Shifts Unfolding

light waves eraoflightdotcomHuge Shifts are happening and such powerful releasing of the old, a cleansing and clearing to the highest degrees.

I had a teaching session last night, where my students asked me about the Ascension Process and the transfiguration as well. As I was answering the questions, I felt a deep shift happening, not only in them, but also in myself.

I then took them into a deep meditation cum visualization, where I took the back to the Pleiades, where souls are briefed about life on earth, BEFORE they incarnate, and where the Ascended Master who will be with the soul during incarnation, and higher guides and the Elders who surround the Throne of the Divine, draw up the Soul Contract with the soul.

The Soul Contract stipulates the Soul Lesson in highest Mastery the soul wishes to gain while incarnated, as well as the souls they wish to meet – mostly with old soul the old negative karmic patterns which need to be resolved, and with the new souls, the infinite knowledge and expertise they bring into this incarnation. I took them to this very moment in their incarnation and where their greatest lessons in Soul mastery were and then into their future selves, their Ascended Selves and the New Life on Earth.

During this meditation I had the most profound moments where I was shown where I was in the here and now, and given a profound vision of the future me, and indeed the New Earth, as it would be then.

Interestingly I had the most amazing release this morning, of what had come over many lifetimes, and indeed I had thought I had release completely. It came as a sublime Divine Gift, for indeed it had to do with all the lifetimes of persecution, of being burnt alive on the stake, of being stripped of all powers as a woman, etc.

I was then told that is what would happen to the collective as well, especially those who were severely persecuted and indeed shunned by society etc. in other lifetimes.

This is a deep releasing of the woundedness of humanity for those soul who truly now wish to forgive in the highest sense and allow the old to be left behind forever.

Ask and it shall be given – and know- that once forgiven there is a huge SIGN: NO FISHING ALLOWED FOREVER!

Indeed, this is forever – as in truth is nothing and no one who can now stem the tide of freedom sweeping the old earth for those souls who wish to attain the infinite freedom of the new life blossoming forth now.

Infinite possibilities are opening up.

Infinite creation.

Infinite life.

There is literally nothing more to cling onto – let go and forgive and allow yourself to be transfigured into the New.

In truth we are all One.

The Divine is infinitely present within every single soul and every form of life on earth and beyond – Universally and Omniversally.

All is One Heart, One Soul, One Divine Infinite Being within the Divine Source.

Judith Kusel


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