The Task

stillness eraoflightdotcomInner work can often prove to be rather challenging; and who knows THAT any better than all of us reading this ourselves? So, I say, let us all join hands here and do this TOGETHER! ALL of us. Right here. Right NOW. And, in that process, discover something special and exciting about one another too while we’re at it! About ourselves. All for One. One for All! Sounds fun? Let us begin!

The idea behind this exercise is surprisingly simple. Below, I’ve given you a set of questions. You have to answer them in the YES / NO / UNSURE format and post your answers in the comments section below. BUT, even more important than THAT, SHOULD you come across any life-changing insights, inspirations, wisdom tidbits, or understandings about yourself (or another) during the course of performing this exercise, I want you guys to freely post it in the comments right below so that ALL OF US may therefore benefit from it! For THAT’S how life in the Higher Realms works anyways, where everyone’s like this gigantic, loving, supportive, warm, caring, sharing and EMPOWERED family; and wisdom of ONE, IS indeed the wisdom of ALL! So we might as well get used to returning…home!

ALL of the questions below relate to recognizing (and transmuting / resolving / dissolving) any last remaining remnants of Victim Consciousness within us. And EMPOWERING even the tiniest of remnants of CREATOR Consciousness, aka God Consciousness within ourselves, while we are all still at it. Because THAT’S exactly what’s going to change the world in any case. Let’s go!

Q.1. Do I spend EACH DAY in feeling an abundance of POSITIVE Thoughts and Emotions (e.g. Love, Joy, Peace etc.) or NEUTRAL Thoughts and Emotions (if nothing else)?

Q.2. Do I see and FEEL myself as the whole and sole CREATOR of my reality, every single day?

Q.3. Do I consume mostly POSITIVE and UPLIFTING content throughout my day, be it Blogs, or Videos, or TV Shows, or Alternative News, or what-else-have-you?

Q.4. Do I make a sincere and genuine effort each day to spend more time in Nature; and / or add more Nature-elements within my own home, living and working spaces, and surroundings?

Q.5. Do I freely Hydrate myself to the point that my body feels Joyful, Refreshed and Enlivened, every single day?

Q.6. Do I include at least some amount of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in my daily diet to keep those life energies running high, every single day?

Q.7. Do I spend at least a FEW MINUTES daily in pure Relaxation, Contemplation, Meditation or Silence each new day?

Q.8. Do I spend at least a few minutes daily “Switching Off”, especially from electronics, gadgets and such, every single day?

Q.9. Do I spend some time each new day, simply enjoying the act of BREATHING? (BONUS POINTS if you make additional efforts each day to breathe in some Fresh, Recharging, OXYGEN within your lungs!)

Q.10. Are my friend circles, family members, and social circles POSITIVE / LOVING / EXCITED / OPTIMISTIC / JOYFUL / HOPEFUL in their overall approach towards life?*

*If not, am I taking any steps to counteract the effects of their negative presence around me?

Q.11. Do I spend at least some time daily doing Inner Work? (Note that inner work involves Removing Negative Beliefs, Self-Realization practices, Creative Expression, and, in general, anything that involves raising your Spiritual Awareness and Consciousness levels, or just Increasing Your Vibration via Fun Activities or Adventures or Hobbies or What-else-have-you!)

Q.12. Do I** still feel VICTIMISED by an EXTERNAL Circumstances / Beings / Collectives / Energies; whether in my personal life, societal life, national life or global life?

(**This could also be you feeling that SOMEONE ELSE that you know of is a VICTIM of someone / something, as opposed to a Sovereign CREATOR of their very own reality here)

And our last question for the day…

Q.13. Do I FEEL truly ABUNDANT in every aspect of my life, be it Health, Finances, Joy, Love, or What-else-have-you?

(NOTE: If your answer to Q.12. is either NO or UNSURE, it will immediately give you a clue as to WHICH areas of life you’re still harbouring lack beliefs for; so that you may be able to start rectifying and working on the same (during your Inner Work journeys, that is)).

PLEASE answer the above questions ONE HUNDRED PERCENT honestly. Not for me, but for YOU yourself. And, in the greater context, for ALL of Humanity and Mother Gaia and all living things upon her as well.

Also, it’s PERFECTLY OKAY to get all of those answers “wrong”. Because there ARE no “rights” and “wrongs” here in any case. Just LEARNINGS! Simply make a genuine and sincere EFFORT to change what you can, WHEN you so can, and don’t go beat yourself up just in case you aren’t getting a Perfect 13 score on this! Your sincerity and dedication towards uplifting your own life (and that of the entire collective, as a result) is all that really COUNTS here, in the end, and that is all that even really MATTERS. As for the rest of things, they’ll automatically fall into place as your Personal (and our Collective) vibration / frequency increases.

Good luck!
And have a fabulous day.

NOTE: Feel free to SHARE the above ‘Collective Inner Work Exercise’ across all of your Social Media profiles if the said concept resonates with you at all. You can also help out by Translating / Audio Recording the said message and spreading it around, if you feel so called. ALL of Humanity and Mother Gaia (and ALL beings upon her) thank you INFINITELY for your service!

You are loved.


3 Replies to “The Task”

  1. Trisha Perretti

    Yes to all! I am still a work in progress. My journey started in March of this year. A new friend sent me 2 videos, Holy fire purification meditation… and ALL 9 Solfeggio frequencies. The meditation video led me to research exactly what she was talking about in the guided meditation video. Which lead me to everything! Including this page, which I read daily. I am soooo grateful to her for waking me up & I do know that I met her, at this exact time, when everything is about to change, for that exact reason. I have met some of my guides, who I work with daily. I know that I am doing light work when I sleep & now consciously during waking hours. I know that everything that is happening now (and has been) is to keep us in fear, which, lowers our vibration. I also know that it is about depopulation & the vaccine is to change our DNA, block our soul connection & control us with technology. I am no longer concerned with what is happening in the news (as it is all lies & they are working with the dark ones). However, I do know what is/was happening with the children & it took some time to deal/work through that. I also know that they have/are being rescued & are being taken care of & are being healed from their traumas. I also, know that…that was their choice when they agreed to come here (still trying to understand that). A friend saw me recently and was shocked to literally see my transformation, as I was shining! When he met me 2 years ago, I was broken! I am so thankful for my new friend waking me up! I totally understand why I agreed to come here, to fight for the light at this exact moment in time, as I AM a fighter and a seeker of knowledge!


    1- N
    2- Y
    3- Y
    4- y/n
    5- n
    6- y
    7- y
    8- I try- guardian angels block me – to stay in lower vibrations – in favor of everyone else)
    9- 1from 5
    10- constantly- I’m still alive- continue ……..
    11- y
    12- n

  3. Marco

    All questions YES, some exceptions.

    7. Meditate twice a day, more spiritual routines with quietness. Regular listening to easy listening music, mostly love or sometimes happy music or a combination of it.
    8. Even when it is very late to go to bed, take your moment to feel completeness with all that is, gratitude for being, today, the help you receive, feel the light and energies flowing through you and much more.
    9. Trying to walk more often, especially in the early morning hours before work. When outside I try to walk small parks, greens, water on a regular basis. In the weekend we try to be outside as much as possible.
    10. NO, not possible to change something in the old fashioned way, control over anyone is not done, I respect free will. Just being myself, trying to stay calm and objective, sending love, light before I go to visit and so on. Note: others are playing a role, just like you and me, it is there divine choice what they made to become more aware in this lifetime or not. It is possible that they are more advanced than us. I claim nothing, only observing and act from the heart, love.
    11. 24/7 a day
    12. NO, try do discord you and be happy with yourself, working on your thoughts, actions and more. It is a continuous journey of balancing yourself.
    13. Having no desires, I am happy with what I have and also happy when I don’t have it.