Life Tapestry Creations: Accepting Your Sovereignty

new life tapestry creations era of light dot comDear Ones,

Many of you are discovering new interests or strengths, not necessarily because you want to, but because circumstances force you to do so.

That last statement will frighten many, for 3D fears are highlighted with earth changes. The changes we, of the Universes, speak of have more to do with your perceptions than the 3D promoted fear of change.

Many of you respond that buying a home, pregnancy, or a new job is filled with joy. Such was only true in 3D to a certain extent. Even though the event might have been joyous, your 3D world made certain your joy was tinged with fear. “What if I can’t afford the house payments?” “What if I don’t like being a mother or father?” What if, what if, what if.

Your new you changes will initially continue your fears because you have been taught to feel or project fear despite the joy attached to an activity. It will take a while for you to fully accept that change has always been part of your Universal life and always will be.

Now that you no longer depend on others telling you what you could or should feel, your joys will soon no longer be tinged with fear.

Once you accept your true being, your Universal power, there is no need to fear anything. Even though that last statement likely seems too good to be true now, that is how you are evolving.

Before your transition, you accepted the fears of your friends, community, and ancestors via your DNA, discussions, or reading materials. Fear touched every aspect of your life – covering your 3D joy with a layer of fear.

Once you declare sovereignty over your being, your fears will dissipate, for it will no longer matter what others think of you or the limitations you might have once believed about yourself.

You can no longer make mistakes, because you will not be interested in actions that do not expand your being. Even though such was always true, your society trained you to believe otherwise. The difference now is your command of yourself.

Perhaps you are contemplating a change of your community, school, or a relationship. In the past, you were trained to believe you might make a mistake, that you did not have all the information, that only those wiser and better than you could provide the assurance you required.

New you does not care if an action does not turn out as you originally wished for you will merely flit to a new activity. You are no longer limited in scope or action – something you have never experienced while of the earth.

Will you make mistakes? Maybe. But those mistakes will no longer be mistakes but instead learning experiences. For your Universal being is most comfortable flitting from action to action. And reporting the results to any who wishes to know why and what happened.

In 3D, your actions were most often based on social shoulds, so you often selected incorrectly to continue the image you wished to project within that society. Perhaps marrying the wrong person or staying in a relationship or job to appease your parents or community. Or having children even though you never pined for children. So many actions performed because of shoulds instead of wants or curiosity.

Now that you no longer need to report to anyone in your circle, community, or family – unless you want to – you are free to flit from one activity to another. And you are encouraged to do so by your new segments and interests.

You are free to roam, remain stationary, or select or not select.

At the beginning of your flitting, you might question your interest or need. But by the time you allow yourself to be fully enmeshed in your new being, you will discover a freedom that is difficult to put into words.

There will no longer be that little voice asking you if you made or are making a mistake. Your inner voice will merely rejoice in your new freedoms. For you would not be interested in a particular action unless you were called to do so by your inner voice. Your voice of self-love and action.

You are truly new. Allow new you to permeate your decision processes. Then allow yourself to explore without worrying about the outcome – what others will think or that you might fail.

Any action you take now will be about exploration and fun. Fear is no longer your primary goal or need. Your exploration of joy is. So be it. Amen.

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