Sanat Kumara: See How the World is Transformed

sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomWHAT’S HAPPENING BENEATH THE SURFACE!

See how the world is transforming. See how people long for the light. See how more and more are awakening in the midst of the upheaval!

This is what is happening under the surface, this is what you can hardly see, this is what will turn everything to good in the end.

Now the forces of deception are offering everything to further suppress humanity, now the game seems to be won for them and lost for the lightful aspirations.

This is a great mistake. Because every new measure that restricts people, questions the individual.

The greater the pressure from outside, the more urgent answers become.

And these answers are sought by more and more people not on the outside, but within themselves.


This is how awakening takes place:

Drop by drop, the pillars built on sand are being eroded. Drop by drop, people are being brought closer to what they are.

It is the time to stay fully with yourself, to find inner peace, to develop compassion and to never get stuck in THINKING GOOD and THINKING BAD.

Take things as they come. Let it happen and develop inner serenity.

Just be yourself – excited or unexcited to be yourself.

Don’t ask what you can do. Do it! Don’t value feedback, reactions or opinions. Be at peace with yourself, be content, and never orient yourself to what you should or must do, but to what the moment calls for.

Do not digress into the future, do not lament the past! Accept!

Be yourself! Do not emulate a saint! Or do you think Jesus imitated Moses or Elijah?

Free yourself from all ideas of salvation! Free yourself also from wanting to save the world? Free yourself from the ideas of wanting to be a good person.


Do not think about how you can achieve enlightenment, but live enlightened.

A rose doesn’t care if it is noticed, if you praise its fragrance and beauty – or if you simply pass it by. It blooms because it is its nature. It cannot do otherwise. That is true compassion: not being able to do otherwise!

To be human is to be unable to do otherwise than to live and love authentically.

Love does not consider, love does not plan, love does not work! Love is or is not!

Therefore, no longer worry about how the world is going, but internalize the attitude of unconditional acceptance.

You have a choice: to despair of the events of this time or to change the future through compassion – and compassion always happens in the now.

For an awakened one, there is neither past nor future. The flowers in the field blossom and give themselves away – the birds in the sky take their courses without looking at tomorrow. The flowers of the field and the birds of the sky live free from encouragement or rejection. Only the human being gives something to it. If you change this attitude, everything changes.

This is the message: Be yourself! Live your life and live it now! Fears are known only to those who turn their attention to the future.

May this truth spread in your heart and fill you completely.

See how the world transforms and you with it. I love you infinitely


**Translation from German by

**Channel: Jahn Kassl