The Pleiadians: The Power of Love or the Power of Fear

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomGreetings Earth beings. We are messengers of light from the Pleiades. Attune yourselves to the greater universe in which you dwell, beyond the limitations of your Earth-bound consciousness! We address you from our higher hearts and invite you into the space of your own higher heart, where your mind can take a “back seat”, so to speak. We bring you the presence of joy, of strength, and of clarity.

Many of you have called to us and are already communicating with us, seeking our higher perspective on the affairs of planet Earth because of the confusion about the events happening around you. You have been hearing from many messengers of light that we are already here on your Earth plane.

Though we may be invisible to you, by no means does that imply that we are not fully present within the higher dimensions of Mother Earth. For we have received your call, and as we have told you before, Mother Earth also called us many years ago in Earth time to assist in her ascension and to assist in the restoration of well-being for all life that she sees as her sacred responsibility, including Humanity.

You have heard the question: “Are you surviving, or are you thriving?” So, we offer a treatise to you this day. We are here to assist you in moving beyond the lower levels of consciousness on planet Earth in which most are concerned with survival, and which are caught in a web of debilitating fear.

This makes it most difficult for those ones to rise above to a higher consciousness where they may have clarity about the way forward. That is, how to rise above the consciousness of fear so that they and the Human race may not only survive, but also may thrive.

We are asking you to picture another reality, different from the one that you see now with your physical eyes on planet Earth. The consciousness of fear limits your viewpoint and limits your clarity of what is possible.  That is how fear works. So, if you pull back the veil that is thinning between you and us, you may witness the probability of a New Earth unfolding before your eyes.

Imagine this:

The world where you live, the ground upon which you walk, now emanates health and well-being. No more toxicity exists within the soil, the plants, the trees, the sky or within your own bloodstream. The waters of the Earth are now flowing free and pure. The skies are open, and the rain that falls upon you is cleansing. The air you are breathing is refreshing and health-giving. The streams, rivers and oceans, are full of sea beings and healthy plant life. All beings living in the waters joyously share their love and their sustenance for your well-being.

Many people already communicate with the whales and the dolphins and the other Earth kingdoms. You may see other life forms as messengers of light, assisting Mother Earth and assisting you in shifting your focus away from the suffering and the torment that some people feel defines the existence on Earth during this time.

The ruination that many believe is occurring to the environment, to the Earth, to the air, to the sky, to humanity, is a gradual consequence of humankind’s long-term loss of faith in their Creator and in the divine Creation of which you are an integral part. Your ancient ancestors thrived because they knew that all things are connected, and they lived in balance with Mother Earth and with Creator Source.

We are here to tell you that a new age is arising and that the well-being of all life forms is already shifting, including Humanity. The consciousness of Mother Earth IS shifting into a higher creation. This creation is one of sacred partnership between Humanity, the higher light beings and Creator Source, so the renewal of planet Earth now becomes possible.

We are in partnership with Mother Earth, with Gaia. We call to you to elevate your understanding, to shift your vision from a planet that you think has little hope of restoration, to one that can be fully restored into the planet of divine love, which was its origin and is its destiny.

We hear you say, “How is this possible?” “How can we assist in restoring life on our planet when it seems the dark ones have made so much progress in bringing forth death and destruction, especially during this time of the pandemic?”

We would address your questions. From our perspective, the current widespread view of the disease, that is dis-ease, represents fear and destruction of life.  The treatment offered represents a response to the fear of Humans who are grasping for answers: What is the truth? Where is the light? Are these measures our only recourse to healing ourselves? Is this a bowing to what may be passing illusions, the only “truths” we have to cling to?

We know many of you who are listening to our words already have found a higher wisdom, a higher vision of what is possible.  You understand that this requires a change in your consciousness and a willingness to understand who you are as a spiritual being. The darker forces are already receding in power, and they know they are losing both the battles and the war.

Believing that this is true may be a difficult task of overcoming for any Human Being subject to fear from the dark one’s projections: “Listen to us and you will be safe.” These are the ones who would control you,  who would choose power over you instead of love, and instead of choosing partnership with you. Partnership in love is what is required in order to help Humanity and this planet thrive again. New ways of healing and living in complete health and well-being for all will be possible with new technologies.

So, you see, the destiny of your planet is one of thriving, is one of partnership with all beings and all life forms…a partnership of love. We are bringing forth greater light energy to your planet and to you now.  We bring it to those of you who have your hearts and minds opened to seeing the higher vision of what is possible, beyond the deception of many who claim to be your leaders who, in truth, have subjugated their own wills and their own hearts to the power of fear.

They are choosing the power of fear over the power of love. You often name this fear as greed or corruption. And as you know, this can be hidden and take many forms that can fool you. It can take on the appearance of wanting what is for your well-being, when in truth, if you remove the masks, you see their true motives are based on fear and desire for control.

So, beloveds, we suggest it is a time to develop your intuition, if you have not done this already. It is time for you to ask your soul and your higher self to step forward and to show itself to you, so you may listen more deeply to what is the truth for you. Ask what truth you may trust in this world of 3D appearances and a limited understanding of the Universal Law of Love.

We are here with a higher view of the vision, of the possibility that is coming forward for you to be partners with Mother Earth, to be partners with us, the Star Nations. For we are present with many of you now, and assisting you in raising your frequency and consciousness. Many light beings are here: the Angels and Ascended Masters are here assisting all those of you who are open in your heart-minds to receiving their presence.

Despair not!  There is an abundance of Light on your planet at this time of rapid transition. We are here to assist you in raising your eyes to the skies. We are here to help in raising your eyes to see the truth of who you are as a being of light, and remembering who you are as one of us, possibly even as a master in a former lifetime.

You can return to those memories and to the strength of spirit that you have achieved in former lifetimes. For these are also part of who you are. We are asking you to see beyond the limited world in which appearances tell you that what you see with your physical eyes is all there is…that the three-dimensional world you witness is all there is!

Open your eyes to the canopy of light, to the vastness of the universe of light in which you actually live! This is the truth. We are asking you to enlarge your vision to embrace the truths we are sharing with you this beautiful day. For there is great wisdom within you which you can access as you begin to look within for strength and for the truth, rather than looking in the external world where you imagine you will find “the truth.”

We love you, we support you, and we are here for you. You may call upon us. We are not leaving you until the greatest chorus of Light and Love begins to arise from Humanity, transforming the reality in which you now live, into the planet of Divine Love.

It is so, It is so, It is so!

**Channel: Sophia