual personal Ascension Processes that continually changes you, me, each of us that are honestly actually living it.

LOVE (all caps) is closing comments so I would change for the higher better which in turn forced more of you to also change for the higher better. Love (lower case) would have kept them open and not changed myself and HighHeartLife which would continue to aid others in not changing themselves as well. LOVE is refusing to take lower frequency and consciousness people’s crap and lies etc. anymore in whatever form they’re dishing them out. Love (so-called old lower 3D pre-ascension) is perpetuating old lower things for old lower reasons. LOVE is ripping things to shreds for the upliftment of All. LOVE must create anew, Love clings to what has been believing it’s a life and self preserver. Love is lower level popular, LOVE isn’t to the unaware and unwilling to truly evolve.

Know things I don’t necessarily want to know. Feel things I often do not want to feel. I clairvoyantly See things I don’t always want to See and so on. The higher I and my consciousness, higher awareness and HighHeart evolves, the more all of these and many other things have been happening in, to, through me. And that is another important reason why simultaneously reaching that higher frequency state of personal neutrality is so important. It’s exactly like LOVE (all caps higher LOVE I mean.) You Know, See, Feel and Understand more and more of the overall picture(s) and you’ve got to not become emotionally or energetically swayed one way or the other — which is old lower Duality consciousness and reality — by any of it or her or him or them. Know, See, Feel and Understand much, much more but don’t get unnerved, disappointed, saddened, wounded, insulted, pissed off or angry etc. about any of it. See it, Feel it, Know it and let it unfold at its, at her, his and their own ways and time.

LOVE is incredibly intolerant of all lowly negative stuff, people and actions now in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process. LOVE does not ‘suffer fools’ during this Universal Ascension, it energetically and continually forces and pressures all into greater evolution here and now. If incapable of doing so now for whatever the reasons then the human ‘wheat is being separated from the chaff’.

The NEW higher frequency crystalline template levels and state are so utterly unlike what and where we’ve come from prior to the start of the Ascension Process it’s nearly impossible to express in words. In 2021 I Know that with minimal effort on my part I can, do, and repeatedly already have greatly altered physical reality so far. The more I, the more you embody greater and higher NEW Light energies and simultaneously purge more old lower energies the more you automatically alter physical reality/realities. How could you embody more crystalline Light energies, be permanently internally changed because of that and then not alter physical reality for the higher better because of it? You cannot, and so again The Shift is happening within those capable of embodying these NEW energies to this degree first and the more I, you, we Shift internally individually the more and more quickly everything is Shifting externally.

Be open, fearless and filled with HighHeart in your ongoing personal embodiment Shifting. Be open, fearless and filled with excitement over your consciousness not working like you’re used to. Be open, excited and fearless every time you feel like utter shit physically because that means you’re embodying more crystalline Light energies into your Rewired body and brain and HighHeart. All those head, body and all else pains, aches, energy sickness and pressures you’re still dealing with almost constantly now means you are living the Shift by being the Shift. Your awareness is different, your senses changing, your HighHeart expanding and embodying even more, your body is running NEW crystalline energies into and through NEW evolved, Rewired internal physical and energetic bodily structures and systems for this very purpose. Celebrate over it. Take a nap, take some over the counter Acetaminophen if needed, lay in the sunlight and have a meaningful HighHeart conversation with whoever you want to communicate with now. Watch and LOVE the wildlife. The small wild birds had an unusual bird party on my patio this morning. They all decided it was time to get in the birdbaths I have for them— all at the same time — and it was hilarious in the best and highest heart ways.

What I’m saying is that it’s hard at times, painful at times, beyond description at times, perfect in all ways all the time regardless, at times stunningly beautiful, and always but always perfect because LOVE is and always will have its way no matter what. Be willing to change then change some more and much, much more after that and thank LOVE for pushing for that much change.

Denise Le Fay


12 Replies to “Reporting Live From Within The Shift”

  1. Mike

    Hey Laurie,
    don´t you worry ONE BIT although I know HOW AWFUL this “must” feel.

    I know ALL of your symptoms but I also know that they stand for something good. If you have questions pls ask.

    Love Mike.

    1. Laurie Jaeger

      I’m wanting to kno how to feel better and how to get through one day and minimize these symptoms. I’m sick of feeling sick. Any thoughts? I would appreciate it.

  2. john

    Everything you said is as i am thank you for putting it all in to easily understandable language much love to ALL.

  3. Benjamin Franklin

    Denise, how good it is to hear positive thoughts. I get that not everything can be said in words. Sometimes, the words just get in the way. I am heartened to hear that these same things are occurring to you, as well. Thank you for caring, and being one of us.

  4. Gordon

    Shutting down the comments was the right thing to do, I was relieved when you did it. There were a few people feeding off the energy they were creating.

    I received a high tone when I started reading this, which is always a good sign for me.


  5. Laurie Jaeger

    I sure can relate to the ear ringing part and feeling like crap most of the time, but this has been going on for the past three years for me with high~pitched sounds in my ears, head pressure, teeth pounding, and dizziness. Most days my head is spinning. Been to doctors and no one can find one thing wrong physically!. If my symptoms are indeed Ascenion symptoms, is it possible for them to go back three years? At least if I knew this for sure, I would have some peace of mind that I’m not going crazy. Much light and love to you.

    1. bodhimoss

      Don’t worry Laurie, you’re not crazy, you are right on schedule. I have the same ascension symptoms, they started in 1990 and have increased slowly over the years, (I’m a Wayshower/Volunteer) and right now they are more intense than ever. We are paving the road for others to embody their higher selves and ascend in a physical body, which has never been done before anywhere. It’s hard to get excited about such a painful process but we are being loved and supported by the cosmos! Steady as she goes!

    2. Teresa

      Laurie, two things, do you take supplements, and do you currently take zinc? Chronic zinc deficiencies can contribute to ringing in ears.
      And secondly, how close are you to power lines, or communication cables and the like?
      Unless you live far from civilization you are surrounded with these artificial frequencies that directly affect our physical bodies.
      All over earth are underground bases, too.
      I use orgonite to balance it. There are many people that have different views on these harmful frequencies and different ways to deal with it for highly sensitive people.
      I was led to tell you these 2 things.

      1. Laurie

        Thanks for your response. I am not too close to any towers so that shouldn’t be over exaggerated for me. I do use an EMF protection sticker on my phone but am not one of those people who are joined to their phone at the hip (LOL). I suppose I will not use Bluetooth ear buds anymore for music as I know that leads to issues. I do have one small orgonite pyramid that is situated in the middle of the house. Is that the best place for it or do I need more than one? Any suggestions will be welcomed because some days the dizziness and ear ringing and head pressure has me lying in bed a lot and I’m tired of it as I want to enjoy my life even during this transition. Ever specialist doctor I’ve been to can’t find any issues so on paper I’m perfectly healthy! Wish i would feel that way in my body.

        Blessings to you. Thanks for reaching out.


        1. Teresa E

          It varies between people, but I find 12-50 mg (I believe measured in mg, might be mcg, whichever it is the standard) is a good daily dose.
          I can’t find tablets in the lower dose, but I break my tablet in half to get 25 mg, my sister takes 50 mg.
          You’ll know what works for you as too high a dose will have you tasting metal. Just cut back.
          Zinc also helps with warding off viruses, and strangely enough, body odor.
          Hugs Laurie

    3. Mike

      Laurie, “bodhimoss” has basically said it all but you might want to look at this:

      “If my symptoms are indeed Ascenion symptoms” is expressing what?

      1. EITHER you are THAT NEW to this subject, then you should feel SOME KIND of relief from finding out what your pains are related to. But I must underline that “It’s hard to get excited about such a painful process”… that´s just the way it is, or “THE WAY” “IT” “IS coming alive”… thru sheer pain… just like giving birth to a baby… Some of us (men&women) LITERALLY LIVE/have been living in the delivery room for years…

      2. OR: “IF THESE INFORMATIONS ARE NOT NEW TO YOU” you´ve created some kind of BLOCKAGE within yourself. IF that´s the case you´d have to find “those thoughts”/unconscious beliefs and by simply looking at/acknowledging them will dissolve a lot of pressure&dizziness.

      3. WORST case scenario: You are aware of 1+2 but for some reason have CHOOSEN TO DOUBT “your own spirituality” or spirituality at all. That would mean you´re playing a game YOU can´t win and of course your Higher Self will/would CONSTANTLY TRY EVERYTHING to make you aware of this.

      Any way “WE ARE always the reason for whatever is” and “YOU CAN NOT NOT FULLFILL YOUR LIFE´S INTENTION” and “will get there either way”.

      So “Hang in there darling, as we all do!”